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  1. Yes, I've just found the form you use to notify them of incorrect answers. Can't see where to upload it on the immiaccount though
  2. I input the date the relationship began, not the date the de facto relationship began. They're separate questions, relationship type and start date so I must have overlooked they meant de facto start date and not overall. So dumb, I know. Both dates are still within the requirements of the visa as I knew we had to live together for 12 months and we have detailed our living arrangements in our declarations and elsewhere in the application so they should be well aware of the timeline and can see the mix-up. I emailed the European service centre for advice but I know they take some time to respond. We have a CO so would like to think if there's a problem they'd have contact us. Kicking myself!
  3. Fantastic news! My partner and I met in early 2014, same living situation as you, aus then the UK. Looks like the visas of married people are getting approved quicker but 8 months is still pretty good and gives me a bit of hope (in light of the 10-14 months processing guidance). Congrats again!
  4. Has anyone had any issues or experience with rectifying a mistake on their application? I've muddle dates and I'm wondering if I should wait for the CO to ask me or to try and contact them (even though I don't have their info)? I'm worried they'll see it and throw it in the bin straight away thinking I've lied or something. Or is the visa team are compassionate and want to help people get their visas? I have this image in my head that they'll be looking for reasons not to grant, perhaps I'm just being pessimistic and thinking the worst. Just wondering if anyone, who has actually has a conversation with their CO, has found them to be helpful or purely investigative?
  5. Thank you! It's stressful waiting and waiting and hearing nothing! We're moving to Nowra, with my partners family as temporary measure whilst we look for jobs and a house. We're not in a rush so going to 'feel it out' on the job front, if there's nothing suitable we will be looking to move somewhere a little more suitable. I've been to Nowra plenty of times from when I lived in Aus before. I'm from Portsmouth which has no shortage of pubs and jobs. It's going to be a complete change of pace for sure! I am looking in to property development so would potentially invest in something in Huskisson as a money maker. Who knows!
  6. We're still waiting for our visa grant but my partner is from Nowra (bless him) and we're moving in June. Maybe see you then!
  7. Fingers crossed for everyone here. I'm a do-er if there's a task outstanding, I get it out the way. I'm in the process of selling assets and winding down direct debits etc, I'm making so much progress with everything else and whilst I don't 'need' the visa until the (UK) summer it'll just be one less thing to worry about. I'm going traveling next friday so hopefully they don't ask me for anymore evidence as this will be difficult to present, this is part of the reason i front-loaded.
  8. Yes I front-loaded. I emailed the European Centre and they confirmed I had a CO on Jan 18th, other that that, no contact and no change on the immi account. "Please note that your application has already been assigned a caseofficer. Your caseofficer will liaise with you once the preliminary assessment of your application is completed. Unfortunately we are unable to give you a specific time frame and thus we ask you to wait patiently for further instructions." Applied: Oct 6th Medical: Nov 4th Police Check Uploaded: Jan 5th
  9. Nope, nothing. Going on the pretense that no news is good news. Positive timelines coming through on this forum which is great but annoying that they are 'in a queue' yet being granted all out of order!
  10. Did not know this about the visa class on the referral letter. I applied for 309 but it says 100 on my letter, I didn't think much of it at the time but if it is processing as a 100 I'll be quite happy! Seems most visa applicants are being granted 100s straight from the off so it would make sense. Thanks for the bit of positive news. 4.5 months in so taking what i can get in terms of 'news' haha!
  11. WOW WOW WOW! Congratulations! I'm so pleased for you and happy to hear some good news! Can you add your stats just one last time please? Also, your background, are you married etc? I've been trying to scroll back to see if you've posted this previously so sorry if you have Congrats again x
  12. Sounds similar to me and my partner, he's on a working holiday visa which is up in June. What nationality are you out of curiosity?
  13. I'm in the same boat. I just think what if they refused?! I dunno why they would but I just wanna know
  14. Don't envy you guys- all I really have to do is cancel my gym membership! Everyone seems to be heading to QLD. I'll be down in Jervis Bay, NSW if anybody needs me haha!
  15. Fingers crossed for you. I've seen a few people approved around the 5/6 month mark so I really hope it's not too much longer for you. Lots of people on this thread around the aug-oct mark so hopefully the good news comes at once