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  1. Six years - only if everything stays as is and unfortunately I fear we are in for significant change. The budget is only 15 days away and we should expect more surprises. The only thing in our favour at present, is the hold-up to the new parent visa. There has been much speculation that other parent visa streams will close, once this new visa is open. There are potentially thousands of non-contributory applicants that could switch to 143 visas and remain in chronological order (and who would blame them?). Then six years turns to ten years! Also, you can clearly see how this government is trying to limit access to parent visas for low/middle-income families. So it is now highly likely we will see the cost of parent visas also rising, possibly even in the 2018/19 budget. I understand in the past, any price increase would not be applied retrospectively. But after what has just happened to AoS, there is now no guarantee. I think we would reluctantly accept a 50% or 60% increase to the second vac, beyond this we would need to reconsider our visa application (Bare in mind the AoS income threshold just increase by over 100%).
  2. Very sorry to hear how unfairly you have been affected by the changes to AoS. I’m sure you are not alone and there must be hundreds of parents on 173 and 804 visas going though the same experience. Australians are good and decent people and I have no doubt, with enough exposure, this situation will be rectified (please everyone keep sending emails and letters). Here in the UK, the news has been dominated by the shameful treatment of the Windrush immigrants. And at the same time we had all the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in London. Malcolm Turnbull has just witnessed a humiliated Theresa May having to apologise and seen her squirming as the media reveal the awful truth. It turns out that the Home Office (under Theresa May) created a ‘hostile environment’ for immigrants and refused to listen to the concerns many had raised. I can’t help thinking this will reverberate with Australian politicians when considering immigrants caught up their own disgraceful AoS situation. The phrase ‘Hostile Environment’ seems to have struck a cord in the uk and is shaping public opinion into associating this negative label with Theresa May. Many people on this forum are now writing to Australian MPs about the changes to AoS. I wonder if including the words ‘Hostile Environment’ and ‘Peter Dutton’ would also be beneficial.
  3. You can have up to 3 assurers with their combined incomes all counting to the total. So in your case, the partners income can be included, but he/she must be listed as one of your assurers. If the partner is not an assurer, the partner must be accounted for in the calculation, but their income can't be included. (I hope that makes sense) There are not many of us 173ers here so I hope you don't mind me taking this opportunity to ask a few questions. Where are you up to in the process? Do you know how long 173 to 143 now takes? (it was only a couple of months when we first decided to take the 173 option). We regret not going directly for the 143 and understand it is not possible to switch now, without starting again. Which is a little hard to understand when the forms and the process is identical (except for the AoS). Did you ever inquire into switching at any stage or did you just apply for the 143 as soon as your 173 was granted? Do you have to enter Australia before applying? Sorry for quizzing you in this way, but any info would be appreciated.
  4. That’s a shame as I've just removed husband from our application. Oh well, I won’t tell him until I’ve booked my flight.
  5. Just a thought. If only one parent applied for a 143 visa and they moved to Australia after visa was granted. Could the second parent then immediately apply for a partner visa (with bridging entitlement)? Significantly cheaper and no need for a second AoS, what could go wrong?
  6. I guess this could happen as it's a minimum requirement. I think an even worst scenario would be if someone, who wasn't called early for their AoS, is now unable to obtain a visa. While others have sailed through under the old system. That could very well happen to us! My husband ha almost given up already!! Don't give up... there is still a reasonable chance this new system could be scraped in the next few months.
  7. I guess this could happen as it's a minimum requirement. I think an even worst scenario would be if someone, who wasn't called early for their AoS, is now unable to obtain a visa. While others have sailed through under the old system.
  8. You will need to have total income of $118,687.42
  9. Painful, painful, painful... At this rate it will be up to 46 months by Christmas. Don't forget also the parent visa process normally grinds to a halt in May until the start of the new financial year on the 1st July
  10. Great to hear how well your application is going, but I am completely baffled why some ppl are getting called for documents (and AoS) months before others. I can't help thinking immi is in complete meltdown and has now lost control of the process. “survival of the fittest - mentally.” I'm mentally knackered!
  11. I think each visa is connected to your passport number, so you should be able to enter Australia on your own without trouble.
  12. If you now have AoS approved, you just have to wait for 2nd Vac request. Maybe a few days or it could be many weeks. Immi says "If a permanent resident chooses to travel internationally, they need to ensure they have a permanent visa with a valid travel authority if they wish to return to Australia as a permanent resident". I think you will get a 5 year travel condition on your first PR so you should be able to return without getting trouble.
  13. What type of visa is your partner on now? I think he will need to have PR to be an assurer.
  14. You will need to prove combined income of $118,687.42 for this financial year. And then same income for the past two financial years must be verified with a certificate from the tax office. If you get called to complete AoS before baby is born, the income requirement will be reduced to $115,792.60.
  15. The exchange rate is up again and is now over $1.84 to the £. I think this is the highest since the referendum.