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  1. Good news for you. Best wishes to you!
  2. You will do soon hopefully. They are processing mid December so getting nearer your date.
  3. I read somewhere they advise use a bank draft? Not sure how that works though
  4. Jeez about time. Excellent news!. 👍👏😀
  5. I asked Andy from Vista if there was a requirement to work minimum number of hours etc for new pension ruling in Oz here is his reply. The above is a reply from @Andrew from Vista Financialre is there a minimum number of hours you have to work to claim pension in 10yrs instead of the new 15yr rule. Invalubale advice as always from our friendly experts !
  6. Voluntary NI contributions

    Thanks very much Andy. Your advice is invaluable!
  7. I would email them direct,yourself you never know! 😀
  8. Wow so very happy for you. Woohoo😄Good luck
  9. Very good luck. Another step up on your new life down under 👍😄
  10. If you type in "immigration panel physicians" on border.gov website it gives you a list according to which part of UK only The Edinburgh Clinic 40 Colington Rd EH10 5BT
  11. I might try this luggage tip. Sports direct bags weigh 1kg. Large suitcase weighs a lot more. Then use plastic vacuum bags for your clothes with silica gel packs in them. Every kg spare helps! Especially since my 40kg allowance has gone down to 30kg with Qatar as I haven't been going to Oz twice a year whilst saving, they have put my privilege club has gone down a grade 😩
  12. Well done Angela. So H A P P Y for you! 😀👏
  13. Parent visa 143 question

    @Roger Vanstone https://www.pomsinoz.com/topic/50481-the-brand-new-pio-parents-visa-thread/
  14. Good luck best wishes to you all 👏😀