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  1. Good to hear you made it to Qld and I’m very envious of your balcony and view. I’m on day 13 down in Melbourne (release day tomorrow) and husband is just starting his solitarily confinement in Sydney. This forum has also been my lifeline for the last five years and a big thank you to everyone.
  2. When you arrive at airport check-in you will be asked for printed copies of your Australian Travel Declaration (with QR code), a Fit to Fly Covid test certificate and with Qatar Airways, a signed consent form. These all need to be paper copies and not digital or you will not be able to check-in. Also, it’s worth researching other travellers hotel quarantine advice and packing any extra items you may need. This can be specific to which city you fly in to, as each state or territory has it own set of rules. Personally I found hotel quarantine very tough, but others seem to fair much better. I think it depends on what type of person you are and what type of life you normally have.
  3. Congratulations! For reference, we received our 2nd VAC request on Monday morning, paid by BPAY the same day and our visas were granted Tuesday morning (yesterday). I hope yours is just as speedy.
  4. Can’t really believe it, but our 143 visas were granted this morning!
  5. Brilliant news! So pleased for you and best wishes for the future.
  6. I have been closely following the situation in Melbourne, in hope that we may be able to travel ourselves this year. I watched Dan Andrews on Sky News yesterday, saying he has no plans to re-start international flights. In my opinion the Victorian premier is pedalling fear to further his political agendas. He has cultivated strong (cult like) support from many terrified people in Melbourne and his popularity increases with each border closure and lockdown. He has just extended his emergency powers until December, which I believe makes planning to fly directly in to Melbourne unpredictable this year. In contrast, NSW is taking a far more sensible (and more typically Australian) approach to international arrivals and quarantine. So this would be my choice when booking a flight into Australia. I guess Melbourne will re-open at some stage, but I if there is a chance to re-book from a MEL to a SYD flight, I would jump at the chance and not wait.
  7. My son moved a couple of times during our wait and we didn’t inform immi (couldn’t find any requirement to do this). All the information will be updated anyway when completing form 80 in the final stages of processing, so no need to worry now. We have used form 929 to update our own details a few times, which is very easy to do via email.
  8. SusieRoo

    We made it!

    Good luck with your move, we hope to be doing the same soon (Melbourne via quarantine in Sydney). Can I ask what it costs the ship your dog with pet air? And will your dog be flying directly to Melbourne?
  9. Thank you for the info. Unfortunately our vehicle is a mere 24 years old so not yet a true classic, but I'm wondering if there is any merit in putting it on a Carnet de Passage en Douane for a year. Then taking the “much easier and cheaper process” option for the official import when its 25. What sort of saving could we expect to make importing it as a classic as apposed to a personal import? Also, are you located in Australia or the UK?
  10. SusieRoo

    Parents Visa

    I would have normally expected you to go straight to the front on the 143 queue and be quickly contacted by a case officer. It makes me think they may have reached the cap for this year and we might not see any more visas processed until the start of the 2021/22 year in July. It’s also possible that they need to hold back places in this years allocation for all the onshore 143 applicants who now do not need to leave and return.
  11. How long will it take to ship a vehicle from the UK to Melbourne? We are anticipating being in Australia in June/July (this year) and trying to plan when best to send our 4x4 so it arrives at roughly the same time. Also, if we were to be delayed, can the vehicle be moved from the port and stored (off road) before completing compliance and roadworthy inspections. My husband would like to be present at this time as it’s his classic hobby car.
  12. What date did you apply for your visa? There was a surge of visas granted towards the end of last year and I think they would have been in a similar timeline to yours. If so, it’s possible that something has been overlooked. I know there have been situations in the past when Centrelink approves the AoS, but fails to tell immi. Have you emailed a copy of the AoS confirmation to your case officer?
  13. SusieRoo

    PetAir UK - Pet Travel Service

    We’re planning (hoping) to fly our two dogs to Australia from the UK sometime around June or July this year. With all the unpredictability of border closures and travel bans, I would ideally like to travel at the same time and on the same aircraft as the dogs. I’m not sure how feasible this is, but I feel very anxious about something untoward happening and ending up with the dogs on different sides of the world to us. So my questions are, 1) Do you think it’s possible to arrange travel on the same aircraft (clearly not all in the cabin although that would be nice)? And which airline would be the most accommodating and flexable? 2) With Mickleham now being so busy, how soon would we realistically need to book quarantine places for June/July? Or are we already too late for this timeline? Both dog have current Australian import permits and are fully up to date with RNAT etc.
  14. Well done @Kathss56 that’s fabulous news and congratulations on your soon to be granted visa!
  15. Realistically you probably have 8 years still to wait.