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  1. Hi guys, Has anyone here know if based on their health assessment their 143 was recently declined? Also any time frame idea for me?
  2. Same as before, did you mom recently get 3years? I wonder why they swtiched from 3years back to 1 year for me then.
  3. Hi Anks, I am same boat as you, only applied for 143 though 2019. CPV 143 Applied on 05/04/2019 Acknowledged on 30/05/2019
  4. The money did go out for subclass 143 and I did email me the receipt.
  5. I only received an acknowledgement of valid application, NOT a receipt. Am I in trouble?
  6. That's it? No clear advantage of one over the other?
  7. Hi Guys, What is the difference between Subclass 864(Contributory Aged Parent Visa) and Subclass 143(Contributory Parent Visa). At the time of application for my parents, my father was 59 and my mother 57.
  8. Thank you for this information mate, is there any chance you can share with me the source of this information i.e. 39000CPV applications? I want to keep an eye out on this one? Also, I would be very happy if you can share how we can figure out they have 6096 spots each year and how many of those slots are used?
  9. Hi again Tulip1, I have only received one email from parents@homeaffairs.gov.au as acknowledgement of valid application received. Is this all that everybody received until they came forward in the queue?
  10. Hi guys, New reader/member here to the forum. I applied for 143 subclasses straight and I have joined the queue for this one? I see currently they are processing applications from 2016, I am guessing this will mean my turn will come by 2024(hopefully). I applied for subclass 143 straight in April 2019 and got acknowledgement by May 2019. Does anyone have any experience with the following issues: 1. My mother has type 2 diabetes and has to monitor her sugar every now and then. Will this impact her health requirements? Given we are applying for permanent visas for elder people, I am guessing they are bound to have some kind of existing medical condition. Any input will be appreciated. 2. My mother/father used to get 3 years tourist visas in the past, suddenly last year they have started only giving 1-year visas when I asked for 3yrs on the application. Anybody else has experience with this? Is this because they want to raise revenue by making us apply for the expensive 870 visas? Any input will be greatly appreciated.
  11. chintu

    WA 190 - Marketing Specialist

    When did you lodge your EOI mate? Has this been a recent development?
  12. chintu

    WA 190 - Marketing Specialist

    No I haven't lodged my EOI yet because I am looking for a job. Have you found a job yet? Can anyone knowledgeable help me with the following questions? 1. Do you know if anyone has been invited in this stream yet? 2. What does the "28 processing days" mean on the state migration page? Does that mean it will take at least 28 days to send out an invite from the lodgement of EOI or does it mean that state migration takes 28 days to process nomination post invitation ?
  13. chintu

    WA 190 - Marketing Specialist

    I have not applied yet but looking to lodge an EOI, have you lodged an EOI yet?
  14. chintu

    WA 190 - Marketing Specialist

    I am in the same boat, did anyone end up getting any invites? I can see the total number of invites for 190 is 1 so far this financial year? At this pace I find it hard to see all of us getting invites. Do people applying here already have their job offer ready?