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  1. millski88


    Just the last step to go! Which council area are you in?
  2. millski88


    Awesome! What area?
  3. millski88

    482, bringing a partner

    Sure thing, I can dig the letter off my laptop a bit later. I didn’t add my partner at the time of my application. All I did was ensure my relationship status was declared as ‘De facto’ when I submitted mine, then followed up with all the evidence when we did my partners the year after, including this letter from my sponsor employer. Processing times don't really give much useful to go on. Ours was on a different visa program (457) and the wait times change all the time. Interestingly though, back in 2015 my 457 only took 2 weeks (unusually quick) and my subsequent entry application in 2016 just under 2 months. I’d advise against using others experience as a measuring stick though, the published processing times on the DIBP website can be used a a rough upper-limit.
  4. millski88

    482, bringing a partner

    Different visa system now so may not be exactly the same, but for my 457 subsequent entrant (fiancee) we just had the Immi account holder at my employer, our HR Director at the time, write and sign a letter stating she confirms our relationship was true and ongoing, and as the registered representative of my sponsored employer she requests the original nomination is extended to include my partner. No questions asked (obviously when submitted along with all the other evidence and personal particulars docs etc). Happy to DM you the exact wording of the letter if you'd like. We paid the visa app fee in this instance, as we had with mine originally. Adjusting the nomination in this way is just considered an update and doesn't cost your employer anything (unless they've offered to pay your application fees!).
  5. millski88

    Which council to choose if you live in 2 councils ?

    ...because you'd more likely already be in the area when your ceremony comes up, and so less likely would have to change your plans or take time off from work? I don't see there's a huge difference here. Where will you say you live on the application? Could make sense to go with that, as it'll look less 'odd' to someone processing it. You could also check the sample data on http://sharemytimeline.info/ to see if one council area has significantly quicker timelines than the other. Bear in mind this is only a small sample of data though!
  6. millski88


    Moreland seem to have them really regularly. Recently up to 4 per month, but the page on the council website hasn't been updated recently, so we'll see. Based on a couple of other Moreland applicants, I'm seeing a rough wait of 3-4 months after approval. Fingers crossed!
  7. millski88


    I am that's right! Are you too? I'm not a member of whirlpool but i'll join up and add myself. Thanks! Tom
  8. millski88


    Want to preface this with the fact that we have been *incredibly* lucky on our visa/migration journey in regards to turnaround times. I definitely did not expect this timeline or take this for granted. But, this morning my citizenship flipped over to Approved too, after the OH's has end of last week. We're on the last straight!
  9. millski88


    Oh! potentially yes.
  10. millski88


    Interesting one today - my OH received a letter from the Australian Electoral Roll stating "It looks like you're eligible to vote but have not enrolled..." Weirdly the letter is dated 21st October and my OH only took her test on 25th. Must be a mistake and a coincidence. Funny timing though.
  11. millski88


    Frustrating, especially waiting as long as you did! Hopefully not that long, but who knows!
  12. In the citizenship application itself there is a 'Countries Resided/Visited' section which resembles the section in the Form 80. I haven't personally heard of anyone having to submit the full form 80 for citizenship. Mentioned elsewhere, the form 1300t gives you an overview of the citizenship application before you can access the online version: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/1300t.pdf See page 24 - Part G.
  13. millski88


    OH took the test and passed today. she won't blow her own trumpet like me but she passed 100% She's now APPROVED immediately this afternoon I'm sure this has been answered a million times before, but is it likely just due to different case officers 'queues'? i.e. - OH's police checks came back quickly this afternoon and case officer was quick off the mark to check and approve, whereas mine might be sitting with a more over-loaded case officer with a pile of cases? Anyway, good news all round!
  14. millski88


    1. No need to worry about occupation being software developer then. 2. I don't know anything about being self employed to be honest, i was generally referring to ensuring everything with government is above board in how you are earning an income. then: 1. Apologies, i really don't know about tax/medicare charges and their impact. The ATO would be able to tell you if you owe anything or what you need to do. So long as you're on top of your account, regardless of whether you owe anything, i can't see DOHA using it against you. 2. This has turned in to a tax conversation and i'm really not sure about this stuff i'm afraid. My guidance is to generally ensure nothing is 'untoward' with anything government related. Owing to the ATO is not a crime, but being in touch with them and on top of your accounts could only work in your favour.
  15. millski88

    Citizenship interview / test original documents?

    So you have the original birth certificate, correct? Certified documents are no longer required for online citizenship apps, so they're not going to be checking for a certified copy in person, they need the original. I've very recently sat my interview (VIC - Melbourne CBD office) and i might be able to bring some comfort here - I took absolutely everything on my app, plus extra proof of address which i had lying around. What i was asked for: - Passport - Birth cert - Driving license (for address) What i was NOT asked for: - Original Form 1195 and photo (i offered but was told "we've got the scan here, it's fine") - Other proof of address docs uploaded on my application - Evidence of arrival docs uploaded on my application It's not to say this will be the same across the board, but i was surprised after the instruction on the letter how little they actually wanted. Just take everything you've got available, wait to be asked for each thing rather than trying to explain or offer alternatives, and there's a good chance you'll have everything required IMO. Hope this helps a bit.