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    Going back 2 years or study online?

    thank you so much for your response. Don't you need GCSE scores to go through to A levels and then to uni?
  2. leahgoldsmith

    Going back 2 years or study online?

    Hey all, my family and i am moving back to the UK in january next year. right now, I'm about to finish year 10 in Aus and i am well aware that those that are in the same year as me in the UK are in 6th form or college. my question is does anyone have any knowledge on whether it would be better to go back into year 10 (which would be going back 2 years) and then studying for my GCSES, or do it online at my own pace and then go onto college from there? i have already spoken to ICS learning so i know it is possible. thank you so much in advance!
  3. leahgoldsmith

    maybe moving back at the end of year 10

    hey. my family and i are having thoughts about moving back to the Uk, either at the end of this year, when i finish year 10, or in 2 years time when i finish year 12. I have been told by some of my teachers that its 'now or never' as i will be able to resit year 11 over there and take my gcse's which will then get me into college. I've also been told that if i stay for 2 years and graduate my ATAR's score won't count over in the uk, does anyone have any information on this? Any help will be mutely appreciated