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    1. Very pleased for you. Enjoy your new life 👍😄
    2. I may need to move over to Oz before my house sale completes. Anyone done this? do I physically have to be in the UK to sign docs etc.,? thanks everyone 👍😀
    3. VERY!! roll on 17 Mar for a quick visit House on the market yesterday. Hope to move over in Jun/Jul ❤️👍😄
    4. Hopefully around the 33mth mark they will request it. But that brings us nearer to Xmas so fingers crossed they ask way before My medical will be done in Oz as hoping to go over in June Grandson born today so I can’t wait to get there now!!!👶😀
    5. Sorry to say but it is more like 33mths before they will pick up your file. Current proceeding is 37-39months! You can’t do any police or medical checks before then. They will contact you in plenty of time to get all this done. They have 5yrs before they need to move over permanently once 143 is granted so can come and go in that time.
    6. No one has tried the new method yet. Presume this would be the quickest way !
    7. Sincere heartfelt best wishes to you, so sorry to hear your news. Luckily for us, in Perth, there has been a property price recession or we would be the same!
    8. That’s exactly what we are doing Angela. As we all agree it would best all round as I will be childminding 3 days a week. Then I can “have a nice life” with my leftover lump sum as my daughter said 👍😀
    9. Form 47A

      Hi Debbie. This is the page I was telling you about on here click on last page number for latest posts x
    10. Although I’ve started calling mine the Au Pair wing!!! haha
    11. And better than a 23hr flight from the UK but, then they would be on their own with no friends family around etc.,
    12. @Trudyandandrew I would be in the same boat really re housing. If I bought it would have to be so far away from my daughter to be affordable and I wouldn’t see her and grandchild often enough and would probably be lonely! So, we have decided to go down the big house/granny annexe option!