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  1. KaizerG

    Tasmania 489 visa: Duration

    Lodged an EOI and immediately applied for 190 state sponsorship. Only contact from Tasmania was an email confirming state sponsorship was approved (two weeks later). Received an invitation to apply on the same day as the Tas confirmation email. Normal process after that
  2. KaizerG


    We're busy researching places to live in Tasmania. Devonport sounds like it's right up our alley.
  3. KaizerG

    Which VISA(s) do we need to apply for?

    Sounds like you need a registered migration agent to advise you.
  4. KaizerG

    Securing Employment Offshore?

    Last week we received fantastic news that our Tas sponsored 190 visa was granted. We're excited about the change in lifestyle (currently live in a City with 3.2 million people!) and we would, ideally, like to end up owning our own farm. Unfortunately we've just booked our wedding for March next year so will only be moving after that. We have this, probably unrealistic, idea that we won't be moving across until one of us have secured decent employment. We both currently have good jobs so don't want to leave them only to be unemployed or forced to do part-time work. What are the prospects of securing employment offshore? I've already started the process of redrafting our CVs so they align with the expected Australian format. We both hold postgraduate degrees and have 8 years experience in environmental management / town planning (myself), and water quality monitoring and management (my fiance). Also any suggestions related to improving employability, or potential recruitment contacts would be great.
  5. KaizerG

    Cost of Living Hobart 2017

    Thanks PQ... This is super useful. We're moving over to Tasmania soon and this will help us plan our finances.
  6. KaizerG

    190 Visas Lodged - March/April 2017 batch

    My defacto partner and I recieved our 190 visa (Tasmania Sponsored) today. Timeline: Lodged 8th June 2017 Requested PCC, Medicals, and further defacto evidence on the 19 June Provide all evidence medicals and PCC on the 21 July 2017 (PCC take three weeks in South Africa) Granted Visa on the 14th September We've just booked and paid for our wedding in March next year thinking it would be ages before we get our grant... this obviously prompted Murphy to organise the visa grant ASAP
  7. KaizerG

    190 Visas Lodged - March/April 2017 batch

    been watching some of the FB groups and forums and it seems that there were very few today.
  8. KaizerG

    190 Visas Lodged - March/April 2017 batch

    I know it's not fair but I hope June applications also get a look in
  9. KaizerG

    190 Visas Lodged - March/April 2017 batch

    Congrats... What were your dates?
  10. KaizerG

    190 Visas Lodged - March/April 2017 batch

    Great news Pete! You must be pumped. All the best for the wedding
  11. Other threads will show you that there are a number of people in a similar situation as you. As far as I'm aware, following up with an email is just going to get you a standard reply (if any).
  12. KaizerG

    190 (offshore) June 2017 submissions

    Nothing. Medicals and PCC uploaded on the 21st June. Reckon its going to be a while
  13. KaizerG

    Tasmania 489 visa: Duration

    We discussed Tasmania sponsorship in a thread a month ago. Do a search and check it out as it has some great info in it.
  14. KaizerG

    Recent 190 visa grants

    check this thread:
  15. KaizerG

    190 Visas Lodged - March/April 2017 batch

    This scares me as my nominated occupation was removed from the Tasmania list at the start of July. My agent said that because our visa application was sponsored, lodged and fees paid I had nothing to worry about... I wonder if that removal will doom me to the bottom of the pile?