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  1. talktosi

    Shipping reccomendations for Aus to UK

    I am thinking of using them for UK to Australia this year. What was the time frame from them collecting until receiving it again in Australia ? Will have to do the send it early ( and do without certain things in the UK) and then do without certain things in Australia while we wait for it to arrive. Did you have much extra charge to pay to clear customs, get delivered etc ? Thanks
  2. talktosi

    New ‘Travel Facilitation Letter’ Request Form

    Yes very helpful - I am likely to apply for one soon for my wife - and getting a speedy turnaround is very helpful given you have to wait until 3 months before, the final entry date, given obvious logistics of giving 3 months notice for work, sorting house, rental, shipping , pets, booking flights etc and organising a new life for your family on the other side of the world !
  3. talktosi

    APHRA registration

    Their website is not very user friendly but somewhere within it there is a section where you can put in your details to determine if you are eligible to register based on overseas qualifications. Not progressed beyond that point to see what happens next, but will at least tell you if your training will automatically grant you registration.
  4. talktosi

    What visa is required to work in Australia over 30?

    45 years is the usual cut off for work visa. Look on the Australian Immigration website - it has all the details about all possible visas - a much better source of info than this forum or the person who told you you were too old !
  5. Assuming you are applying for partner/defacto visa- cost approx £4500 for application plus approx £300 for medical/police checks. Approval time were very quick compared to normal - not of what they are like currently but my wifes visa was granted last August, only waited approx 3 months for decision - but it was a straightforward case - we have been married 10+ years, have 2 children.If visa is granted you will have 1 year to activate it - ie enter the country. The main thing with your application - given that you are not married will be to provide evidence that you are and have been in a genuine relationship.
  6. talktosi

    New ‘Travel Facilitation Letter’ Request Form

    It was 3 months when I checked today
  7. talktosi

    New ‘Travel Facilitation Letter’ Request Form

    For a partner/spouse vias Its not a "first entry date", its the date by which you have to arrive to activate the visa. So then unless you enter the country by this date, or apply for a TFL ( which you can only do 3 months before the date - so you would need to be doing it next month) your visa would lapse. Im not sure how your daughter connects to the visa I assume you wouldnt get a TFL to extend to 2024 though ! If she is the daughter of an Australian citizen then much simpler to apply for citizenship by descent, can then get Australian visa and then there is no time constraints and no restrictions/extra costs if further study is to be undertaken.
  8. talktosi

    Returning to Uk advice wanted

    Better off selling it - used cars in Australia are expensive, fuel very expensive in the UK - 30% increase in the last year - now around £1.50 litre and landcruiser has poor fuel economy. Narrow roads, no parking and annual tax will be based on emissions.
  9. talktosi

    Returning citizens to Australia

    Do they have a flight booked ? The only flights that qantas are offering in December are direct flight to Darwin, then internal to Perth.
  10. talktosi

    Tax return during first year of arriving

    These answers seem conflicting - ie the first 2 say only liable from when you arrive, whereas the last one says you could be liable for up to 8 months( ie if you arrived before end of March and therefore liable back to the previous July) Which is it ?
  11. Having gone through this process recently I would advise that paying out for an agent - on top of the already exorbitant application fee is not necessary. The paperwork is tedious and very repetative but not difficult. It took a coupl eof months - but a lot of the time is spent waiting for police checks, having medical appt,waiting for friends return stat. decs etc. We dont have much in joint names - ie utitilites or bank accounts but as long as you can submit bills/statements that have the same address and can go back several years. You can include screen shots from social media, we even included wedding anniversary cards. We just threw everything that looked applicable at the application. They are more interested in catching out people who are not in a genuine relationship. My big tip is to buy a scanner - makes it so much easier to get the documents you need online. From applying to having visa granted was about 4 months.
  12. My wife recently granted 309 but we were told initially that would get 100 automatically - something to do with being married for a long time and having kids - would it be granted once she enters the country and activates the visa ? Or would we have expected to be granted it straight away/ Thanks
  13. talktosi

    Child Citizenship via descent / Visa?

    My boys citizenship by descent was granted within 1 month - earlier this year. Certificate arrived a few weeks later.. I am in the process of applying for their passports and and as far as I am aware it will mean an appt at the Australian embassy My boys application earlier this year only took 4 weeks to approve, certificate cam e a few weeks later. In process of doing their passport applications - which is a lot of repetition of info already given to get their citizenship. I am also under the impression that an appointment at the Australian embassy will be required - it was even when I renewed my expired Australian passport.
  14. We applied early May, had RFI the following day, took several weeks to upload evidence, then another month or so have medical and wait for police certificates. Visa granted last week - so pretty quick ! - and ideally would have liked until September next year to complete the move, but cant complain. Didnt use an agent - no need( and will save money) - if you are in a genuine marriage, live together and can provide a reasonable amount of evidence for this then it is fairly straightforward. Our 2 boys are now Australian citizens - by descent - again a straightforward application and only took 1 month to grant.