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  1. So if you get notice that your visa has been granted before boarding your flight, you should be able to simply stay in Australia and re-enter back through customs. No need to actually fly, which must be safer for everyone. It may be worth just taking hand luggage and arrive many hours early to give more time to get the visa before your flight departs.
  2. I can see how important it is to get the ‘no further stay’ condition removed, as even a new three-month tourist visa would give you some breathing space. What about NZ, do they have open flights now? This would at least save you having to travel back here with all the problems and cost of quarantine.
  3. Don’t worry @Kathss56 I’m sure yours won’t be too long now. Are you still in Australia?
  4. I have to agree that the parent visa process can be very confusing. But this forum is a goldmine of information and don’t be shy about asking any questions here. Sadly your mother-in-law’s visa is unlikely to be granted before 2028. There are temporary visas (600 and 870) she could obtain to allow her to spend some time with you in the interim years. Also, dependant on her age, it may be worth considering switching to an onshore 804 visa application with bridging visa, which is about $50,000 cheaper and gets her there quickly (But has downsides). As others have said, you are best seeking professional counsel from your agent.
  5. That reminds me of when I was working as a cleaner, having left school at 16, my boss said something to the effect of “if it looks like poo and it smells like poo, that because it is poo”. And good luck finding equity in taxation.
  6. Still sounds morally dubious to me… especially considering all the thousands of offshore parents anxiously waiting for years to be with their families. Why should age make a difference? Born before this date sir? No problem… go directly to Australia, do not pass purgatory!
  7. You could always apply for a 143 visa now then a temp 870 visa when borders reopen. This would allow your parent to reside in Australia until they have PR and negate the risk of making a false declaration when entering on a tourist visa.
  8. You are not technically allowed to enter on a tourist visa if you intend to apply for another visa while onshore. Also I think you have to be 66 or over to apply for an aged parent visa.
  9. I think I’m going to stop posting on this thread also. I liked it best when all the parent visa info was all on the main parent visa thread, all in one place. A great mix of topics and a wealth of shared information for parents making the move to Australia. Posters like @ramot have always been generous with their helpful information and even a voice of reason when needed. I do not want to see this this resource diminished. It’s difficult to know how I would have come this far without our little online community. It’s time to abandon this place and return to our home back at the original thread. This new sub-thread is best left for ppl posting pointless questions like, Have you got any news? No. Have you got any news? No. Anything yet? No. What about you? No. Are we nearly there yet?
  10. There is a hotel inside the airport, which is good for a short stay. It’s ‘airside’ so no need any the additional local visa and it’s right in the centre of the airport with easy access to the departure gates. We have stayed there once (a couple of years ago) on a similar length layover and would probably do again. There's not much to do in that airport for 19 hours unless you have access to a lounge, but at least the hotel has a pool and you can get a good few hours sleep.
  11. Thank you Marilyn. It’s very encouraging to hear how well things are going for you and how quickly your 173 to 143 was processed. Fingers crossed our application gets similar treatment. These last 12 months have been an eventful to say the least. It started so well with having our new baby granddaughter here over Christmas, we sold our house (without advertising it) and packed up all our chattels. With 600 visas in hand, flights booked for two (plus two dogs). What could go wrong…. Never expected to be homeless at our age, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Very unsettling at the time, but we have been very lucky to have good friend and supportive family. We have even now bought a motorhome and although not living in it fulltime, we are planning on a long road trip though Germany, Switzerland and Italy (Covid permitting). I’m not taking anything for granted now, but it will be good to have our PR in hand soon and hopefully making the move to Australia sometime in 2021.
  12. After 4 years and 7 months our 173 visas were granted today!!!! (Just a shame we can’t travel on them yet)
  13. Thank you Lucy… and yes we plan on submitting our 143 application as soon as possible and I believe we can do this while still here in the UK
  14. Unfortunately we will not be able to travel on a 173 visa as things stand at the moment. But at least if feels like a we are getting little bit closer.
  15. Thanks Linda, yes we are still here in the UK