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    Hi guys, Me and my wife have recently got the test last week(5 Feb). After we finished, 1 hour later I checked my status in immi-account and the status changed to "approved". Also my wife, after a few hours later got "approved". On Tuesday 11 Feb(couple day ago) I received Notification of approval of Australian citizenship letter by mail, but only for me. My question is, Is it important to received this letter? Any one has status change to approved but not yet receive the approval letter? Just wondering because we finished on the same day and the letter should have come on the same day. May be different case officer? Thank you.
  2. Skizziks

    Will my 186 visa get cancelled if...

    I'm still waiting for the next available appointment in Glaucoma Clinic. My eye produce tears slower than usually and tears evaporate quickly that is the reason why it makes my eye really dry. I have talked to my employer, ask him to work from 5 days to 3 days a week. He allowed me to work 3 days a week as he saw my condition. I can only sustain myself try not to stay in front of the heat for too long, eat more healthy and drink plenty of water. I hope my eye pressure is stable and not going above danger level. I was worry too much about losing the visa. I don't want to make any trouble. I just need to rest. Sorry for my English. Thanks everyone for yours information and understanding my English.
  3. Yes, I think I was worry too much. I don't want to miss this opportunity. Thanks.
  4. On the letter say: If you cannot attend If you are unable to attend the appointment time, you can reschedule online at appointments.homeaffairs.gov.au Yes, I am able to attend the appointment time. I mean I will be back before the test date. I am 100% sure me and my wife will have to sit there on the date, but the question on application say " Does the applicant intend to depart Australia within the next 12 months?" I put a "NO" because at the time I really had no plan to go back to my country. Now, we have already bought the plane tickets after received the test date and had just realise how do I update the travel record. Is it going to be a fraud application? or everybody just put YES and NO? I understand if I had a plan to travel oversea I will definitely put a "YES" on that questions. Even I received the test date, I will reschedule. I really don't know what to do.
  5. Hi guys, When me and my wife were applying for the Australian citizenship on 6 June 2019, we had no plan to travel back to our country. After we received the test date on 1 August 2019, the test date will be on 5 February 2020. My family convinced me to visit them this upcoming new year 2020. So I decided to go back for holiday to visit my family this January 2020 for 3 - 4 weeks. My question is, What should I do? Do I need to update or inform the immigration. Or will they cancel or postpone my test date? Thank you in advance and sorry for my English.
  6. Skizziks

    Leaving Employer after 186 Granted

    What if the employer terminates employment during 2 years period of contract, will the 186 visa gets cancelled? For some stupid reason exmaple: He hates me for no reason and fired me then report to immigration?
  7. Skizziks

    Will my 186 visa get cancelled if...

    Thanks for reply and understand what I wrote. It is not about to leave the employer, but I just want to make sure it is possible to reduce the hour. I am working 5 days a week and I which to work only 3 days a week. Someone may wondering "Why do not I temporary leave then come back when get well?" I wish I could get better or get normal as I used to be. But as my conditions, I really do not want to get "Blind or Glaucoma" because of where I work. I have been working in the busy kitchen for a long time and do not know what other jobs I can do. Thank you.
  8. Hi guys, My employer sponsored me as a 457 visa full time chef since May 2015 until I got 186 visa PR in April 2018. In February 2019 after I came back from oversee for holiday, I had a bad medical issue relate to my eye. I had redness, dry eye and irritate when I stay in a hot weather such as kitchen. I went to hospital to checked and found out that I had high pressure in the eye and allergy to something that the doctors do not even know what cause. I still suffering every time I stay in front of the flame ( a wok, grill and stove). I can not work properly like before relate to my health condition (eye problem). I have a few questions to ask you guys or someone professional about the contract between me and my restaurant. My contract is 2 years full time 38 hours and I started from day one my visa granted (less than a year left) Can I reduce working hour from full time 38 hour to 20 hour without breaking the contract? I do not want to lose my 186 PR visa. I still want to work a full time but my condition is not so well. The heat is one of the cause I will get redness, dry eye and irritate. The second is the water I am wearing a swimming goggles every times I take a shower. I do not know how long I am going to get well. I am still going to hospital to check my eye health. I am so worry about if I can not work as a full time 38 hours for the rest of my contract (less than a year left), will this effect to my visa and lead to visa cancellation? What my knowledge is I only know that I will have to complete 2 years contract and must start within 6 months. I can not leave employer before 2 years of contract. Please help me find the solution. Sorry for my English.
  9. Skizziks

    Chef and Cook June 2017

    TRT. sorry for late reply.
  10. Skizziks

    Chef and Cook June 2017

    I think you can. If you know your employer's accountant, contact them. I ask all my documents without asking my employer but I must pay fees.
  11. Skizziks

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    My documents was up to date until we applied Nomination and Visa, including Training Benchmark (15-16 and 16-17). We were going to pay for this year 17-18 within this week, but luckily my visa got approved today.
  12. Skizziks

    Chef and Cook June 2017

    My MA called me this evening. Nomination & Visa approved today. I will update my time line on the sheet. Chef 186 TRT 2pp High Risk Nomination & Visa applied 7/6/2017 Both granted 17/4/2018 My MA asked more documents from my boss like I posted before. He needs to update as much as possible, but finally no additional documents required. Good luck to you guys. Hope you guys will get PR soon.
  13. Skizziks

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    My MA called me this evening. Nomination & Visa approved today. I will update my time line on the sheet. Chef 186 TRT 2pp High Risk Nomination & Visa applied 7/6/2017 Both granted 17/4/2018 No additional documents required. Good luck to you guys. Hope you guys will get PR soon.
  14. Skizziks

    Chef and Cook June 2017

    Latest BAS, Training benchmark, PAYG 16 - 17.