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  1. The only notification I received was they received my medical which was finalised & cleared and awaiting a case officer ....
  2. I sent everything's in, medicals police checks, in Feb 2020 and I havnt got case officer yet however some peeps have got there 309 without being notified they have case officer ....
  3. Covid has held so many visas up, it was put on hold however it seems to be moving now ..slowly but moving ...my hubby's in Oz & I'm.in the UK ...my first wedding ann on Saturday ...it's so frustrating ....but it is slowly moving ....airports & borders opening ...just need covid vac sorted to get back to normal...let's hope it soon
  4. That's absolutely amazing news ....hope yet ...ohh congratulations .....
  5. I havnt been doing regular updates ...I applied in Feb ,2020 and we have been married since Dec 2019...,should I give more updates ? Thx
  6. Woooooo.... congratulations..that's fantastic news. . that's gives us some hope it's moving ....