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  1. Oops just read it properly it does!!!!!
  2. Just curious do we need to get a pet passport as when you go into gov sight it says countries the uk accepts pet passports from and Australia isn't on there! I know I have to get a rabies injection but is that pretty much it? Does that mean we can go anywhere up to a year after having her shot?
  3. Thanks Blondie where did you move from?
  5. Hi Alan, Paying what's owed for that year in Australia. So if we leave Australia and return to the uk next April we'll still be paying Oz tax for 2016-2017 then we'll have the 2017-2018 due! Just wondered how it works whether you have to pay it all up in one lump sum before you leave the country?
  6. Hey guys is it worth shipping our car back to the uk? We shipped it here when we came out over 5 years ago and debating whether to take it back!! It's nothing special just a Vauxhall zafira!
  7. How does moving back work with the ato. Say we move next April does that mean we have to cough up the rest of the self employed payments from 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 up until April all back in one lump sum
  8. Hey did anyone pack their own 20 ft container to be shipped back? If so who did you use I'm in WA and not sure who to use! Cheers
  9. A bit confused is this something we need to fill out after we have got all our things packed and in a container or do we have to do it before?
  10. Thanks guys good to know as was going to all get on the same flight!!
  11. Thank you will start getting some quotes and let you know what they charge for a golden retriever!
  12. Can anyone recommend a good company who can arrange to ship my dog back. Want to get her on the same flight back with us when we book tickets home but just not sure who to use hear in Perth!
  13. Does anyone know if my son will have to take another driving test in the uk. He's driving around now on his p plates here in WA?
  14. Great post!! Not looking forward to the cold when we go back next year that's the one big thing I will miss!! Already heard coffee is bad there lol my sons went back in January and said the same thing!!!!
  15. Have you bought a house in Glasgow now or renting? I nearly fell off my chair when I looked at house prices in Swindon where we want to go back to!!!