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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all After originally looking into emigrating over 10 years ago and deciding the time wasn’t right we’ve now decided it’s now or never. My husband would be the main applicant, he’s a primary teacher and is 44 this December so time is not on our side. He’s doing the academic IELTS this Saturday and submitting the skills assessment as soon as possible. Does anyone have any experience of emigrating on this type of visa? What are our chances once we’re invited to apply? Which state would be most likely? We currently have 75 points. Any advice/experience/tips that could help us? Thank you!
  2. Hi, We are being relocated to Sydney in September with my husbands job and are considering the following schools: Redlands St Luke's Grammar School John Colet If anyone has had any recent personal experience with any of these schools I would be so grateful for any constructive thoughts or criticism. My daughter turns 5 in December and so will be expected to go into Kindy In January 2020. Many thanks
  3. Marie Jo

    Thinking of moving to Mornington

    Hi, I am new to this forum. We are thinking of moving to the Mornington/Mount Martha/Mount Eliza area. We have 3 children, aged 6, 8 and 10, and are looking to move to a good area for a family, with good state schools, primary and secondary. Our 10 year old daughter will start in High School in a year and a half so we want to move into an area where there is a good primary and secondary school. Any help with info/experience in the school/area would be very much appreciated.
  4. newtoallofthis

    Rainbow street Vs south coogee

    Just wondering if anyone had any experience of these two schools? Trying to decide which to send our 8 & 10 year olds to..
  5. Hello everyone, Im hoping someone can help me as this site was wonderful for information when we first moved to Australia. We have been living in NW Sydney for about 8 years and have decided to move out towards the Lake Macquarie area as we have not progressed as much as we would of hoped for (buying a house). Our kids are settled, work is great things are fantastic apart from the fact we just can't afford to buy a house here and well we are sick of landlords. Anyway Im asking for helping with everything in terms of moving so education (high school & Primary) government (state), and very good schools and looking for nice family friendly suburbs plenty of sporting activities (cricket, soccer, netball) and away from high crime areas. Doesn't have to be on the water just somewhere we can be for the next 30 years raising our kids. This is a massive move for us as we are all so happy where we are. Any information would be great. Thanks
  6. geex3

    Primary Schools Melbourne

    Hi, I am moving to Melbourne in June 2017 with my husband and two children (7 & 4). My husband will be working in Bundoora. We have been looking into living within areas approx. 20 km from his work place...Eltham, Templestowe, Research, Diamond Creek etc... I am hoping for some local knowledge and recommendation of the local schools (they all look good online). We are moving from a small east coast village in Scotland and from a primary school with approx 100 pupils, therefore a smaller school would be desirable. Any local knowledge on the different suburbs would be greatly received. Thanks.
  7. I'm going to be doing a training at UQ for the first two weeks of September. Is it possible to bring my daughter with me and have her attend school for only two weeks? She'll be 9. I contacted the government international education department and was told to contact the school I'm interested in directly. I've tried to contact the school closest to UQ by email, Ironside, but have not gotten a response. If this situation would work, what kind of visa would she need - is an ETA visa enough? I've search websites, sent emails but have not been able to find specific information about a visa for this situation. Thanks in advance.
  8. scotfamily

    Primary Schools in Perth

    So we are serious about moving over to Perth (for the second time-first time we had no kids and lasted 6 months as we discovered I fell pregnant and I wanted to go home!) That aside, we are serious about the move this time, our eldest is 5 in april and should be starting Primary in the UK in August. We need to make all decision on where to live based around a good primary school. Can anyone give us any advice or experiences with primary schools in Perth? We would like to be near the beach but don't want to be too far south (Rockingham is too far south) and again not too far North (no further than Wangara) Price of property isn't an issue so don't let that stop you mentioning places. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi all, I will be working in Port Melbourne so we are too-ing and fro-ing between looking for 'more for your money' properties on the West side of Melbourne and 'more established but expensive' properties on the East Side. Williams Landing looks an attractive proposition for basing the family but I am unsure as to the primary school situation and also the commute time. I hear the station can be stupidly busy in a morning? I am contemplating getting a scooter (an engined one :cute:) and using that to get to Port Melbourne. Is there anyone out there who A) lives in Williams Landing and can give me some tips, or B) lives around there and can give some good advice on commute and schools? Cheers in advance, Andy
  10. aduffield76

