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  1. Yes thank you although they have done Germany and Iceland so not seen them much. 5 days together now! 😄
  2. I have asked my daughter who worked for Westpac - you can open account when you go for a visit to Oz before yr visa granted when she gets back later tonight will see if they know re London. As they both are financial advisors for them you'd think they would. Lol
  3. I believe you can apply at same time but why would you at a cost of $5k for 3yrs when a 600 visa lasts the same amount of time and cheaper. Yr sponsor has to have been resident 4yrs also. If you intend to go say half way through wait in the queue I would go for the 600 personally. Alan has a blog on it! Kath
  4. My daughter is over now and sorting hers as we speak! It had better go as my loft has been creaking under the pressure
  5. They are supposed to be encouraging officers to grant 3yr 600 visas to parents in the cpv queue because of the delay I think I read? This is their way of accommodating that i imagine.
  6. Daughter home tomorrow, ache temporarily suspended! 6mths later I will be with them for Xmas. Am thinking 6mths after that the request will come for medical, police checks etc . So counting down positively every 6 Months. I will get to the "other side of the world" as they say!! 😀
  7. It was about £250 not so long ago! early doors for me
  8. So unfair. Not sure why it is now down to one company. It's in the city and not great for parking. Lots of roadworks!
  9. There was end of last year when I looked. Spire for example, was Quite a few in the North. I could have gone to three! Now only one it to seems. Not very fair for people who don't live near Mcr. Probably charge more now they are the only one!
  10. Just looked on Immi at northern England medical centre addresses again. Seems they only use one Nuffield hospital in central Manchester for the whole of the North of England????!!!
  11. I believe you have a month to pay 2nd vac. ? Also my local clinic for the medical is a Spire hospital so I'm sure you could go for a pre check up as it is a private one. You just have to pay. It does tell you immi online where you can go. Just enter your area for list to come up
  12. Friend of a friend applied Sept 14 got visa this morning. @Catlady2014 won't belong now
  13. Department of immigration and border protection?
  14. Thanks once again Alan.. the only frustration for lots of us is when we applied was 18-24mths and is the now ever stretching 36- 39mths, but I'm sure the Australian government are'nt too stressed about that and as you say they do fulfill the annual quota!
  15. It would appear to me that IMMI are heading for a compete meltdown with the 355 less staff! especially when, in Nov, the new temp parent visa starts! Feeling subdued