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  1. Sign this folks You never know! https://www.change.org/p/australian-local-government-increase-number-of-permanent-parent-visas-in-australia
  2. Sorry yes ignore the one above it’s this one. thanks @Lady Jane https://www.change.org/p/australian-local-government-increase-number-of-permanent-parent-visas-in-australia
  3. Might be worth signing !! https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-processing-times/family-visa-processing-priorities/parent-visas-queue-release-dates
  4. If you want to move over sooner at least you can do a 3 or 5 yr 870 temp parent visa. I was too near the end of process to bother with this
  5. What a relief for you. Congrats x
  6. You get 28 days to pay but you can request to extend for another 28 days. Beyond this I’m unsure Good luck
  7. @palaceboy1 I see ! yes I’m in Perth where it is compulsory. Didn’t realise the other states did that Re cancelled flights etc
  8. Sadly I think you will have to pay for quarantine if it is still compulsory when you fly.
  9. See if anything changes here, they are currently talking about increasing fights allowed in so by then they may not cancel so many flights I would give them 6 weeks notice otherwise with it being around Xmas time. Good luck !
  10. It is on your VEVO account status, check it says that you are PR
  11. Any 143 awaiting parents here in Oz on a 600 visa that have had to apply for the “No further stay” condition to be waived please?
  12. There are still applicants from Jan/Feb/Mar 16 etc still not got 2nd vac request. I would personally wait longer.Hey...we’ve waited ages anyway!! When I did sell my home it was all done and dusted within 3mths, if that happens to you where would you go? Also heavily reduced flights to Oz and quarantine still in force.
  13. @Bigtrev many thanks for this. I have now realised there are many Jan/Feb applicants still not got 2nd vac request, so it could be a while still. exciting for you though .... it’s now off your mind technically!
  14. Don’t understand why you haven’t got yours. Definitely NOT in strict date order
  15. Very true. A lot to be thankful for in these testing times!