    Williams Landing Schools

    Hi all, Is there anyone out there who has their children in a Primary School in or around Williams Landing? We have found some schools in Altona which are about 15 minutes away but wondered if there are any in and around WL? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers guys Andy
  11. Going to Melbourne for a year on a 457 visa, in July 2013. Thing is, I have 3 kids all needing childcare and I can't work out whether primary schools in Melbourne have kindy/nurseries co-located on same site. In addition, before/after school will be needed (do you even get before/after kindy????:wacko: The 4 year old confuses me too... he turns 4 on 29th May. In the UK he'd be starting reception in the September. We'll be returning the the UK the following year.. In Oz, will he even be eligible for Kindy? Where can I take him where he will be taught to read, write, do sums etc. He needs proper work, has no problem with the social aspects having been at full-time nursery in UK. No idea where to live...We don't mind choosing our suburb based on the kids, I mean my hubby needs to work, not just spend the day on one enormous school run!! help....:arghh:
  12. Hi all Can anyone PLEASE help with suggestions. It's getting very overwhelming! I am looking for a nice, safe family area to live within about 30 minute commute (public transport) to City Centre (Central station). I also have a 4 year old daughter who will be starting school and trying to link a nice area and nice school within budget is rather tricky! Is $600 or less a week realistic? I would welcome any suggestions and advice! Obviously done quite a bit of research but not having ever been to Sydney it feels a bit like a stab in the dark with what area we end up in. Thanks inadvance
  13. Hi there. I have been teaching in the UK for 2 years and completed a 3 year BEd primary degree. Will I have to retrain in Australia or can I teach in Perth using my qualification I got in UK? Many thanks. Ross
  14. Hi everyone! I have a question about primary school education in Western Australia, hopefully someone'll know! We have been granted State Sponsorship but have to apply for the 475 temp visa as we fell just short of points for PR visa. We have a 6 year old daughter. I understand we're not entitled to any benefits when we get there, but what about school fees? I'm reading conflicting information online and I am confused and concerned! We will most definitely be struggling for a bit when we get there, all things considered, and need to account for everything we need to be thinking of financially. We are under no illusion that it's a cheap place to live, we just want to make sure our daughter gets a good education! Any info would be great! ps.. we're going on the regional sponsored programme so won't be in Perth. Cheers!
  15. Hi all I am new to this site so not too sure how it works. My husband, 2 children under 4 and I are looking to rent in suburbs within 30mins of Cottesloe west of Perth. We will be out there within the next 5 months.Su We don't know that much about them only that cottesloe itself is very expensive. So if anyone has any advice on area for a young family that would be fantastic .Or good primary schools as we can base our house around them. Web addresses or company names would be very helpful. We happy to rent a part furnished, or not furnished home so any help would be very welcome. Thanks you for taking the time to read this, look forward to any advise. Gemma
  16. Hi all, I am new to this site so not too sure on how it all works. My husband has just landed a job in Cottesloe just west of Perth:biggrin:, I know this is a very expensive place to live, but there are many surrounding suburbs but I have no idea about any of them at the mo. We will be looking to rent to start with, so any help on an area 30mins any direction from Cottesloe to live with 2 young children 4 & 2 would be fab, also good pre/primary schools. We have a time frame of 3-5 months before we go, just processing a few things. So if you have an website or company names that would be of any use. Thank you for taking the time to read and hope to hear from someone soon. Any help is of great value even if its where not to go!!
  17. We're moving to Melbourne in December and need to decide where to live. My husband is working at Cremorne Street in Richmond. We'd like to be near a great state primary school, close to water (possibly on a houseboat), near some open space to walk the dog and no more than 10 miles from Cremorne Street. Your thoughts would be much appreciated!