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  1. Congratulations! Just looking at your timeline,173 granted in Jan this year and 143 applied for in March (very speedy). Can I ask if you moved to Australia before submitting the application for your 143 visa? or did you apply offshore?
  2. I wouldn’t mind a few gold coins, I read there is a supply shortage in the UK and USA. I guess everyone is thinking the same.
  3. Yes, Australia’s monumental debt bubble had created an imminent property crash before the virus. Covid-19 was just the pin. I don’t think many people really understood what risks were already present in Australia. I’m no expert, but I do have first-hand experience of a real property crash. It makes me very focused on issues I would never have previously considered. Eddie Hobbs has written much about the aftermath of the Irish property bubble and the devastating effect if had on people’s lives. Australia is different… not because it wont happen, but because the bubble is so much larger.
  4. If you’re in the UK you can now book your medical in Manchester from next week and London is looking into re-opening very soon. I thought you could apply for admission into Australia now (with 14 days quarantine) if you are the spouse of a Citizen or PR holder. Maybe easier to do your medical in Australia.
  5. A sobering article by Eddie Hobbs in the Irish Examiner, maybe it's time we start adjusting to this ‘new normal’ - https://amp.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/views/analysis/eddie-hobbs-fasten-your-seatbelt-the-worst-is-yet-to-come-993618.html
  6. Northern Visa Medicals (Manchester) is now open again for medical exams. So we should now be able to keep within the 28 days.
  7. Scomo needs to keep the housing/debt bubble inflated at all cost. Reducing immigration now would be counterintuitive. They may need to re-start the old £10 POM scheme.
  8. There is a possibility of the foreign buyers restrictions and stamp duty being scraped. Also could be some new additional first time buyer incentives later this year to try and help the housing market. However you would need to temper this with an expected decline in prices. It may be cheaper to rent for a few years, especially now as rents are falling too.
  9. 28 days, which would have been ample if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic. Form 80 and police check all ok, but no medical centres are open in the UK. London is only taking bookings for July, but we are hopeful Manchester will open this week. Otherwise I'm going to have to ask for an extension to these 28 days. I find it a little strange (although I’m not complaining) that we appear to be the only forum members to be asked for medicals at this time. Your timeline is almost identical to ours, so I’m surprised you haven’t heard something yet.
  10. I have to agree, having this delay for a few months is not too bad considering everything. I also have a new granddaughter I’m missing terribly, but lucky enough to have all been together last Christmas.
  11. SusieRoo

    173 or 143?

    Don’t even consider a 173, just apply directly for a 143 and expect to queue for 8 to 10 years. If you wish to sit this wait out in Australia, you can buy a temporary 870 visa.
  12. Flights are available currently from the UK to Australia (citizens and PR only). But I’m not sure whether having a 143 visa granted offshore means you have PR, or if you need to first enter Australia and validate your visa, before officially acquiring PR status.
  13. Wow!!! Just had a request for further docs. Wasn’t expecting that.
  14. Wow!!! Just had a request for further docs. Wasn’t expecting that. Opps wrong thread
  15. SusieRoo

    Bank deposit garauntee

    Looks like APRA are now investigating ME Bank, which is good news. With a bit of luck, customers who had their saving pilfered will get their money returned. This would also send a clear message to other banks contemplating doing the same thing. Personally, if I had a 'Redraw' account with any bank, I would withdraw all my savings now and keep them safe in a separate account at a different bank (or even under the mattress).