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  1. That is good news, especially as we have the same acknowledgement date. Anyone know if any new 173 applicants have been asked for docs since February 2019? I think they were last processing up to the end of November 2015, but I've not seen any movement since. I guess I'm going to be checking my inbox every few seconds for the foreseeable future.
  2. SusieRoo

    Advice re parent visa

    If I were in your shoes, I would just apply for a 143 visa right now. There will be many years (possibly eight to ten) until you need to find the 2nd vac payment.The queue is moving so slowly that even a few months of hesitation now can add an extra year delay. And there is always a fear that this visa stream will close to new applicants.
  3. Good to hear things are moving again. Must be @Kathss56 turn next.
  4. On the subject of removals, has anyone had any experience of importing old wooden furniture? Husband thinks he has a family heirloom and he is insisting on shipping it to Australia. Personally I think it would be better on a bonfire as it has woodworm holes at the back. But he is claiming all the beetle larvae are dead as he “clearly” remembers it being treated about 50 years ago (which I find amazing because he spent two hours this morning trying to remember where he parked his car). So I was just wondering if anyone here has had any experiences with antique furniture imports. Will we need some sort of certificate to say it is free of woodworm?
  5. 102,854 parents now queuing for visas! Taken from immi's 2018-19 migration report.
  6. That's very exciting news Kathss56. Is that date info from someone you know?
  7. The £ is looking good to the $ right now and it could go above $2 if Boris keeps doing well in the polls. The day after the election may be a good moment to transfer money.
  8. SusieRoo

    Some advise please?

    You won’t be able to do the medical before receiving the reference number from immi when they contact you. But you can always take the medical exam in Australia if you’re over there at the time.
  9. We were also surprised to discover this extra cost for 173 visa holders. As temporary resident you need to apply for an ‘exemption certificate’ which I think costs $5700 for homes up to $1m in value.
  10. None of the figures in any of these annual reports ever add up. As you have pointed out, the year ends don’t match up from year to year and how can the “Demand for places decreased by 10,249 applications (or 46.9 per cent)” when the overall pipeline total has increased? I think it’s natural for normal people to assume there is some genuine sound underling system at the heart of the Australian immigration department. And when we see some discrepancies in these reports, we just think we’re misinterpreting the data. But in reality, the system is broken and in complete disarray, with hundreds of thousands of pages of paper visa applications going back many years sitting in some dusty room. Add to this a demoralised workforce and you get the true picture and start to understand why. The only way I can keep sane in this process is to take nothing for granted, believe nobody and to expect zilch. Sad I know, but we started out on this journey full of excitement with high expectations. Now it just feels like a horrible never-ending ordeal.
  11. Interesting news, anyone know the ratio of onshore to offshore visas?
  12. I agree with LindaH27 that Feb 2026 processing will be a while yet. I am still hopeful our March 2016 application will be processed in about 12 to 18 months time.
  13. The GBP/AUD exchange rate is looking good at $1.90 to the £1. We may even see over $2 to the £1 if Boris can get his deal this week.
  14. We use Transferwise borderless accounts and it all works perfectly with good rates of exchange. Also worth getting their debit card and use this with the phone app, it's easy to use and very impressive. To be honest I think we could now use TW accounts exclusively, without the need for any other bank accounts.
  15. Weren’t you on that TV program last time with all those bags of food and birds nests?