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  1. lewisant48

    Living in Darwin

    Just done medicals so now waiting on the final part of the visa application - the granting part which they think will be very very soon! I'm a Registered Manager in a care home working with people with autism and will be looking to move to Darwin CBD or somewhere close. Live in Cornwall England and i love the outdoors like walks and nature, i'm not a thrill seeker just like the chilled life and also the simple life really! As a caveat to that a life of a City and a coast appeals and i love Adelaide it's my fav place i visited. Like to keep fit and go to the gym and spinning classes. What will it be like for work and the life i want then?!
  2. lewisant48

    Moving state on a 489

    This doesn't really help you as basically this is my plan and i just wondered how you found NT etc. Reply in a PM if you like
  3. lewisant48

    Form80 - MA to do it or us?

    I think it's fair enough they asked in hindsight, being as i've sent it back with a whole load of questions and blanks that hopefully they can fill in and a double checking service should be quite helpful!
  4. lewisant48

    Form80 - MA to do it or us?

    Thanks guys, i put it out on Facebook and they seemed to all think that the MA should be going at least some of it based on questionnaires etc that they've given us but you've made me feel a bit better now about doing it myself!
  5. lewisant48

    Form80 - MA to do it or us?

    We have paid for a Migration Agent and they have been great. It's come to the Form 80 and final bits - they've asked us to complete the Form 80. We pay good money for their services and had to fill in a big questionnaire at the beginning so they had sufficient information about us - do you guys think they should be asking us to do this as their are some questions that it would be difficult for them to answer; like Step Parents etc.
  6. lewisant48

    delay in 489 processing times

    The home affairs website says 75% processed in 10 months so i think it's totally normal you've heard nothing. We submitted Mid May and haven't heard anything yet.
  7. Thanks for your reply, will have to find out what our terms and conditions may be of breaking the agreement early or passing it to somebody else
  8. I have a query but unfortunately i don't have too many details about the car on me right now. What i can tell you is that it's on finance so we aren't sure where we stand with that and taking it abroad. It's a Vauxhall Adam brand new last year 1.2 Energised with black alloys. Manual. I'm sorry i don't know more, i would try and find out more. Wife is currently away with the car.
  9. lewisant48

    My Experience Living in the NT

    Music to my ears!
  10. lewisant48

    My Experience Living in the NT

    It's a difficult one isn't it - for some of us NT is the foot in the door to Australia and the pathway to an 887 visa after 2 years so maybe there are a lot of people there with no intention of staying which leads to a strange atmosphere or something? People not wanting to get to close to people so maybe there's an underlying tension up there. Thanks for posting this, it's certainly food for thought. Will possibly be there by next March or so
  11. lewisant48

    Visa 489 for SA

    The ol' Moral v Legal obligation debate! I think if (and it's just my opinion i'm no expert) if you want to make a TR visa PR you adhere to obligations, moral or legal.
  12. lewisant48

    NT migration

    Our visa application went in 13/5 so i'm in the uk
  13. lewisant48

    NT migration

    Sorry about how slow i am at replying on here! I'm on my wife's visa. she's a vet nurse, 75 points.
  14. lewisant48

    NT migration

    Our EOI went in at the end of October and we got an invite mid february
  15. lewisant48

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    We got our invitation from NT today, been roughly 80 days since we had submitted our EOI. Decent progress!