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  1. British

    Working on 309 visa and pension advice

    Thank you
  2. British

    Working on 309 visa and pension advice

    Thank you so much
  3. British

    Working on 309 visa and pension advice

    Thank you so much ...can u apply for that job before I leave the UK ?
  4. Hey guys I need abit of help I got my 309 visa after 16 months London office ...I'm flying out in September I have seen a job which I want to apply for ...do I need s tax code ? & Where do I apply ? Is it worth applied from UK I fly out in 2 weeks ? Also I'm leaving my pension in the UK I don't pay into it I think it's better just bring left here until I decide I need it in the future any thoughts ? Thx
  5. I didn't use an agent I just made sure u gave then exactly what they asked for ...mine came through in sixteen months and u applied at the worst time Feb 2020....then covid hit .....my hubby been out if Oz for more than 365 days in ten years so that put two months in it as he needed a UK police check.....but otherwise it's quite straightforward just be honest .....save your money and do it yourself I'm no technical whizz far from it and I managed
  6. No I didn't I didn't want to.pysg my luck lol. Fingers crossed for you
  7. I have booked Emirates sept from Birmingham one stop 23 hours 1850 pounds ....quantine 3000 Australian dollars ....so all sorted excited
  8. Thanks so much .....havnt really taken it in yet .....just got to sort flights out & quarantine for two weeks ouch .....flights are mad prices
  9. I didn't contact immigration ....I sent everything, they asked for a UK police check for my hubby , they really could not of requested anything else ...fast tracked UK police check to immigration a month ago ....it's as if they check details once a month ...then got my visa 309 yesterday ....cannot get a flight in July as none available unless you pay 4500....so looking at August ...16 months of waiting..there is hope everyone xxxx be patient I know it's really hard
  10. Thank you so very much ...I'm going to do this today thank you for your help much appreciated
  11. Met in August 2017 ....married Dec 2020 .....ohh hope it's soon