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  1. Hi suesmalls havent properly started getting prices yet but will soon as we want to leave Perth Mar/April. I will add on here when i get quotes though. Have to sell our house first and sort out dog too!!!! Soooooo much to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. We bought our 2010 Vauxhall Zafira it was pretty cheap to bring it over we did it rolo roll on roll off as we were told couldnt put car in container with household things.
  3. Hey Pome Sammy I've pm'd you would be good to know if you have had quotes or anything as we are in the same boat hopefully leaving Perth next March!
  4. Hey if tha'ts 3K for a 20ft container thats good can I ask who that is with as we're looking to move early next year and we're going to pack our own stuff from Perth!
  5. Hey just wondered who gave you the quote as we are looking to move next year from Perth and pack our own things too!
  6. Hey just wondered do they supply the boxes and wrap when you pack your own or do you have to purchase it?
  7. We used Golden Arrow when we shipped our dog from UK to Oz they were brilliant!
  8. just watching this topic sorry i cant be of any help
  9. Hey Greebo I don't think it's any more expensive to buy furniture here in oz depends where you shop! Gumtree over here is great so many good bargains! I'm not taking too much furniture back but still need a 20ft container for bits we are taking hubby has lots of work gear as well! I like Oz it's a great place to live if you have money! We get by - have a nice house and small boat but for hubby mostly it's not home he's never settled plus in the not too distant future when we are supposed to retire we can't as it's too hard to survive!
  10. Ha Ha!!! It would be a lot cheaper than shipping her home though lol!!!!!
  11. Oops just read it properly it does!!!!!
  12. Just curious do we need to get a pet passport as when you go into gov sight it says countries the uk accepts pet passports from and Australia isn't on there! I know I have to get a rabies injection but is that pretty much it? Does that mean we can go anywhere up to a year after having her shot?
  13. Thanks Blondie where did you move from?
  15. Hi Alan, Paying what's owed for that year in Australia. So if we leave Australia and return to the uk next April we'll still be paying Oz tax for 2016-2017 then we'll have the 2017-2018 due! Just wondered how it works whether you have to pay it all up in one lump sum before you leave the country?