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  1. Larad86

    Police Cautions

    My partner declared his caution and like yours came back no live traces and he also submitted a subject disclosure and we had no problems at all. We just went with honesty is the best policy. Also I believe you have to submit all convictions including cautions.
  2. Larad86

    So confused, advice needed please!!!

    @louwilkins I have just arrived in Perth. So it is all still fairly new. The process took took me a little while- the first thing I did was apply for my AHPRA in Nov 2016 however having read something just recently on this site there is a post stating that AHPRA no longer give you 12 months in which to present yourself so I would actually leave this until you are sure you will be able to present yourself within 3 months of receiving a registration in principle. I would start with the Academic IELTS, I'm going to guess that for visa points you will probably need to score and 8. I struggled with the ISLTS and ended up taking around 6 tests. I got a score of 7 in the Academic (which is the level you have to take for your ANMAC skills assessment) I then took the general to obtain a score of 8. After a successful IELTS score of 7 or above you car start you skills assessment. You will need to contact the NMC and ask them to send a confirmation of your registration you can also request a copy to be sent to AHPRA which they will hold at their office until such a time that they receive your application. The document must be sent directly from NMC to ANMAC & AHPRA. You will also need to contact your university and request your transcripts- again ask for 2 both for ANMAC & AHPRA. once you get your positive skills assessment and you have the required 60 points you can submit your EOI. I submitted my EOI at the end of July, submitted our visa mid August and received a grant by the end of October. Given that the rules for AHPRA are changing I would consider applying for this last. It was the one application that did take the longest to process but it was also the one I did not want to have to repeat. I received my registration in principle in Jan 2016 and I have only just presented myself and this morning received confirmation of registration...I'm soooo lucky I just scraped through!!! I hope ole that helps a bit, I'm happy to help wherever I can Lara
  3. I wondered if someone is able to help. We are using Anglo Pacific to ship a few boxes and although their website states they are open on a Saturday 8-1pm we are unable to get hold of them. Is anyone else trying to contact them? It's just our boxes get collected on the 3rd Jan and that is the next working day and the paperwork we have to send off has to arrive before the boxes get collected. Our plan was to get them off today. But we are unable to contact this international company. Any advise
  4. Larad86

    Please help: CORS/COGS

    I wonder if someone is able to give some insight??
  5. Larad86

    Please help: CORS/COGS

    Please does someone know the answer to my question. I need to get on this quite quickly!!
  6. Please could someone with experience help. I am flying out to Perth on the 4 January in order to register with AHPRA prior to the 13 Jan. My letter in principle states that I need to provide the following: Certificate of Registration Status or Certificate of Good Standing validity. What at exactly do I need to do... -print off the stat Dec and get it signed by a JoP or; - can I contact NMC to re-issue my confirmation of registration to confirm validity?? I I would be grateful for any response. Contacting the NMC will be much easier that arranging a stat Dec to be signed because I don't think my local JoP carries out document signing anymore. TIA
  7. Larad86

    AHPRA deadline nearing...

    There is statement on the application explains that if you are applying outside Australia you cannot supply those documents therefore when you they give registration it's 'registration in principle' which means within a year you have attend their offices with your identity documents (passport) and I think confirmation of an Australian address.
  8. Larad86

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    This is great news!! Congratulations!! We are getting impatient. We wanted to get out for early Jan in order to meet a registration deadline!! Hope ours is as speedy!!
  9. Just wondered if anyone had a similar experience. I started this long process of moving over a year ago. The thing I thought tthat would take the longest was applying the AHPRA so it was where I started first. I received a registration in principle in January 2016 and I requested the 12 month extension in which to present myself to complete the registration. Unfortunately everything else has taken longer that I anticipated and I only got our visa application submitted in August I did think that it should be sufficient time and would hopefully expect a grant by November at the very latest but I think I may have underestimated that and I'm not sure that I will be able to present myself by early Jan. I plan to contact them to get a definitive answer and just throw it out and request a few extra weeks. But I just wondered if anyone else has come across this. I'm just really reluctant to go through that application process again. THANK YOU
  10. Larad86

    September submission of 189

    Any news?!?! Still early days yet but the wait is agonising!! Not heard a single thing since we submitted our additional request on the 9 September. I didn't expect to just getting inpatient.
  11. Larad86

    Nurses moving back to the UK

    I've just seen this thread and it has got me thinking. I plan to head to Oz in Jan 2017 if not sooner- visa depending. My NMC will be due to expire in March 2017 and I am due for revalidation. But I wasn't planning on renewing my NMC mostly because I don't plan to work in the uk as I will be setting up life in Oz. Am I missing something and should I should be keeping my registration going???? I figured that if it didn't work out in Oz I could return home to England and be able to prove that I have been a nurse elsewhere in the world. Is this not right?? I never intended on having to pay for registration to AHPRA and NMC. could someone please clear this up for me!! Thank you xx
  12. Hello Ciaran, i just saw on another post that you recruit nurses in Australia. I'm awaiting a PR visa grant and plan to move to Perth wi my partner. I already have AHPRA in principle which will need validating in Jan 2017 so all being well we hope to get there for then. I have already made contact with a temporary nursing agency who have said that I'm at interview stage but they suggested that I update them with my visa process before proceeding. Anyway, I'm a paediatric nurse, I've been qualified 2.5 years and have had experience in adolescent health, general paediatrics and currently I'm working in teenage oncology/haematology. I would also like to explore opportunities in PICU. I just wanted to have an idea about the recruitmsnt process, current vacancies, ideally permanent based in Perth. Also what I should prepare for interviews. Your help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Lara
  13. Larad86

    September submission of 189

    We submitted our 189 on 16th August for myself and my partner. We got assigned a CO on 22nd August and a request for furhret information: form 80, medicals and further evidence of de facto. I had already completed the medical questionnaire upon submission and had our medical on Saturday 3 September. Results are all now uploaded with no further assessments required and all our docs are uploaded including what we are hoping to be additional evidence of de facto ( I literally don't know what else I could provide). This all went up on Friday 9 September and the wait begins.... We we are also not using an agent. So we feel very in the dark but at moment we be,I've we have done the right thing. This forum has been very helpful!!
  14. Please help... I have submitted my application for visa 189. I am in a defacto relationship and have been for the last 13 years. We provided as much as we had as evidence: bank statement for joint account, joint utility bills, council tax bill. This has not been sufficient and we have been asked for further evidence of our relationship. Having read up, I understand that both my partner and I need to complete a declaration of our relationship and I have used the Partner booklet as a reference which i understand does not need to be a formal document just an account of your relationship in your own words using the relevant headings. Silly question, but does this need to be signed and witnessed by someone- I cant work out where it clearly says this. in addition this i have compiled a word document with photos screenshot from my social media account with dated photos. Would this need to be signed and witnessed?? Any help would be hugely appreciated.
  15. No I wouldn't think 6 years of payslips is applicable. Maybe for this financial year. But I don't think it's mandatory more just to show evidence of you current employment. I provided a letter from her which confirmed I am employed, what date from and my salary. It was email pdf attachment so I just attached it. It's on letter head. I have no no agent either but so far it's going ok but I'm in the dark to an extent. My CO has asked for additional info that I haven't yet provided so my assumption is that he/she has looked at the info already provided and is happy thus far. Anything you haven't provided they will ask you for. Also pre-fill a form 80 for all applicants aged over 16. You are more than like,y to be asked (we were) and it's a lengthy document. FYI!!!