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  1. Maybe set up a Facebook group like they did to get attention for parents which led to the temporary parent visa 870
  2. Well done. Good luck!
  3. Kathss56 Have you been able to book a flight to anywhere!? We have 10 day’s left to give Home Affairs our Travel Itinerary to nowhere! And if you do manage to get a flight out, we can’t be guaranteed a flight back in now they have capped the International’s to 500. We were going to go to Singapore, but Transiting is no longer an option because of new restrictions. We have asked Government Departments where it is safe to travel to, and the only advise we’ve been given is when we contacted ‘ Smart Traveller’ and they advised us not to travel! 

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    2. Kathss56


      Also we are asking can we to stay until NZ opens up to us. Then no quarantine in the way back.  Supposed to be March but I think that might be delayed re new COVID over East   If you just comply with out questioning it they will  let you fly out etc!!! 

    3. TresOz


      We have done that, and also stated that no one will cover you for Travel Insurance either. 

      Yes, I did know about Julian Hill, as we contacted him back in December, and I am following him on Facebook, just really hope something good comes out of it. And saw the Project, which even the Presenters couldn’t believe, and said they will stick with it.

      We have also contacted Annastacia, but was told it was a Home Affairs issue. Also emailed MP Andrew Wallace’s office who was contacting Home Affairs, but yet to hear back. Have just emailed Scott Morrison, and Alex Hawke, but doubt if will get any response. 

      Read that New Zealand will probably be in April now.

      Our Medicals and Police check’s expire 3rd and 4th Feb, so not got much time left. After waiting nearly 5 year’s for our Visa’s, and like you, spent so much money on them, just so stressed and frustrated by it all! 


    4. Kathss56


      It’s so awful feeling so stressed with it all. Email them to say can you stay until NZ opens and you will re do yr checks etc., I’m awaiting a new 600 visa but no doubt they will only give me a 3 month one!!!

  4. Senator McKim - Greens was helpful a while back. He brought it up for us then he might do again?
  5. Look at both pages! seems like use either one or both nowadays. No idea really.....probably about 6-7 more???
  6. Am currently waiting to be booted out onto an unnecessary flight and a waste of hotel,quarantine place all for my visa to come through within minutes of passing through border force in Oz! Julian Hill MP is trying with a private members bill to try to change this rule temporarily for us
  7. Are you just transiting through Singapore or staying over? Did you have to fill in an air travel pass for Singapore ? thanks
  8. NZ Not yet open to Oz, but they announced they will allow flights from March hopefully!
  9. Yes you can as long as 143 is already applied for first. sending you a message re the other problem !
  10. Hopefully they will have relatives abroad. NZ for 3 months wouldnt be too bad it’s just the cost, as with everything else to do with this visa.
  11. It would be worth the 5yr one and at least you can then do another 5 - dreadful thought I know Good luck
  12. @Ollie1234 I have mentioned to Julian Hill MP about these processing times and also the cut in numbers down to 4500. He said he will look into it. Also Senator McKim did quiz them on processing times a couple of years ago when I emailed him So those are the 2 worth contacting on this.
  13. Would you consider the 870 temp parent visa. I would have gone for that had it been around for me
  14. Wholeheartedly agree. What about the poor lady who had one lung and gp said if she catches COVID she will most likely die. Thankfully after an MP intervened and she can stay until it is safe to fly. That’s all we are asking for. The partners category have been given this TEMPORARY concession to stay onshore. We are simply asking the same. Partners can come and go but are classed as immediate family?? A parent is NOT classed as immediate family!! Therefore not wasting a flight and quarantine place with 36000 Aussies still awaiting return, is just plain common sense ! Grants are issued within minutes of passing through border force! Like I say we just want a temporary reprieve like others are being granted ! And no I don’t fancy paying nearly $9k, risk COVID , risk being stranded away from my family because many many flights being bumped.