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  1. Maybe not a bad thing to be renting for a while when considering the way house prices are falling in Australia. I have seen some 'experts' forecasting the crisis will worsen this year with a 40% overall fall. You may end up with a bargain. I don't know much about global connectivity but there appears to be a housing crisis developing in a many countries simultaneously from Scandinavia to Asia and Canada to Australia (including London). Very strange and difficult to understand why this is happening now, but it's probably not the best time to buy.
  2. You have to enter Australia to activate a 143 (and start your PR) but immi is not so clear with the 173 visa. You don't have to be onshore to apply for the 143, you only need to have your 173 granted. But I'm not sure if the 173 visa is granted from the date of the conformation email or when you first 'clock in'. Any clarification would be welcome.
  3. It’s good to sometime get a little perspective and realise these parent visas are a privilege given to us by the Australian people. However which way you look at it, you can’t escape the fact that most of us are likely to be a burden for future Aussie taxpayers. The only reason parent visas even exist is because Australia is still one of the most civilised societies on the planet. It’s no wonder we Poms get a reputation for being whingers when you read some of the posts on here.
  4. Not exactly true. Since the GFC most governments now simply print their own money and then give it to the banks, which lend to people to buy overpriced houses. Maybe better just to give some directly to us aging immigrant parents for replacement hips, zimmer frames and the odd games of bowls.
  5. Yes, that's exactly right. When a government's primary focus is for all things fiscal, people are categorised as tax positive or negative. Here is a small section from the 2016 immigration report which makes us all sound like very expensive babysitters. "In 2008, the AGA estimated that in present value terms, the cumulated lifetime fiscal costs of a parent visa holder was between $230 000 and $285 000 per adult (AGA 2008). Using the AGA’s annually updated cost indexes (the ‘contributory parent visa composite index’), the estimated cost in 2015 is between around $335 000 and $410 000 per person (with the best’ estimate being just over $370 000). The actual charge applied is roughly one tenth of this cost for contributory visa holders and about 1 per cent for non-contributory visa holders." Full report can be found here - https://www.pc.gov.au/inquiries/completed/migrant-intake/report/migrant-intake-report.pdf
  6. I agree the numbers are now unsustainable and something will have to change. It appears that the only concern of all western democracies today is the the economy and trade, not people and society. So my guess is they will ramp up the cost of CPV and try to reduce the number of new (and existing) applicants. I also think the applications with dependent children could be prioritised, as these dependent children are most likely to be tax positive for the economy in the long term. What's happening with the Australian general election have they set a date yet? Is there going to be another budget before the election? I expect the first budget of the new government is going to be significant for everyone in the parent visa queue.
  7. There now are now over 50,000 applicants queuing for 143/173 visas. Only approximately 6000 places became available for each of the last two years and possibly even fewer this year. Sadly it’s going to take many years until they process your parent’s application. There is a new temporary visa class opening soon which may give your parents the option to move to Australia while waiting for the 143 visa.
  8. If we brought our car over on a one year 'Carnet de Passage en Douane' would it be possible to later convert this to a full import without shipping the car back to the UK? I am asking this because we are currently waiting for parent visas and do not qualify for a personal import until our visas are granted.
  9. Too true Kathss56, but you can’t let it get to you. Just remember that one day this will all be a distant memory.
  10. Also worth checking your junk folder just to make sure your acknowledgement email hasn’t gone awry.
  11. Good news regarding the new temp visa. Has anyone got a link the relevant Home Affairs website page? There used to be a dedicated page, but it’s now disappeared. I think I am right in saying your child needs to get sponsorship approval first, before you can apply formally for a new visa. And this is all done online via an immi account. Any info would be appreciated as I guess the first years 15k places are going to be snapped up quickly.
  12. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-processing-times/global-visa-processing-times
  13. Just found some information about the retirement visa places. And it doesn’t look too bad for 173/143 visas, with just a small number of places allocated over several years. Quote - "Within these Parent category places, a small number of places will be allocated to the Pathway. Pathway places will be allocated over a number of years starting in 2018-19. Priority will be given to those who apply under the Contributory Parent (subclass 143) category, with no allocation of Parent (subclass 103) Pathway places for grant in at least the first four years of the program. Waiting times for Parent (subclass 103) visas are significantly longer than those for Contributory Parent (subclass 143) visas." Also the global processing times webpage appears to have been updated (43 – 48 months)
  14. I have read many reports online recently about an Australian housing crash and like most internet news, I’m always guarded of fake and spurious information. But having just seen the ‘60 Minutes’ documentary, I’m now worried that the housing market really is in bad shape. And it’s maybe not a good time to be thinking of buying a house in Australia. Any thoughts?
  15. My thoughts, for what they are worth, would be to re-apply. The 864 stream isn't moving and if there is only small number of 410/405 applications, I would expect this to be the fastest option.
  16. SusieRoo

    143 Contributory Parent Visa

    Did you just get your 143 Parent visa?
  17. Yes it's very disappointing, but I found it’s much easier to deal with when I don’t set myself up for setbacks. I think we all realise this process is never going to smooth sailing and none of the information from immi can ever be taken too literally. Politicians will always be motivated to use immigration to gain popularist votes. We just have to be resigned to getting through this process eventually, even if it takes 10 years. Originally we put our lives on hold, thinking we would be granted visas in a few months. Now we get on with everything like we always have, except we have become healthier (tummies smaller, lower blood pressure and hopefully fit enough to pass medicals). There's even a few positives, like house prices now falling in Australia and we will be closer to retirement age when we move, so not as much need to find jobs.
  18. I think with the revised 2016/17 pipeline now at 44,886, there would have been about 20k new applications in 2016/17. And for 2017/18 only 10k of new applications hence the decrease of 10,000. 20,000 applications on there own will take over three years to process and they haven't even started on 2016/17 yet. So as a rough calculation for the next few years, we will see processing move forward one week per month. With our own application lodged in March 2016, we have to expect to wait another two years before we hear from immi.
  19. That could be right, but just think if 6000+ swap over each year, then our 143/173 queue will never really move. We would just keep getting the same processing date from immi's test emails, like groundhog day. Wait a minute... isn't that happening now!
  20. Yes that's right, last years report said 38,508 at 30/06/17, now this years says there were 44,886 on the same date. Where did they find the extra 6378? That's just about a full year of waiting added on for 2016/17 applicants. And how can we now trust that this years not really higher than the 48,585 they are claiming?
  21. Shocking to read they have missed the 143/173 cap again this year by 1160 places. And pipeline up to 48,595, so minimum 8 years processing for anyone applying this year.
  22. It's unfair to make the retirement visa people do the medical exam now after living in Australia for all these years. And if the numbers are only low, why not just grant PR outright without any hoops or cost. And as far as affecting parent waiting times, it's not going to make any difference while immi fails to meet the yearly cap. The speed they are processing parent visas this year will hardly make a dent on the 7175 places available.
  23. I can't believe this lack of movement is just due to increased applications in June 2015. It all ground to a halt when the changes to AOS were reversed, which makes me think Centrelink's ability to cope is causing the holdup and someones told immi to reduce visa numbers. It's the lack of transparency that gets to me, why can't someone just explain the reason for this holdup. Just a message on immi's website or some detail added to immi's test email.
  24. SusieRoo

    173 processing times

    Unfortunately you probably have at least another 2 years before you will be contacted. There is dedicated thread on here for parent visas and it will give you better understanding of how processing is moving (or not moving).
  25. Thank you for sharing this info. Can I ask who you used and what sort of prices did you find for a 20' or 40' container?