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  1. Nedkellyinthebush

    Citizenship documents - please help

    I might have another hiccup about proving my identity: I live in a share house so there is no rental contract and no bill under my name is that a problem?
  2. Nedkellyinthebush

    Citizenship documents - please help

    Hi all, I have just been scheduled in for a citizenship test and from the letter I noticed that I have to urgently address two things: - change of circumstances. I have changed address since I put forward my application and forgot to tell the department. Can I do it now and still go to my scheduled appointment? It’s scheduled for mid-July - ID documents. The letter says you need to bring “at least three documents that collectively show your photograph, signature, current residential address, date of birth, birth name and gender” The problem is I only have the drivers licence because my foreign passport only show the suburb name under the residential address, and is not even current as I have moved (see above) OMG what do I do?? Should I make a proof of age card? What happens if it doesn’t arrive in time? And what about my change of address is that going to affect my appointment date?
  3. Nedkellyinthebush

    Citizenship application - parents details

    Hi there, I’m applying for citizenship by conferral and during the application I’m asked to enter the details of my parents. After that it asks for immediate family members as well. Is this necessary or can I just skip it? my parents and siblings are not part of any application (never been). Thanks in advance
  4. Hi all, as the title says, my MA who looked after my visas up until my PR was granted has sent me an offer to process my citizenship application. The fee seems reasonable but I was wandering if it’s really necessary to pay someone for this type of application. The reason I ask is because after looking at the DOHA website I am under the impression that this is a much easier process compared to a visa application.
  5. Nedkellyinthebush

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi all, My visa was granted today!!!! Thank you all guys, I’ve been a silent reader for several months and since I discovered this forum I would pull up my phone multiple times a day thinking “let’s see how are my mates doing”. You have actually helped me during this time. Seeing people being granted gave me hope and seeing all the amazing advice and information gave me a little bit of confidence too because I could see that I wasn’t alone and there is actually a bunch of amazing people online helping each other during this process. Thank you very much for this. However, with that being said deep down I have been so worried and sad, the uncertainty was killing me. It has been very hard especially since the famous email on the 4th of April. Some days I would cry especially at night, not knowing what to expect. I believe in God and I prayed everyday, asking to give me strength to endure in this situation. Whether you believe in God or not please stay strong, your time will come soon. Looking at you Dimitrios and everybody else waiting - I don’t know any of you and I can’t recall your user names right now, but I feel you. Keep having faith my friends. Here’s my timeline for those interested: - 186 TRT (grandfathering) nomination and application: September/October 2018 - Received the famous email on the 4th of April - Done the Medicals straight after the email - Some docs were requested to my company at the end of May (don’t know what they asked for but my MA said it was the usual stuff and everything looked good) - At the same time I have been updating my police checks, payslips, etc. in order to keep my application decision-ready - Both nomination and application have been approved today 15 of July I would recommend to keep your files up to date proactively. If they will expire soon, update them. This may or may not speed up the process, no one really knows but the fact that both my nomination and application were approved at the same time would make me think that it did help speeding up the process. Best regards and good luck to everyone
  6. Nedkellyinthebush

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Yes they have. I came across one a couple weeks ago and it was in line with other waiting times (about 12 months). I think it’s all very random and it doesn’t make sense to make this kind of speculations. Yes there's been a change in the pattern in recent times. If I’m not mistaken that was explained a few pages ago by some new guidelines that were issued. But to be honest I don’t remember the source of those guidelines The thing is that basically we have done what we had to do with our application submission, and now we just gotta wait.. There’s literally nothing we can do and speculations out of thin air are not going to change anything or help anyone.
  7. Nedkellyinthebush

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Did you receive the famous email about the decision maker being allocated soon?
  8. Nedkellyinthebush

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi Flood Dog, I’m construction estimator too! First time I come across a colleague :) I’m still waiting (applied in Oct’18) but I did receive the email about the decision maker so finger crossed! Could you tell me which state have you applied from? And have they asked you for updated documents from you and your employer recently or they just approved it? Thank you and congratulations