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  1. Rosiegirl

    A few questions and a little background :)

    We're hoping move back in around 5 years. What is considered a good amount of super? I was thinking maybe $500,000 at least for a couple - is this a reasonable amount? Or can you get away with less. Obviously the more in super the better but what is a good ball park figure?
  2. Rosiegirl

    Super, tax and retiring in europe

    Thanks for the replies. Is it best to withdraw completely and bring the money to the UK or withdraw as an income stream - keeping an Australian bank account open? I thought that you were more likely to get taxed withdrawing it?
  3. Rosiegirl

    Super, tax and retiring in europe

    Thanks for the replies - I'll do some further research into taxation and whatever country we eventually decide to retire to. I'm leaning towards paying off the mortgage too rather than putting into super. I may have to see a financial advisor - does anyone know of any based in WA that specialise in people retiring overseas?
  4. Hi, We're planning to retire to Europe (possibly Portugal) in around 5 years time. I have just started to salary sacrifice into my super but it may appear that I might be better off putting this money into savings or paying off mortgage due to possibly having to pay tax again on the super when I retire. Is this correct - will I be taxed when I draw my super overseas and is it better just to save it in the bank rather than salary sacrificing? Very confusing. Thanks
  5. Rosiegirl


    If you were at preservation age and had retired you can get your super earlier - I hope, as this is our plan too. I've found this online which should clarify. https://www.superguide.com.au/superannuation-and-tax/i-am-60-why-cant-i-access-my-super-benefits
  6. Rosiegirl

    Caught in the Middle

    We are in the same situation. Almost went back 2 years ago - I had a job lined up and my children were 15 and 18. However while we were over there we spoke to the uni where my eldest wanted to go and we did indeed need to pay international fees, also both me and my partner was/are earning more here and we just thought we would be going backwards - we are better off financially here but not socially. There is only the 4 of us here - all family are in the UK. Our plan for the moment is to build up our savings, pay off the mortgage and possibly go over in 5 years when my partner will be 59. Both children are bored with Perth and say that they will come with us but of course there are no guarantees. We are thinking of retiring in europe where we may be able to draw Australian pension when the time comes.
  7. Rosiegirl

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    I am also interested in this. We want to return to the UK in around 4-5 years. We are already in our mid fifties and so this will mean that we will not get the aged pension. However, I have been looking at the possibility of retiring to Southern Ireland or Spain where there are agreements in place (at least for now) https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/enablers/countries-have-international-social-security-agreements-australia Has anyone done this? Thanks
  8. Rosiegirl

    Good areas of Manchester

    How about Middleton or North Manchester?
  9. Rosiegirl

    Proof of immunisations - Adult

    I recently had to provide proof for my workplace. You get a blood test for check for immunity for MMR and chicken pox. I found that I was immune to measles and mumps but had a low immunity to rubella, so had to have the MMR and, because I'm pretty sure that I didn't have pertussis - I had to have a booster.
  10. Rosiegirl

    Nurses moving back to the UK

    For any nurses going back to the UK and need to re-register; I finally got my re-registration with NMC after 7 weeks. This was a straight forward application and didn't have to provide further information thats just how long it took.
  11. Rosiegirl

    Am I doing the right thing going home?

    Sorry I posted in the wrong thread and can't seem to edit.
  12. Rosiegirl

    Am I doing the right thing going home?

    I'm in a very similar position - scared to death of going back and ruining my teenagers education, in year 10 here in oz. Did your 15 year old repeat year 10 in the UK or did you start in college? Its reassuring that your teenagers have settled in so well goingbacksoon. My 18 year old will work for 3 years and then apply for uni - at least thats the plan.
  13. Rosiegirl

    maybe moving back at the end of year 10

    Thanks for replying. We were hoping to be back before she starts year 11 in February so that leaves a few months before the start of college in September - has anyone had any experience of this? Should I start her in college when we get there or repeat half of UK year 10?
  14. Rosiegirl

    maybe moving back at the end of year 10

    We will be in this situation. My child has been diagnosed with dyslexia and won't be taking the atar pathway. Her birthday is in June so still only 15. We were aiming to return in January if not sooner (waiting for our house to sell) I was thinking that I could try to get her in to year 10 in the uk if we could. Should we wait until end of this school year in oz to move (if we sell our house within the next month)? Would it be better to go straight to a college? Advice would be appreciated.
  15. Rosiegirl

    Nurses moving back to the UK

    I've been here in oz for 20 years and i finally let my registration go 11 years ago. Now I want to return to the UK and I'm having to go through the hassle of re-registration. It takes 2 to 6 weeks after they receive all the paperwork to assess your application - I'm on week 5. Never say never!