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  1. RRR2020

    491 visa and coronavirus

    I'm sailing in the same boat here, albeit with a 489 visa. My first date of entry is in February 2021 and I'm worried that the visa will be rejected outright if I don't make it to Australia by then. I wrote to HomeAffairs requesting them to extend the first entry date due to the long-term border closures, but have not received a response even after nearly a month. My request for an exemption was denied within a week, though. It's increasingly looking like all the money, time, emotion, and effort spent on getting a 489 visa will be for naught, which is very depressing. Compounding that is having quit my job and packed my bags, ready to leave on March 23, only to find that Australia closed its borders on the 20th.
  2. RRR2020

    Visa 489 South Australia

    Hey Guys. My job code is open for SA, but I'm not able to see where I can apply for the state nomination on the SA Immigration website. Could anyone point me in the right direction, please? This URL shows me the screenshot I've attached here, but there's no definite date as to when this application window opens. https://apply.migration.sa.gov.au/apply_page.php?
  3. Hi. Does anyone know when Tassie's occupation list will get refreshed? I know it's not as per an annual schedule like SA's, but I was hoping to see my job code 224712 on the next refresh. Cheers!
  4. NSW RegionsOrana - List updated on 2nd July 2018Riverina - List updated July 2018Murray - List updated July 2018Northern Inland - List updated on 2nd July 2018Far South Coast - List updated on 18th June 2018Southern Inland - List updated on 23rd March 2018Mid North Coast - List updated on February 2018All States:Qld - List updated on 2nd July 2018Victoria - List updated on 2nd July 2018Tasmania - List updated on May 2018NT - List updated on 12th April 2018ACT - List updated on 18th March 2018NSW - List updated on February 2018WA - List updated in 2017SA - List yet to be updated Do update this thread as the lists change / get edited. Cheers! ?
  5. RRR2020

    Anybody else "bricking it"?

    I've been refreshing the occupation list page of SA every 30 minutes or so. I hope the wait is worth it for all of us here. ? Good luck, guys.
  6. RRR2020

    Management Consultant

    So, here's how Vetassess will work. When you apply to Vetassess, they will evaluate your education and work experience separately as part of the same application. Then, they will decide on whether your education is relevant to your job code or not. Depending on that, they assign the number of relevant years of work experience to you. You can then use this number of years of experience to accordingly claim points. For example, if your education was as a Bachelor in Management Science and your experience is as a Management Consultant, then the education and work experience align and theoretically, you can expect a positive assessment with 3 years of experience. But this is just in theory. Vetassess will have to decide finally on that. As for your occupation, it is good that you are 100% confident that Management Consultant is what you have to apply for.
  7. RRR2020

    190 nsw waiting time

    I had presumed that you will need to apply to the particular region of NSW for getting state nomination first. That would determine the time taken for state nomination (and subsequently the invite to apply. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. RRR2020

    Management Consultant

    Hi. Your PG Cert will not be recognised here. They will, however, take into consideration your degree and your 3 years post-qualification work experience to decide whether to decide on your assessment. The best you can do is to ensure that you have chosen the right occupation code. You can either try your luck with Vetassess directly or use their option (if they have one) to figure out which your correct job code is. Both will cost you. Good luck, MelbourneFlyers.
  9. RRR2020

    489 Visa Gang

    @KPG - Just curious. What is the full form of IED here?
  10. RRR2020

    489 Visa Gang

    Wooo hoooo!!!! All the best. Have fun on this journey.
  11. RRR2020

    Subclass 887 Visa - processing times

    A 489 visa holder can apply directly for a 887 and doesn't need a bridging visa. Did you ask about a bridging visa because that sometimes extends the processing times?
  12. RRR2020

    points going up to 65 min

    Ah! Thanks for this, Sarah. I did notice this note: "The above figures do not include invitations issued for State and Territory Government nominated visa subclasses.". So, these are the direct 189 and 489 visa applicants. I'm wondering if there's a list out there which talks about details of the state-sponsored 190 and 489 visas.
  13. RRR2020

    points going up to 65 min

    I've seen this being mentioned multiple times. Could you please tell me if there's an official website where we can check what points the invited candidates had?
  14. Hello All. I hope someone can help me answer this question. While trying to apply for SS for SA, the only option I have to submit my commitment to SA statement is a 500 character limit on their form. This doesn't allow me to show the level of research I have done on why I am choosing SA. My question was whether I will be asked to submit the normally accepted 2-pager highlighting all the points why I have chosen SA? Should I expect SA to ask me for this later? In the meantime, I'm going to continue waiting with bated breath for my job code to open up on July 1st!
  15. RRR2020

    489 visa state sponsored Queensland

    That's fantastic! Congratulations and all the best. What's really cool about your timelines is that your NT state sponsorship happened in 3 days!