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  1. We joined NAB in 2015 but also were unable to get a credit card for the same reasons as yourself. There maybe on line credit cards available?? but we didn’t bother in the end and just use our debit card now Geoff & Gill
  2. Go into Vicroads office and arrange appointment for driving licence transfer. Fill out transfer form and hand in with sight of UK licence. New licence should take no longer than two weeks to be in post. Geoff & Gill
  3. Hi, our visa was issued 12 May 2017, with a “ must not arrive after 12 May 2018” Geoff & Gill
  4. Hi, did rely to your query but forgot to link it to your post, so will repeat it. When we applied for our 600 visa we were given 12months from the date of each arrival with a must not arrive after date. This enabled us to leave before the first year was up ( a trip to Bali) then re enter for another year. Does your mum have this type? Geoff & Gill
  5. Hi, Doris, does your mums visa state with a stay period “12 months from the date of each arrival”, with a “must not arrive after date”? This was the 600 visa we had, and were able to leave before the first year was up and re enter for another year.
  6. Hi where would we go to find this info? Would HMRC UK and the private annuity pension provider have this information? Geoff & Gill
  7. Hi, we are both in receipt of uk state pensions plus my husband also gets a private pension. Since we received our visa we have obtained Australian tax file numbers. We then completed uk tax forms (Individual tax form 2003), which we sent to ATO in Victoria for authorising our residential status and them forwarding them to HMRC UK. This should enable us to have our pensions paid gross in UK and sent directly to Australia where if applicable tax will be taken. We also completed HMRC forms for any tax rebate P85 on line. We had to contact ATO after a couple of weeks to expedite the Indivual forms 2003, which they escalated and dealt with in 48 hrs. Still waiting to hear from UK. Hope this helps Geoff & Gill
  8. As confirmation of what has been said by others that know, we can add to the fact that we had our 143 granted on the 8th October 2018 and had been given until 8th February 2019 for initial arrival ie 12months after our Medicals and Police checks. Geoff&Gill
  9. We took out private health insurance with HBF. We took what they call ‘Extras’ plan, in which you can pick certain things to be covered, ambulance being the most important. We also chose dental minor and major and optical. They knew we were on 600 visa. Also we went to Medicare and got a card which relates to reciprocal agreement with UK, which gaves us cheaper prescription and we had to show it at the doctors. We signed on at a ‘bulk billing’ practitioners so didn’t have any bills to pay. Regarding travel,we came in June 17 and renewed it in March 18 by going to Bali ( our 600 was granted in May 17 so we had th leave and return before this date). Our visa then extended to March 19. Hope theses details help. Geoff & Gill
  10. Just tried with subject line “143 visa info” got immediate response. OFFSHORE APPLICANTS (subclass 143 and 173) When your application is allocated to an assessing officer, you or your authorised contact may be asked to provide more documents, including (but not limited to) an Assurance of Support (subclass 143 only), police certificates and health clearances to finalise your application. We are currently assessing applications lodged up to and including 12 June 2015
  11. Just dont put the word “Test”try “143 visa info” it normally works
  12. Hi everyone, well we finally left Melbourne Sunday morning 7th Oct and flew to Auckland for four nights. Our visa was issued on the 8th! Now home, no longer feeling in limbo, took 40 months in total Woohoo! i have read that residential visas need a re-entry visa if you travel out of the country after five years , does anyone know if this refers to 143 visas? Good luck to all left in the waiting room, we feel your pain and uncertainty but it will happen eventually Geoff & Gill
  13. Luckily we did not have the 8503 condition with our 600 Visa. We were able to travel to Bali in March this year which gave us another year from the date we re entered Australia. It seems that there is no rhyme or reason why some people have this condition , while others have multiple entries within that first year to extend. Geoff & Gill
  14. At the mo it’s up to 11th June 2015 (feeling lucky we have just crept in 9th June)
  15. Do not use the word “Test” in email request. It has caught most of us out. Anything other than test will work ??