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  1. Hi Does anyone have experience of the Aged Parent 804 visa? 1. How long does it tend to take for a CO to be assigned and for them to start asking for medicals, etc? 2. How can we be confident that my parents will pass a medical and not be sent back to the UK when their turn comes? Can we purchase extra health insurance to cover certain conditions? Is there some kind of pre-check? 3. My parents plan to come over on a visitor visa but then stay and apply for the 804 and bridging visa. Do they have to retain any accommodation in the UK to prove an intention to return? The visa application hasn't mentioned this but I have heard some different stories... Many Thanks as ever Jobee1
  2. I have heard a lot of good recommendations for GoMatilda and they were very helpful when I was making initial enquiries. I did decide to go it alone though, as the more I learned about the process, the more confident I became. In my opinion, although it was tricky and nerve-wracking at times, it is not beyond someone who is prepared to read the small print, several times, to ensure that every step is covered. The info is there on the immigration website. It's up to you if you want to spend that time or would rather pay someone (quite a lot tbh) for the peace of mind. PS - I got a Skilled Migrant Visa granted last week!!! :-)
  3. Jobee1

    Money transfers to family

    Hehe.. Thanks for that. Do the Oz folk get tax issues given that it might look like income to them?
  4. Hi Can I transfer money from the UK into my sister's Oz bank account? She is a permanent resident. This will be: - in advance of 12 months before we arrive - a substantial sum, are there any limits? Thank you
  5. Yes, both hospitals were registered with the Oz Immigration Authority and have the electronic links to send off the reports, etc. The fact that the doctor we saw has asked for a consultant's report for my husband, after our appointment, is causing the delay. I haven't used an agent at all during this process and don't want to, so I will keep the CO informed and keep proof of actions and hope for the best. Thank you
  6. Hi Bungo The hospital we chose strung us along saying they had moved premises so were waiting for their certificate to be able to make an appointment. Promise after promise was broken so we went elsewhere. That was 3-4 weeks wasted effectively. Then the second hospital wasn't clear on what we needed to provide at the appointment. My husband has a pre-existing condition (Crohn's) and the hospital has asked for a report from his consultant. We could have provided that if they had have said. We sent the consultant's request recorded delivery - it never arrived! It is going to be hand delivered tomorrow but I'm not sure we will meet their second deadline of 5.8.15. This is all genuine, but might sound like we are messing about.
  7. Hi Following a lot of messing about with medicals and having to provide more info from my husband's consultant, the Case Officer has extended the deadline by a further four weeks. BUT we still might not have the completed info within the new deadline of 5.8.15. Are the Case Officers sympathetic to this type of thing? We are genuine, but really scared they'll cut us off and we'll lose our application money. Will they extend us again? (They haven't been too 'friendly' so far) Thank you!!! :unsure:
  8. Jobee1

    Who is an 'Applicant'?

    Hi I've had a bit of a shock today in terms of the cost of lodging my 190 visa application. I am being asked to pay $3520 for me, plus $1760 for my husband. I always thought I was the only 'applicant' and my husband is just coming with me. I am not relying on my husband for any of the points, etc. Every description of 'Applicant' that I've read through the process so far has suggested that it's me, not him. Have I filled in my form incorrectly or will I have to come to terms with the extra cash due? Thank you. :arghh:
  9. Jobee1

    189 visa application help and advice needed

    Yes both replies very useful and reassuring. I think you may have just saved me a lot of time, worry and money! Thank you!!!
  10. Jobee1

    189 visa application help and advice needed

    Hi Ozmaniac I am also at the stage of applying for a visa (190) and the DIBP state in their literature that all documents must be certified by a 'Person recognised by law in your country'. They do not say who this is or give a list as did the skills assessment agency. I think I will be emailing DIBP to clarify and can feed back onto here, but any comments welcome in the meantime. I used a Police Constable for the skills assessment. Thank you Jo
  11. Jobee1

    Police and Health Checks

    Hi Help appreciated please. Does anyone have any UK experience and can answer for me... 1. Do DIBP tend to ask for Police and medical checks/clearance? 2. If these are not ready at the time you apply for a visa, can the visa be rejected due to information being submitted after the 60 day limit? 3. Any idea how long it takes to get a Police check in the UK? Many Thanks Jobee1
  12. Jobee1

    Skills Points - minimum vs actual

    Thank you so much for your quick and helpful response. I was hoping this would be the case as common sense says it should be really. However, rules are rules and it's been a minefield so far. IELTS tomorrow to get my 8+ hopefully! Thanks again.
  13. Hi I am on a roller coaster ride of points-building for a general skilled migration visa (190) and would really appreciate some help/advice. I need 10 points from my skills assessment/employment experience, but will just get 5 based on VETASSESS only stating the minimum requirements for the nominated profession (149913 - Facilities Manager), which is 3 years. I need to prove I have more than 5 years, which I do have. I accept my mistaken assumption of the VETASSESS outcome, but am now in a difficult position. I believe I can easily prove the extra years as the letters supplied to VETASSESS all clearly state I have been in the same job for almost 8 years. However, do I need to get VETASSESS to provide 'points test advice' to verify the extra years I need or can I rely on my own proof as described above? I am fast approaching 45 (Sept 15) and time is running out for me to maintain sufficient points to qualify for the visa. I have also watched my nominated occupation drop through the 'availability' spectrum. It is currently on 'LOW'. If it goes any lower, all my eggs in the one basket will be done for! So, should I risk proving the extra proof myself and that the DIBP might say they need the VETASSESS approval for the extra 2 years? OR should I risk going back to VETASSESS and that the Nominated Occupation falls off the list? :wideeyed: Please help if you can. Thank you!