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  1. lewisant48

    Visa 489 for SA

    The ol' Moral v Legal obligation debate! I think if (and it's just my opinion i'm no expert) if you want to make a TR visa PR you adhere to obligations, moral or legal.
  2. lewisant48

    NT migration

    Our visa application went in 13/5 so i'm in the uk
  3. lewisant48

    NT migration

    Sorry about how slow i am at replying on here! I'm on my wife's visa. she's a vet nurse, 75 points.
  4. lewisant48

    NT migration

    Our EOI went in at the end of October and we got an invite mid february
  5. lewisant48

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    We got our invitation from NT today, been roughly 80 days since we had submitted our EOI. Decent progress!
  6. lewisant48

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    There are a number of people that have been granted a 489 within 100 days of application. Wow!
  7. lewisant48

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    We are hitting the 2 month stage since our EOI went in for Northern Territory. The Territory website says 2-3 months although our MA told us it has been taking longer and it was 3-4 when we lodged but here's to hoping it could come any time from now. 75% done in 7 months once the visa application is submitted according to the Home Affairs, would hope to fit into that bracket being as we're using an MA. Anybody know what kind of time people are waiting on 489s at the mo?
  8. lewisant48

    TSS 482 clarification required

    We have an EOI in to NT
  9. lewisant48

    TSS 482 clarification required

    Never happened. Aus government changed the legislation so now the company is currently carrying out labour testing so we have a 489 application in now.
  10. lewisant48

    Hairdresser Skills assessment - Query

    Good luck! Hope you get what you need...what marks do you need?
  11. lewisant48

    Hairdresser Skills assessment - Query

    I'm really sorry, i've only just seen these posts! How did you do?? My wife passed with a couple of 9s and 8.5s so that was good news!
  12. lewisant48

    Hairdresser Skills assessment - Query

    My wife is sitting the IELTS next Saturday. She's quite nervous. Her English is excellent, she's well spoken, intelligent and has always used good grammar and corrects me when i'm wrong but when you start doing research it's quite daunting. We need 8's really to get to 75 points so there's a certain pressure to do it which sucks. We too are targetting Darwin. Not hairdressers i just found this thread when i searched Northern Territory!
  13. lewisant48

    489 Visa Gang

    Late to the party but that's amazing. We just got a positive skills assessment back in 3 weeks rather than 3 months. My Wife sits the English test in 2 weeks when we'll then look to get the EOI in by the end of November. If we get that kind of turnaround i'll be so blooming happy! Hopefully my wife will have 65 + 10 SS for Vet Nurse which is on the NT priority list. Super happy today that the skills assessment came through so quickly.
  14. lewisant48

    EOI to nomination times

    I believe you're correct?! Where was that for, i'd love that kind of turnaround! So, what's your nominated occupation, points and other info then? We're still waiting for the skills assessment results although it's only just shy of 4 weeks so could easily be another 8. IELTS booked for next month.