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Found 40 results

  1. Riccardo

    Drink Driving Convictions

    Hi everyone, I have applied with my partner for the 186 Visa and he has 2 drink driving convictions (one in 2008 and one in 2015). In both convictions he has received a fine and the license was suspended for 8 months (no jail time and no one was injured). On his student visa he hasn't declared those offences and the visa was granted. We then discovered that he couldn't apply for a further visa due to PIC4020 for the next 12 months so he left the country. Will Immigration be ok with these 2 drink driving? We have gathered character references (one of them is from the Sponsor) and he did a statement saying how he reformed since. I have been in the country for 5 years working for the same Sponsor and we want to make sure that he will pass the Character Test.
  2. Hi, I applied for my subclass 417 visa online yesterday. I have a drink driving conviction from 2010, I did declare this but reading in some forums it seems there is another visa you can apply for if you have convictions. I don't mind getting my police record with just this on and presenting in if required in my application as I have never been involved with drugs/weapons or in jail. The friend I applied with was accepted in half hour, I was expecting a delay with mine but now worried and may have wasted 365AUD! Just wondering if anyone has applied this way with like convictions or has any advice? Many thanks
  3. Fcalderwood

    Drink driving offence

    Hello I applied and got my working visa granted back in January but in February I got drink driving on my record. I haven't really thought much about it effecting my already granted visa. But I fly over next week and wondering should I have done something about it and what may happen when I get there???
  4. Coca-Cola has called in police to investigate how human waste turned up in a consignment of its drink cans at one of the company’s factories in Northern Ireland. The Police Service of Northern Ireland confirmed on Tuesday it had opened an inquiry into how faeces ended up in the cans at the Helllenic Bottling Company factory in Lisburn, Co Antrim. Coca-Cola suspended night-time processing last week at the plant when machines became clogged. The soft drinks giant said it impounded all the affected cans and that the contamination did not affect any products that were on sale. The cans arrive at the factory without tops, to be filled with the fizzy drink before they are sealed and sold across Northern Ireland. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/mar/28/coca-cola-police-human-waste-drinks-cans
  5. Hey all, We moved out here at the end of August and are looking to socialise and meet new friends. We are both 37 and have a three children who are WIlliam 6, Isabelle 4 and Beatrice who is our new edition. We are living in Ormiston in the Redlands Bay area and enjoy having a drink and most importantly enjoy a good giggle. Would be great to build up a network of similar couples/families to socialise with. Richard & Zoe.
  6. Hi all, I have been granted my WHV and will be heading over to OZ in the new year to be based in Melbourne and cant wait. My Dilema is that I will be buying a car or possibly using a family members and curious about the impact a drink driving conviction will on car insurance? The offence was just under 5 years ago and I have been told that I dont need to declare the offence as it happened in the UK but I would love to know if this is true as I want everything to be legitimate so not to cause further complications. Any advice you can give would be appreciated
  7. I'm sorry but if she wants to take her own life then that's fine but to drive with 9 children in the car whilst over the limit deserves a life time behind bars.:mad::no: WOMAN charged with drink-driving at almost five times legal limit with nine unrestrained children in her car has appeared in court. Tanya Chilly, 33, appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court this morning facing a total of 34 charges. According to court documents, Ms Chilly, of Epping, was found to have a blood alcohol reading of .233 after a collision in Rockbank on August 5. It is also alleged she was an unlicensed driver. Ms Chilly is charged with offences including multiple counts of driving dangerously and placing a person in danger of death, recklessly causing serious injury and negligently causing serious injury. She has also been charged with one count of dangerous driving and nine counts of failing to have a passenger properly restrained. It is alleged the children inside the vehicle at the time of the crash were aged between six months and 16 years. Ms Chilly is on bail and will reappear at Melbourne Magistrates' Court for a committal mention on November 10.
  8. Well,coz Oz is massive,many a well meaning future drink with now bygone friends has floundered sadly.You can't just nip round to a mates house and get a Taxi back home usually.I got loads of workmates who would love to come round to ours,and vice versa,but it never happens,as drink driving is not an alternative!Can't do the visiting for a Coffee bit with good friends,would rather have a good drink and let it all flow.W ish all my good mates here lived real near,not like up to 50 km away!:frown:
  9. Is it wrong to drink champagne this early in the morning? I would usually say yes but today................................... I HAVE JUST BEEN GRANTED MY VISA. Cant explain how relieved after what feels like a slow painful journey. Dont know how some of you cope that wait for years.Good luck to all of you waiting and dont bother cheching your screen daily because ours was never updated until granted.:biglaugh::biggrin::laugh::cool::yes:
  10. whitewash

    Drink Driving Conviction

    Hi Guys , A couple of years ago I was stupid enough to get into my car after having a few pints , got caught and I lost my drivers licence . It was the most stupid thing I've ever done , the implications are massive and always seem to come back to haunt me . It's a BIG MISTAKE ...don't ever even think about it , it's so not worth it ! I'm getting my licence back in the coming months . I've VIC SS sorted and am in the process of getting the main application in , meds , police , Ielts , etc .. I will need to swap my new licence within 6 months of arriving for a VIC licence. Does anybody have any experience or have heard of anyone who has had any experience when it comes to swapping their licence to an Oz licence when they have a disqualification for drink driving under their belt ? Will they refuse me a licence outright ? Make me start as a provisional / learner - start from stratch all over again ? I've checked on the vicroads.au site but they won't let you ask them online this particular type of question . If anyone has any ideas / info I would be so grateful . Thanks Dan
  11. Guest

    How much do you drink?

