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  1. Hi all, We received the emails today, at exactly the same time: 309 and 100 Granted with a first entry by April 2 2021. Yippee! Thanks to the support from everyone on this forum - you kept us sane. Stay strong and all the very best.
  2. Thanks @Marisawright We are British + British/Australian but currently working in Dubai so that may account for any additional delay with our application. I had assumed applications were processed in order of receipt, makes more sense now
  3. The order of grant approvals is confusing me a little but it seems there are still a few of us from mid- last year crossing our fingers and hoping...
  4. Hi all, has anyone received any update or perhaps a grant this week? Hanging on for positive news... Our timeline is: Application lodged: 09 July 2019 (fully front-loaded) RFI (form 80 and family photos): 24 Feb 2020 RFI submitted: 27 Feb 2020 We've been together 16 years; married 13 years; and have three children with Australian citizenship/dual nationality.
  5. Hi everyone, have any of you been asked to submit a form 80? And if so, how much time does that tend to add to the application process? We applied July 2019; received a further info request to submit the form 80 and family photos last week; uploaded the form and photos; and now wondering if this further assessment will have a big impact on timing? Any insights would be great. Thank you!
  6. Hello @C-J we applied in July 2019 from the UAE (I am Australian, my husband British) and we were able to do our UAE police clearance certificates online via the Dubai Police website. They came through within a few days. We're still in Further Assessment and have been for months. I've been following this whole thread because I'm hoping that the London application timelines are similar for applications from the UAE... but who knows?!
  7. MrsH

    Outstanding private primaries

    Thank you @Grabri - it's tricky working it all out from a distance as we have kids both primary and secondary age so all feedback is helpful. We're aware we won't be able to get a look in at any primary school until we have a rental contract showing we're within catchment area. Makes it hard to convince the kids about how amazing their new school will be when we don't know the name of the school yet, but we know it will all work out when we're finally on the ground!
  8. MrsH

    Outstanding private primaries

    Hello @Beach_Bum_Forever how did you get on with good primary schools in a suburb within walking distance to the beach? Would love to hear as we'll be looking at the same soon for either northern beaches or eastern suburbs... thanks!
  9. MrsH

    Primary school thoughts/advice please!

    Hello JLM13, wondering if you have made any progress with this? We may be relocating to Sydney next year and I'm struggling with the school research from a distance. We're also interested in Redlands and St Luke's as keen for co-ed for our daughters. We would have a Y7, Y5 and Y3. Look forward to hearing from you!
  10. That's really helpful, thank you. It's all so confusing from a distance. Newport is lovely!
  11. Hello, revisiting this thread - did you choose a school for your daughter Captain Roberto? We are starting to plan our move to Sydney and are looking at several areas, including the northern beaches (my husband insists he has to be close to the surf!). We have three daughters who would be starting in year 7, year 5 and year 3 when we arrive so keen to get it right. All seem (at this stage) to be fairly bright and averagely sporty. Happy to look at all school options (public, private, catholic - my husband is catholic) to find the right school. Any advice much appreciated. Thank you!