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  1. Confused TOR form

    Oh wow just opened up the tor form and closed it down real quick. Has anyone recently filled it out Is it hard to do? Looks like you have to attach a lot of paperwork. We have a house here do we need to scan a copy of the mortgage contract just tell prove we have been here for a few years?
  2. Do you have to do the tor form in one bit or can you save and start again later
  3. Sell or rent

    I think we’ll hold out to sell it! Did the number crunching to rent and we’d be out of pocket lots! How long was your house on the market for verystormy? We’ll come outwith equity but still lost loads! Have you bought a house in the uk or are renting?
  4. Sell or rent

    verystormy must be rich lol we couldn’t afford to do that still have mortgage each month to pay unless we win that lotto shortly!
  5. Sell or rent

    Oh wow didn’t know that! We would be taking a loss though!
  6. Sell or rent

    Hi newjez yes we’re in Perth! Parley we have a 5 bed house and it’s been priced way less than what we paid for it so not over priced. Estate agent said it’s slow going at the moment selling a house! It’s only been up 8 weeks but want to just get on with life and move back now!
  7. Success 6164 - Feedback

    We lived in Atwell for a couple of years and kids went to school there but I’d probably steer clear now as seems to be a lot of drugs about, Piara Waters and Harrisdale are good areas also has a shopping centre plus Cockburn is not far away! .
  8. Sell or rent

    Has anyone rented their house out and moved back to uk? We have ours up for sale but no one putting in offers yet so we’re thinking should maybe rent it out for a year or two whilst we are in UK, we won’t make any money but if we can’t sell we don’t have a lot of choice! I worry house won’t be sellable after renters!
  9. Hi there we're doing the same from Perth after 6 years!! I'm just getting quotes now! Where abouts in Perth are you?
  10. Anyone renewed their Aus passport in UK recently?

    Can you not just renew them online? Like I had to do our UK ones from Oz
  11. Anyone renewed their Aus passport in UK recently?

    I’m a bit confused we have Australian passports but are moving back to the uk later this year when ours expire can we not easily renew them in the uk like we do here in Oz when we renew our uk ones - never know when we might need them again!
  12. NI Number

    We are all moving back to UK but my sons dont have a NI number do they have to be in the country for 185 days before they can get one? Is that the same for transferring their Oz driving licences over too?
  13. Observations from a Brit returning to the UK

    Love this so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. My 18yr old Son is moving back to Uk

    Hi I know someone on here said their son moved back and was able to transfer his p plate licence to a uk one which is what my son will be doing when we all go back next year! As for bank accounts I'm not sure. Don't forget he will have to get his NI number asap i think we'll be sorting that out days after getting off plane lol!!!!

    Thanks Blondie thats good to know!!!