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  1. Ah now that makes sense! Thanks for the info that’s good to know!
  2. Thanks Marisa. Was a bit confused with what Isn wrote “ Taking the fund as a lump sum won't be aproblem tax wise as we timed our UK and Australian pensions to be paid out in different tax years”. Wasn’t sure what he meant by that!
  3. That’s great news! I’m an Australian citizen but moved back to UK and will have to figure out getting my super! How does it not get taxed as you said you’d get the pension at a different time to UK one?
  4. paulswin

    Moving home with older kids

    Hi Homesick1! We lived in Perth for 7 years and it was my hubby that wanted to come back. He never settled, got fed up with the heat and really missed his parents. Both my parents passed away years ago so it wasn’t as bad for me I liked living in Oz although I missed things about the UK. My boys have started from scratch regarding mates, they have a couple of old school friends but that’s it. My youngest has made friends through his apprenticeship now and my oldest through his job at Nationwide. I would wait if you can until after April before you come back as by then what with the injections rolling out we should be back to some normality! My youngest goes to the gym lots but can’t at the moment so he’s a bit like Australia isn’t like this the UK is stupid! Other than this pandemic both my boys have settled which I was really worried about, it’s nice to be back with all the family,! My boys are hoping to travel around Europe this year hopefully! They visited places in UK, Ireland and Scotland and have loved it! Tell your son to look at Network Rail apprenticeships they are amazing, my youngest has been doing his with them for a year, they are a brilliant company and have really taken care of him. Does your son drive? My sons both passed in Oz and switched their licences to UK ones here, I was lucky with work I went back back into my old job as a Teaching Assistant and my hubby has been working as an electrician although in Oz he did flooring as found it hard to get work as an electrician in Perth. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want as I know it’s a worrying time. I’m glad we moved back as I know if we left it any longer my boys might have found good jobs, girlfriends etc and then they might have decided they didn’t want to move back and I would have been torn!
  5. paulswin

    Moving home with older kids

    We moved back to UK in Dec 2018 my sons were 18 and 20 and luckily were ok with moving back. Both fell into good jobs, one is now working for Nationwide and the other got a signalling apprenticeship. Please don’t worry your son will get a job/apprenticeship maybe not straight away but he will. My son was going to go to college to learn plumbing and there were no issues of him going to college as he was born in the Uk didn’t matter that he had been out of the country for over 7 years. Things will fall into place here x
  6. paulswin

    Possible move back

    Hi we’ve been with in-laws since we moved back almost a year ago and have just bought a home. We bided our time saving a bit more money mortgage wasn’t too hard to get through Halifax and we’re 49 and 50 but we got it! My boys were 18 and 20 and luckily wanted to move back thankfully else I probably wouldn’t have come home! My boys have done well probably better I feel than if they had stayed in Oz one has a job with nationwide the other got an apprenticeship as a signaller with network rail so I’m pretty happy with that! Hubby struggled a bit with work but I think he was being too picky, me I went back into my old job as a teaching assistant! Houses have shot up in price but that’s just the way it goes! Am loving the countryside but do miss the beaches!
  7. paulswin


    Hi guys just thinking ahead a bit! For the 7 years I was in Oz i had my superannuation fund. Now I’ve moved back just wondered how it all gets paid can I give them my uk bank details or is it best to keep my Oz bank open Not sure how it affects my uk pension too! I’ve only just turned 50 so got a few more years yet!
  8. paulswin

    Australian police check

    Yes you can. My son has just had to do one for a job. We printed off forms from the adf sight. Easy as. The only issue was he had to get finger prints done with his so that’s why we couldn’t do it online! I also did mine online just incase any jobs I went for needed it!
  9. paulswin

    Keeping bank account

    Yeah have let bank know! Can we still earn interest though? The rate needs to drop to under 1.60 that would be fab!!
  10. paulswin

    Keeping bank account

    Can anyone shed some light. We moved back to Uk but have left our money in our bank account in Oz. We’re not making any interest on it. We are now classed as au residents overseas If we were to move it to another account would we have to file tax returns because of the interest. Such a pain as rate is terrible at the moment hoping it might get better later this ear!!
  11. paulswin

    2 1/2 months back

    Just wanted to let people know our story. After being in beautiful Perth for 7 years we moved back to the UK luckily with our 18 and 20 year old boys as hubby never really settled there! Here in Wiltshire there seems to be a lot of jobs on offer which is great as I’m able to be a bit picky which job I wanted even though I’m really old 50 this year!! Jobs at the moment are plentiful. Both my boys have found work and have slotted back into life here! Weather has been great, lovely and warm in February! All our belongings arrived here with no problems (thanks Grace) Living with the in-laws until we are able to get a mortgage that’s probably the only downfall not having our own space but in-laws are fantastic! Just wanted to say our experience of coming home is a good one even though we’re now poor lol! Loved Perth but glad we came back as loving the UK. and hubby is settled once again!
  12. paulswin


    I don’t know anything about transferring it to a uk scheme or else I would have done that. I think you’ll f8nd it has to stay in a pot in Oz unless you can prove you need the money or if you are a permanent resident not a citizen I know you can get it!
  13. paulswin


    Thanks guys Mlc are taking out $71 a month and won’t cancel any fees they say that’s their charge! When I get back to Uk I will look into getting that moved over
  14. paulswin


    I didn’t think I could transfer it into a bank I was under the impression it has to stay with a superannuation company until I’m at retirement age
  15. paulswin


    Hey guys if anyone can help it would be great here goes been here 7 years am a citizen now but moving back to the Uk permanently and have a bit of super I know I can’t tske it out until I’m 65 or whatever it is so want to try and freeze Mlc from taking fees and taxes out every month else I’ll have zero in 15-20 years!! They are saying they can’t stop the fees! Any ideas what I can do! Cheers