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  1. The GBP/AUD exchange rate is looking good at $1.90 to the £1. We may even see over $2 to the £1 if Boris can get his deal this week.
  2. We use Transferwise borderless accounts and it all works perfectly with good rates of exchange. Also worth getting their debit card and use this with the phone app, it's easy to use and very impressive. To be honest I think we could now use TW accounts exclusively, without the need for any other bank accounts.
  3. Weren’t you on that TV program last time with all those bags of food and birds nests?
  4. Congratulations Bear2015, good to see you’ve finally made it. Best wishes for you and your family.
  5. I think this has come up in the past on the main thread and the general consensus was that the 173s were counted as a place initially (but not when the upgrade to 143 is granted). Ether way you still get approximately the same total of places at the yearend.
  6. Thank you for posting your very informative CPV sheet. I’ve just been having a rough count of how many applications are in front of our March 2016 lodgement date. If I include both 143s and 173s, it works out at about 4500 applications. And because there are often multiple applicants per application (I’m assuming a ratio of 1.7:1), that’s 7650 visas to grant before they get to us. And as they have been granting about 6000 CPVs per year, it should take at approximately 15 months (November 2020). Which is slightly better than my previous assessment. Interesting to see so many applications in May and June 2017. If you add in the 173s and use the same 1.7:1 ratio, that’s 15,000 applicants in just two months (or 30 months of processing time). And even worse when you add up all of the 2016/17 year, it will take five years to process just this one year. It would be good to get any feedback on my assumption of 1.7 people per application. Does this sound about right? I’m thinking there will be a mixture of single applicants, couples and families for each application on the list.
  7. That got my heart beating. I misread your message and thought they were asking a fellow March 2016'er for further documents. Anyway, welcome to the waiting room.
  8. SusieRoo

    143 Contributory Parent visa

    The end of year reports are published around November each year. It will be interesting to see how many 143/173 parent visas were issued in 2018/19. I think it may be well down on previous years, possibly around 4500.
  9. Good information as always Alan. It may also be worth spreading larger deposits between banks, as only $250k is safe under the deposit guarantee scheme. Just noticed today NZ is taking steps to protect NZ depositors from bank failures (90% of NZ deposits are held by the big 4 Aussie banks). These are strange times. Just saying…
  10. Yes, I agree that there should be a way to let her stay if the family pays the medical bills. If she returns to the UK with no family and isn't able to pay for private care, then her remaining time on this planet is going to be imaginably pitiful. Very sad to read other comments where other posers are so consumed with there own woes, they have lost sight of basic morality.
  11. SusieRoo

    CPV 143 visa

    We are on a similar timeline to you (March 2016) and share your frustration. I was hopeful of getting the call for medicals etc. in August or September this year. But processing appears to have significantly slowed down (again). So my best guess now is that we hear something at the beginning of 2020. And probably now looking at 56 to 60 months in total. Clearly there is an engineered delay for political reasons, which is affecting all visa streams. Also there are now considerable problems developing within the Australian economy and I suspect this may cause even more disruption for parent visas. Someone posted on here last year, describing the visa process as survival of the fittest. This is very true and we just have to keep mentally strong and not let any delays or problems diminish our resolve.
  12. Fantastic news Ramot and congratulations on becoming PRs. I know how difficult this process has been for you and it must be good to know you can now stay indefinitely in the country you already call home.
  13. SusieRoo

    Contributory parent visa

    Welcome to the forum. Yes, I think your son’s dad will be able eligible for a parent visa. Although there are a number of conditions that would need to be met. You may also be able to be the sponsor, given your son is under 18. I’m not an expert so I would recommend you seek guidance from a registered migration agent (like Alan Collet @Alan Collett). Also, you will have to consider your sons best interests carefully and you will always be able to veto this application if necessary. Remember that any class of parent visa is likely to take about 10 years to process, which will be stressful and possibly unsettling. Personally speaking, I would avoid doing this now (like the plague) and I would let my son make his own decisions when he reaches 18.
  14. SusieRoo

    143 Contributory Parent visa

    I don’t’ think anyone can definitively answer this question, but this is a good forum to find information and make the best 'guess' with what little data you can find. Here some info that might help. The Australian visa year starts on the 1st of July each year and IMMI (Home Affairs) publishes an annual report around November. This tells us how many applicants are queuing in each main parent visa stream. In our Contributory Parent category there was 48,595 applicants as of 30th June 2018 and there was 6,015 visas granted that year. And it’s my assumption this will have now increased to over 50,000 with the planning levels reduced for 2019-20. So for anyone applying now (if nothing changes) it will take around 10 years to be processed. IMMI is currently processing up to July 2015 and the queue has been moving about 4 months forward each year. So if this stays the same, you will have 4 years still to wait. But there is some speculation that processing has slowed recently due to problems at Centrelink and if this gets fixed, processing may speed up. I think if I were you, I would expect you to wait another 3 years. But it’s best not to plan to too far in advance as anything can happen, especially with an election looming.