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  1. talktosi

    Renewing Australian passport in Australia

    If the child is under 16 then they dont need to present in person at Australian High Commission in London( certainly the case for a new application) You can book appointment online but currently there is around 3 month wait for appointments...
  2. talktosi

    Dog import info

    Forgot to add to above - I am assuming you are talking UK to Australia ? Current import permit cost is $480, quarantine costs will be about $1800. But this will all be irrelevant if there is not a route/airline that will carry your dog. I assume all transport companies have access to the same routes/airlines.
  3. talktosi

    Dog import info

    You can apply for the import permit and book quarantine space yourself - and pay for them - doesnt matter where you are in the world, you will be charged in local currency. Im in the UK and recently applied and paid for import permit - I have a currency card (mastercard) - load it with Aussie dollars and do online payment and avoid rubbish conversion rates and fee you will get using a uk bank account. Equally any pet transport company can do these things for you but you will obviously have to pay them extra for the service.
  4. talktosi

    Travel Facilitation Letter

    Not that it's any of your business but there are several REASONS for wanting to delay our entry to Australia, which are irrespective of the purpose of the post.
  5. talktosi

    Travel Facilitation Letter

    Anyone submitted a request for letter recently ? Did you get any acknowledgement of request and how long did it take to process ? My wife has a 100 visa, need to delay entry date, submitted request last week but heard nothing. Cant enquire to home office online, called them but gave up waiting on hold for a long time( will get my Mum in Australia to try tomorrow) Nothing shows up on immi account. Many thanks
  6. talktosi

    New ‘Travel Facilitation Letter’ Request Form

    My wife has a 100 visa, submitted request for travel facilitation letter last week - should we expect an acknowledgement of request ? Nothing shows up on her immi account .Anyone requested one recently, did it take long to process ? Many thanks
  7. talktosi

    Partner Visa help

    Difficult to predict the timings but once visa is granted you only have 12 months to enter Australia - so you want to aim for the visa being processed less than a year before the time you would like to arrive in Australia. - A problem we are having given that my wifes application was processed much quicker than expected, and now having to wait until 3 months before the due date until we can apply for an extension.
  8. I cant see the confusion here - either you are married to the sponsor, have the same parents( ie brother or sister) or have been adopted by the sponsor. And obviously you could be none of these...
  9. talktosi

    new enrolment

    Will be moving to Adelaide in September this year and will need to enrol my 2 sons in secondary school for 4th term. Aside from the issues of the different timelines of school years and structure of the curriculum, my main issue will be trying to enrol them into a school but not knowing exactly where will be living - depending on how long it takes to find a suitable rental property. Obviously there are catchment areas and we have 3 schools where we would want to send our boys( and also in an area we would want to live), will there be issues with not having a permanent address or only just moving to an address in terms of the school accepting the boys. I will be speaking to each of the schools in a few months to see what their likely capacity will be, but we will be limited as to where we will be able to find somewhere to rent. Thanks
  10. talktosi

    Waiting times

    What do you mean by waiting times? Check with a pet transport company - they should be able to advise you on flight availability if thats what you mean. The main thing is to get the rabies vaccine stuff started, and finding a local vet who is registered to do all of the paperwork and checks - again, a pet transport company would be able to help with this.
  11. If the UK property is rented( after moving to Australia) for a period ( min. 6 months) before being sold are you liable for full CGT when it is sold ? I did hear that there is an interim period or some sort of calculation to reduce your CGT based on the number of years you lived in the property before moving overseas. Lived in property since 2007 and current estimates suggest we wouldnt be liable for CGT if we sold today, especially if liability split with my wife. Thanks
  12. talktosi

    Shipping reccomendations for Aus to UK

    I am thinking of using them for UK to Australia this year. What was the time frame from them collecting until receiving it again in Australia ? Will have to do the send it early ( and do without certain things in the UK) and then do without certain things in Australia while we wait for it to arrive. Did you have much extra charge to pay to clear customs, get delivered etc ? Thanks
  13. talktosi

    New ‘Travel Facilitation Letter’ Request Form

    Yes very helpful - I am likely to apply for one soon for my wife - and getting a speedy turnaround is very helpful given you have to wait until 3 months before, the final entry date, given obvious logistics of giving 3 months notice for work, sorting house, rental, shipping , pets, booking flights etc and organising a new life for your family on the other side of the world !
  14. talktosi

    APHRA registration

    Their website is not very user friendly but somewhere within it there is a section where you can put in your details to determine if you are eligible to register based on overseas qualifications. Not progressed beyond that point to see what happens next, but will at least tell you if your training will automatically grant you registration.
  15. talktosi

    What visa is required to work in Australia over 30?

    45 years is the usual cut off for work visa. Look on the Australian Immigration website - it has all the details about all possible visas - a much better source of info than this forum or the person who told you you were too old !