    I could take it or leave it in Oz because it was mainly lager but with the ale in London is more to my taste with a choice of thousands of ales from different micro-brewers that I cannot stop drinking the bloody stuff :eek: The advice weekly of 21 units a week for a bloke is a joke, I am averaging 3 times that.:shocked: how much do you pour down the old gullet a week.?
  12. tonyman

    what do you drink

    what do you drink at night and how much.........i dont want to start as i dont want to look greedy..............................
  13. Hi Everyone, I am currently in Australia and have lodged my application for the 820/801 De Facto visa. My partner and I met in Feb 2009, properly became a couple in March 2009 and the company that had said they were going to sponsor me turned around and said that they wouldn't. Completely out of the blue and gave me 3 weeks until the expiry of my WHV. My partner moved herself and her 4 year old daughter (after much legal rambling with her solicitor and our girls real dad) to NZ so we could build up our relationship history. We came back in Dec 2010 and lodged our application on the 14th Dec. With UK Police Checks, NZ Police Check, no meds. Got an email today from our CO asking for AFP Checks, Medical and some more evidence for the relationship history. I emailed him back asking for clarification of a few points and he called me within 10 mins on my mobile to clarify those points. He seemed really good and switched on, and basically said that although the most lengthly part of what he requires is the meds, that it won't be much longer once he receives it. I have 2 x Drink Driving convictions, and 1 failure to provide conviction, dating from 2002 till 2008. I have obviously kept my nose clean from then on, not putting a foot out of place. I have heard that asking for meds to be done is a good sign, any clarification on that or the CO comments to me. Thanks. Congrats to all on here who already have their visas, and good luck to all that have applied/are about to apply.
  14. Phil & Vikki

    Drink driving

    We have a friend (honest it is and no us like most of the times), who we have passed their CV to some companies in Australia, in the hope that she will be able to secure a job and then move out from the UK. We have passed her CV on, but yesterday she said that she was done for drink driving last year and wondered if this would affect her possible chances of getting a visa. As far as we know or have been told, this is the only thing. Does anyone know if this would affect her chances as there would have to be a Police Check carried out?
  15. Hi all, Im a highly qualified Q.A / Quality Control Manager who is looking at coming over to Oz at sometime in the very near future. In the UK i work for a major well known company in food and Drink Manufacturing. I have been approaching well known companies in Oz for job opportunities and for them to have a quick look at my C.V and Cover Letter, but so far not so good :err: Does anybody else on here work in Manufacturing in the Food and Drink area, or know of any places that might be looking for any Q.A / Quality Control experienced people? Thanks for any help Paul
  16. In support of the Premier's Flood Appeal for Qld, Gold Coast United are opening the gates FREE ENTRY for tonights game [sat 22nd Jan 2011] against Newcastle Jets (Skilled Park at Robina). Kick Off is at 8.15pm. If you fancy a drink beforehand come along to RQ's in Robina (Free bus transfer to and from the game) - I will have "Pompey74" on the back of my shirt; come and say hi! Details on the website: Gold Coast United ** | Official Website of the Gold Coast United Football Club Tickets at: Ticketek Australia Please "purchase" online (or at any ticketek outlet; ie. the Titans store in Robina shopping centre) before the game; queues expected to be substantial at the ground. Seats are going fast. There will be people collecting toys for kids affected by the disaster and raffle tickets being sold outside the ground. 100% of proceeds will be going to the flood appeal; all prizes were donated. Hope to see you there >>> :biggrin:
  17. any in the warner area keen to hook up for a beer?
  18. Hi, Me and my boyfriend moved here a couple of months ago, and have met lots of lovely people but we're missing the British sense of humour! If in the new year you fancy meeting up for drinks, BBQs, sporty stuff or playing tourist, we'd love to hear from you. We're both 27 and were living in London for 4 years before moving here. We're living in Wembley, Perth but happy to travel to meet up. Get in touch via pm or reply to the thread, Look forward to hearing from you soon Bethan
  19. Liz Steve R

    Aussie crazy drink drivers????

