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  1. Thanks for the reply. The wording in all releases seems so vague, we have a "must not arrive after date" of December 18 2023 because that's when our 489 expires and the "Enter Before Date" of December 18 2020 which is the one I'm worried about. I'm assuming "initial entry date" is the same as "enter before date"...why can't they just use the same flipping terminology as the visa grant letters?! So I'm taking from that, that we can arrive after December 18 2020 and won't face any problems upon entry. Do you think our Migration Agent (Overseas Emigration) will be able to send this notice to us? @Richard Gregan Sorry if it comes across like I'm being pedantic about this as I'm not at all I'm just a bit stressed by this we've been on the home stretch of this long process only for more hurdles and we're all in the same boat I know and i really appreciate that somebody has replied and helped out
  2. Hi everybody. 489 granted in December with an "Enter Before Date" of December 18 2020. What's the crack if UK aren't having flights out and/or Australia aren't allowing flights in and this time comes and passes for us and I assume a lot of others in a similar position where that date could be sooner? There is a page on the Home Affairs site where you can contact for further information if you have "compelling reasons" to travel but they are asking that people only submit this form if they're travelling in the next 3 months. We didn't have anything booked so we can wait it out and hope we can travel by then.
  3. We have to fly out by December at the latest date to validate our visa so there is an obvious worry for us that we won't be able to fly out of the UK and/or into Australia. There is a link on the Home Affairs website to contact them stating "compelling reasons" to get an extension or travel but only to do that if you plan to move within the next 3 months and we were planning November. I'm hoping activating a visa is a compelling reason enough to get an extension to our "fly out by" date and ideally the end of the 489 visa being extended past December 2023 to 3 years after whenever we are allowed to travel in by. Does anybody have any information on their plans for people that need to activate visas?
  4. lewisant48


    Was about 3 months for us last year
  5. lewisant48

    Corona Virus

    The asthma guidelines in the UK seem quite muddied. Sometimes I'm reading "severe asthma" and other times just asthma. When they mention steroids and hospital admissions do they mean ongoing at the moment or historically? Because in the past I've been on steroids and been admitted into hospital to use a nebuliser to help me breathe but it hasn't happened in recent years because i haven't gotten ill. So coronavirus could cause this potentially. I called my doctors and got a call back and the doctor so rude to me, calling my request for an telephone appointment "strange" that i wanted to talk about whether i need a preventative inhaler prescribed and to try and clear up the guidance. I guess they're pushed to the limit at the moment.
  6. lewisant48

    Corona Virus

    I didn't mean "people that go work in the bank to keep it running on a day-to-day basis" though i meant more the big big big wigs and those that want to take advantage but i appreciate i used terminology that wasn't explicit enough!
  7. lewisant48

    Corona Virus

    Because I have more than one thing to say and the sentiment still stands applicable to what i rectified it to in the second post, big wig types figuring out how to cash in on this, like this guy. I mean i can list every occupation that has an over-inflated income in my opinion if you like? I'm sorry Tulip1 for my basic point which i obviously didn't explain well enough - support workers should be paid more, and knob heads making money out of this shouldn't be allowed. My apologies for my lack of eloquence and depth of detail.
  8. lewisant48

    Corona Virus

    I probably used the wrong word, i meant the big wig types, not a regular bank worker person. And the point i was trying to make wasn't comparing me to them. I was comparing the wages that support workers get (I'm not a support worker) to the money that big wigs get and the ones that are incredibly important in these times; NHS workers, Health Care Assistants, Carers, Support Workers, Shop assistants, public safety, utility workers and so on. All on poor poor wages. All I'm trying to say is times like these appear to have highlighted how important the lowest paid workers are...i think it's nice positive sentiment!
  9. lewisant48

    Corona Virus

    As a Registered Manager of a Residential Care Home with a high risk young fella with tons of underlying health issues these are very trying times for me and my team. To go alongside that i have a visa that needs activating by December (hopefully it'll be ok by then but who knows?!) so all in all coronavirus is affecting me on a number of levels. I have asthma too so it could be bad for me if I got it. I think they key worker list in the UK shows just how important the lowest paid people are in society - they should be appreciated more and they should have better lives. Support workers are expected to go to work and have absolutely no option to work from home yet they are paid so poorly - usually minimum wage. Are the bankers and stock workers helping out right now? Or are they figuring out how to cash in on this?
  10. lewisant48

    Living in Darwin

    Just done medicals so now waiting on the final part of the visa application - the granting part which they think will be very very soon! I'm a Registered Manager in a care home working with people with autism and will be looking to move to Darwin CBD or somewhere close. Live in Cornwall England and i love the outdoors like walks and nature, i'm not a thrill seeker just like the chilled life and also the simple life really! As a caveat to that a life of a City and a coast appeals and i love Adelaide it's my fav place i visited. Like to keep fit and go to the gym and spinning classes. What will it be like for work and the life i want then?!
  11. lewisant48

    Moving state on a 489

    This doesn't really help you as basically this is my plan and i just wondered how you found NT etc. Reply in a PM if you like
  12. lewisant48

    Form80 - MA to do it or us?

    I think it's fair enough they asked in hindsight, being as i've sent it back with a whole load of questions and blanks that hopefully they can fill in and a double checking service should be quite helpful!
  13. lewisant48

    Form80 - MA to do it or us?

    Thanks guys, i put it out on Facebook and they seemed to all think that the MA should be going at least some of it based on questionnaires etc that they've given us but you've made me feel a bit better now about doing it myself!
  14. lewisant48

    Form80 - MA to do it or us?

    We have paid for a Migration Agent and they have been great. It's come to the Form 80 and final bits - they've asked us to complete the Form 80. We pay good money for their services and had to fill in a big questionnaire at the beginning so they had sufficient information about us - do you guys think they should be asking us to do this as their are some questions that it would be difficult for them to answer; like Step Parents etc.
  15. lewisant48

    delay in 489 processing times

    The home affairs website says 75% processed in 10 months so i think it's totally normal you've heard nothing. We submitted Mid May and haven't heard anything yet.