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  1. It’s more than a shame. It’s very annoying. Especially when if you change your mind for some reason you loose your deposit. They shouldn’t say 18-24months when it was never ever realistic! Then under issue visas by approx 1000 per year.
  2. this Is the link for above discussion paper https://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/hindi/en/article/2018/12/21/australian-government-seeks-feedback-201920-migration-program https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/reports-and-pubs/files/discussion-paper-australias-2019-20-migration.pdf MERRY XMAS EVERYONE! GOOD LUCK FOR NEXT YEARS VISAS!
  3. If only they did the level of 8675 parent visas!!!!
  4. Notice they say 49 months processing at end of first paragraph
  5. This AoS lark and the massive delays at this stage of our visas makes my blood boil!!
  6. As of today’s date processing is:- 43-46 months for 143 and 173 good luck @David Leask and @Bev50Bradley
  7. If only we all knew where we were In that ever increasing queue!!
  8. Maybe similar income as AoS I would have thought. With the annual cost of private ins (mine is £800 per yr) it’s a very expensive visa. Especially when you can get a 600 valid for up to 3 yrs, makes me think they won’t issue any 600’s without the 12 in 18mth stay condition in the future. if it’s whilst you await a 143 I think it’s best to wait it out if you can or do a 600 in my opinion.
  9. I wonder if the approval of a sponsor will take Centrelink 6-8 mths like ours. If they get priorty it may possibly delay other Parent visas? Doubt they have extra staff for the 20000? they estimate may apply. However, it is good news though for those desperate to be with their families.
  10. @Alan CollettHi Alan can you post your news on the family violence bill being passed, relating to the new temp parent visa please. Many thanks
  11. I’m reading it as one calendar month but I’m not 100% sure! does anybody know please?
  12. @Merryweather Thankyou for your fabulous post! Lovely to hear! Light at the end of the tunnel! best wishes for your new life down under!
  13. Thanks Angela. It as the right time for me to come over with all my circumstances at the time. Processing was 39mths then at descion to apply for 600 so was only going to be 1 month back home. However as we know it’s got longer and longer and longer! Definitely have to go back for 6 months now. I often wonder should I have rented house out, but with little Henry being born, my office closing down, house price has surged, it was a no brainer back then ! Hope you are well.x
  14. you have to think and HOPE it will be the 43mths at the most for you!