    Maybe driving whilst drunk with seven kids in the car is a little distracting??? :eek: Mum Crashes Car Packed With Kids In Boot - Yahoo! News UK Liz
  20. Hi 47 yrs male seeks drink buddy for "last hour" or so on fridays at local pub (Whistling Kite -Secret Harbour) Likes all sports, UK sports, music, humour, good conversation, live music -the usual stuff. Dave S Harbour
  21. Hi everyone, just wanted to say i really miss popping round to a friends for a coffee or in my case tea and a chat!! Don't get me wrong i love living in Oz and this is the only thing i do miss but i guess it just takes time. Know lots of people from work and went for a night out in Leederville with about 16 girls from P.I.O. great night and got on so well with everyone. Then you don't seem to see or hear from anyone for ages, its just something that happens here. Life is so full here if you get out and experience it, would just be nice to share those experiences and have a laugh occasionally!!
  22. theandersons

    Melbourne drink?

    Hi, We are in Melbourne for a week on a reccie. We have 4 kids, 3,5,13 and 15 The two eldest are really anti the idea of leaving their friends in the UK and coming to Australia. We are also a little surprised at how expensive the houses and groceries are, and how difficult schools appear to be to get into. But Melbourne seems to be a lovely friendly city, so we are very keen to give it a go. Does anyone fancy a beer to share experiences? Regards Sean
  23. Cerberus1

    The Dangers of Drink

    In the news this morning:swoon: "A man is lucky to be alive after climbing into a crocodile enclosure at a wildlife park in Broome in the far north of Western Australia last night. Police say the man climbed the fence of the wildlife park and tried to jump on the back of a five-metre male saltwater crocodile after being thrown out of a local tavern for being drunk. Sergeant Roger Haynes says the 36-year-old was bitten on the leg before managing to escape. "For some reason he's made a decision to climb the fence into the crocodile park, where an almost five-metre male crocodile was living," he said. "He appears to have wanted to touch that crocodile and sit on its back, and the crocodile has taken offence to that and bitten him on the right leg. "He's absolutely lucky to be alive, this is a large male saltwater crocodile, who aren't renowned for letting people escape once they've got hold of them." The owner of the park, environmentalist Malcolm Douglas, says the crocodile named Fatso is one of his largest reptiles and could crush a man in one bite. But he says last night's cooler weather made Fatso more lethargic than usual. "Once the temperature drops down their reflexes slow down because they are cold-blooded," he said. "The fact that it was a cool night is probably what saved his life." The man is undergoing surgery for severe lacerations to his leg at the Broome Regional Hospital. Police say Mr Douglas does not want to press charges."
  24. Hi Everybody, Lisa and I are going for an evening of drinking and conversation in Melbourne although I know this is short notice for all but we are nothing but spontaneous. The venue will be in the upstair's in Youngs and Jackson's on the corner of Swanston and Flinder's opposite the Train station. All expats are welcome. Especially those we have met already. Andy and Lisa PS you wont be able to miss us I will be wearing a Harley Davidson Shirt!!! Bright Orange!!!!:wideeyed:
  25. Guest

    A Drink Anyone.

    Hi All. This thread may have been done before, if so I apologise, just ignore it. But I reckon it may be interesting anyway. OK, so it's a Saturday night, you are having some friends and family round to your place for a drink or two. However, this time you can invite six other people, anyone you want to, absolutely anyone. They can be from the past, present or future. Famous, or infamous. Well known, or hardly known at all. Just people you love, hate, or just want to have a chat with. Anyone that you reckon will make for an interesting mix at your place that evening. I will start off with my half dozen: Any First World War Soldier Who Fought In The Trenches. I would ask them how the hell when that whistle blew did they have the guts and fortitude to 'go over the top' knowing that in all likelihood they would be killed? What thoughts went through their minds at that time? Shane Warne. Love him, loath him, a true great in the modern day era of sport. I would love to ask him how he lived with himself after blaming his Mum for his 'drug' slip up. Joking aside, a fantastic sportsman, could have watched him for hours. Reckon he would have some classic stories to tell. The Pope. Simply, I want to know how he retains such a strong faith, even when the worst possible things happen in the world. Though I cannot understand his deeply entrenched faith, I do admire it in a strange kind of way. Ranulph Fiennes. A great explorer, one of the few remaining. I would imagine he could keep us all entertained with his stories about the world and what his next adventure is going to be. I would ask him what he thought about while he was 'sawing' off his finger tips in his garden shed because they were so badly frost bitten after a polar expedition. Tony Blair. Make no bones, didn't, and don't agree with his policies and ideas. But would like to know how on earth at times he dragged himself out of bed in the morning and faced yet again a barrage of criticism about Iraq etc. Was it arrogance, stupidity, self-belief, insanity? Kate Beckingsale. AHHHHHHHHH. http://elc.polyu.edu.hk/filmsociety/07-08sem2/girl_kate_beckinsale024.jpg http://www.mohammadi.ca/media/1/20070526-normal_007.jpg http://www.vipwallpaper.com/data/media/108/Kate_Beckinsale_049.jpg :wink: (PS. The Miissus Is Out, Can You Tell). Kate wouldn't need to say anything. When I got bored with the company I would just look at Kate while she was sipping a cocktail through a straw and the world would be all good again. (I apologise to the ladies of PIO, I'm not normally sexist, but it is MY party). Thank you. Tony.