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  1. If you are an Australian and apply for a visa for a future husband or wife (or partner), is there already an English test for this type of visa?
  2. I think an English test is a really good idea. I know it’s easy for us Poms, but Malcolm Turnbull is making sense and it has to be better for Australia. Although if it’s to be a local exam (like the medical) I guess it will take years to setup and probably will not impact on most of us here.
  3. Yes that's right, life is in a holding circle and it's just far too disruptive in every way. There will be a point when for us it's just not worth it, husband is already talking about not going. What if we wait another two years only to discover there is even more delays, where will it all end?
  4. It just keeps getting worse, I am starting to think 5 years plus now for our 173. We are now just waiting for the new visa and plan on going out as soon as.
  5. Congratulations! Normally they grant the visa within a few days from receiving the 2nd vac payment.
  6. Are you going to ask your case officer (when you get one) if you can just go directly for your 143 now? I don't think there is much chance unfortunately, but no harm in asking.
  7. With a 600 visa you still have to be a genuine tourist to qualify and you may need to prove it is your intention to return to Germany. I don’t know how long the offshore application takes to process, but it may be better to wait instead of jeopardising your partner visa. You could always seek the advice of a good immigration agent.
  8. SusieRoo

    Where to live in Sydney for beach and commute

    Rego = road tax. My son is a similar age and used to live close to the CBD as did most of his friends. I can understand why you would want to live near Manly but you will have to put up with a truly hideous commute. If I were your age and wanted to have an enjoyable two years in Sydney, I would get an apartment at Barangaroo. All of the harbour and city stuff on your doorstep including a ferry to Manly. And if you drive to work at Huntingwood you get to travel in the opposite direction to most of the traffic.
  9. I’m no an expert but this is also something that comes up with aged parent visas. You can’t enter on a tourist visa if it is your intention to apply for another visa and stay in Australia. But it’s ok to enter as a genuine visitor, and then make a decision to apply while there. So you have to enter as a real visitor, which means a return ticket and to have a home and possibly a job to return to. There is a TV show where the cameras follow working immigration officers. In one episode a young German girl was deported and banned for three years under very similar circumstances. Anyone returning to Australia after having previously held two working holiday visas, appear to get a hard time by immigration at the airport. You may be searched with your phone messages and social media profile scrutinised. And they may also phone your family or boss to confirm it is your intention to return home.
  10. Gem of a post gafuk, although it does send a shiver down my spine without dampening the enthusiasm too much. A bit like an ice cube down your back at a party.
  11. SusieRoo

    Advice on returning to UK

    Sounds like a big change and the move to the UK is a good plan, although it's not going to be easy. I can understand why you don't want to go out to the shops, but you should really try and do this. Staying at home all day on your own is not doing you any good and you need some human contact even if it's just ordering a coffee or buying your groceries. Then try and build your confidence and join a group or a club of some sort. Good luck and well done for reaching out.
  12. SusieRoo

    804 Elderly Aged Parents Visa.

    I think you will need documents for birth, marriage and divorce for everyone included in the application plus their children. But you don't need to include bank statements or investment info. It may be worth talking to an immigration agent and I have always found @Alan Collett to be very professional.
  13. You can apply for the 143 as soon as the 173 is granted and according to immi's website, you do not have to be in Australia when you apply. Although I'm not sure if you need to enter Australia to officially activate the 173 first. Either way, we hope to do this a soon as possible as there is a risk that the price of the 143 visa could rise if you wait for the full 2 years.
  14. Nice of you to pop back gafuk. How's it going? Any tip, or words of wisdom for the first weeks down under?