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  1. Hang in there... it shouldn't be too long now!
  2. Thanks.....yes feeling v relieved ! The wait was tough... wish speedy grants for all those waiting...
  3. Oh boy..... glad to be posting this message We got our grants yesterday!! Received the emails from our agent in the morning. Finally... we can now move ahead with some concrete plans! Code 261111 Lodged : 31/3/2017 Co contact for PCC and Meds: 10/04/17 Completed By: 19/04/17 Visas Granted : 19/09/17 Hope to see a lot more grants on this forum in the coming days...... best of luck to all !
  4. lol... what will be will be. Congrats Simons! Very happy for you.
  5. Congratulations Donna and wish you the best!!
  6. wow.. this is good news... more grants are coming in. Congratulations to all who have received the grants. 6 grants for today!
  7. Wow... Congrats, Pete!! Great that you can use the holiday as an activation trip All the very best. Looking forward to your posts on this forum as you continue with the next stage.
  8. oh wow, @Yikes2017 so so happy for you This is excellent news!!! I'm sure, now that you have the grant... the last 7 months seem far behind You can finally move on with your plans to make the big move.. exciting!! Your posts have definitely helped through this waiting period. .. will be glad to see you continue to post on this forum even from the other side.... are you moving to Sydney ? I was wondering what is the date given by dibp before which you need to make your first entry? It's good to see the grants have started to come in!!!!!!
  9. Thanks for sharing the details. It seems the time duration given for first entry is not much.
  10. @Paul7 Paul, I was wondering what is the date / time duration given to you in the visa grant to make the first entry into Aus ? Is it 12 months from your medical / PCC date?
  11. hmmm... seems like a good plan. But I'm just worried about the duration they give before which we need to make the first entry. We were hoping to avoid an additional activation trip and save on expenses and just move once and for all. Anyways... it's hard to estimate how it's all going to turn out. I guess ..best to carry on as normal and keep ourselves busy. What will be will be
  12. I know how you feel. Not having any idea on the dates is tricky and very uncomfortable. I thought the grants would come in by June and we arranged for a lot of our stuff here to be sold... but couldn't finalize any date with the buyer. It's all just up in the air. I'm getting so tired of checking my email everyday..multiple times! I wish DIBP would provide some concrete information in terms of dates and processing timeline for specific set of applications. Atleast then, it would help us with certain decisions on this side.