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  1. Observations from a Brit returning to the UK

    Love this so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. My 18yr old Son is moving back to Uk

    Hi I know someone on here said their son moved back and was able to transfer his p plate licence to a uk one which is what my son will be doing when we all go back next year! As for bank accounts I'm not sure. Don't forget he will have to get his NI number asap i think we'll be sorting that out days after getting off plane lol!!!!

    Thanks Blondie thats good to know!!!

    Has anyone that's gone back and are in their 40's been able to get a mortgage? We will have to try and get one when we go home next year!!
  5. State of the NHS

    Hospitals in Perth are great its just the cost associated with things that need doing like MRI's as medicare doesn't cover that. I don't think I could afford to live out here when I'm older another reason we are going back next year!
  6. Is it time?

    I have a 17 and 19 year old and we are going back next year and at the moment both my boys are looking forward to the move but I’m like you I’ve already said we all go together or we stay here I couldn’t bare leaving one or both here on the other side of the world. If they decide later in life to come back here then I’ll deal with it but at the moment thankfully they are onboard What state do you live in
  7. Driving in the UK on Aus P plate

    yay thanks so much for letting me know my younger son will be pleased he doesn't have to do the uk driving test!!! I wasn't sure as it says provisional on his wa licence but he will be on greeen p's when we go home! Thanks again!
  8. Driving in the UK on Aus P plate

    Hey Donlousan that's brilliant news my son will be happy he doesn't have to do a uk test!! Is that definate though! Can you let me know how long it takes to get it transferred when your son gets his. Thanks for the info
  9. Driving in the UK on Aus P plate

    my son will be on green p's and we are going back to uk next year i'm under the impression he will have to do his test etc again over there as the uk dont recognise a red or green p plater?
  10. Taking my car home

    there is a roll on roll off company and when i looked into taking my zafira back it was only $2000 I will look for name of company and post on here when i get home!!
  11. Leaving Australia on UK or Aussie Passport

    So when we leave aus for good next year do we leave aus on our Aussie passport and enter uk on our uk passport? Or should we just leave aus on our uk passport?
  12. Container Prices To The Uk

    Hi suesmalls havent properly started getting prices yet but will soon as we want to leave Perth Mar/April. I will add on here when i get quotes though. Have to sell our house first and sort out dog too!!!! Soooooo much to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. We bought our 2010 Vauxhall Zafira it was pretty cheap to bring it over we did it rolo roll on roll off as we were told couldnt put car in container with household things.
  14. Moving Home where the grass is greener??

    Hey Pome Sammy I've pm'd you would be good to know if you have had quotes or anything as we are in the same boat hopefully leaving Perth next March!
  15. container vs half container

    Hey if tha'ts 3K for a 20ft container thats good can I ask who that is with as we're looking to move early next year and we're going to pack our own stuff from Perth!