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  1. shaundennis


    It seems as if different councils have different processes for ceremony our local council organised a private ceremony within about two weeks. Probably because it's a regional council. Quite informal in the council offices, with the major saying our pledge in front of the queen, all done in about 10 minutes. But soo pleased the process is over now. Good luck everyone. Afterwards our council asked of we wouldn't mind being interviewed, see it below: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1206368852894121&id=167528130111537 Cheers Shaun
  2. shaundennis

    Ceremony experience? Young Children?

    While the ceremony is a formal process it is a family experience and guests are encouraged to celebrate the moment. So you will have no problems. However, for ultimate reassurance I would visit or call your local council office and ask them directly.
  3. shaundennis

    Citizenship application and moving home

    1) If it is just a hypothetical for now and you haven't actually started making plans or booked anything there is no need to mention it. You have to be present in Australia for approval to be granted. 2) From my layperson understanding super does not constitute a substantial link to Australia. But i may be wrong. My advice would be wait until you have citizenship then look to move - at least then you have your citizenship. The applications at the moment are being processed quite quickly.
  4. shaundennis

    Work payment evidence

    This is what you need - HR may not have salary records but they should be able to give you a statement of employment or if they can't an ex manager - saying something like. person x worked here from xxx-xxx and their salary was xxxx That with the bank statement should work.
  5. shaundennis


    Congratulations - just the last hurdle now!
  6. You could also secure employment and have a job offer in hand, if possible.
  7. shaundennis

    My lessons on Investment Options in Australia

    Thanks KNK, I started investing with Spaceship and I find it is excellent so echo your points above - if anyone wants to try it they have restarted their referral program as per link below: "Hey. Start investing with Spaceship Voyager today! Get $5 in your account when you enter this code S8G4XO8J21 within 14 days of signing up and invest at least $5 in your chosen portfolio within 90 days of signing up. T&Cs apply. Spaceship Voyager issued by Spaceship Capital Ltd AFSL 501605. General advice only. Consider the PDS on our website before making a decision to invest with Spaceship Voyager. http://spaceshipinvest.com.au/refer" Cheers Shaun
  8. shaundennis


    You don't get a notification, it just changes automatically then about 10 days later your letter arrives.
  9. shaundennis


    Congratulations - its a great feeling
  10. shaundennis


    Just updating my timeline - got my citizenship ceremony booked in today . Almost there!!
  11. shaundennis


    It will say received until you are approved. So nothing to worry about
  12. Unfortunately not: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/fees-and-charges/explanation-of-visa-application-charges/refunds
  13. shaundennis

    Passport Question

    No not at all, it will just be more difficult to get a passport while in the UK i.e. will involve visiting embassy's etc. The process to renew a passport is a lot easier than the application for a new one. It also protects them from any changes in legislation in the future with regards to criteria for citizenship/passports.
  14. shaundennis

    Passport Question

    You will save your self stress and worry by getting the passports. It makes life easier, these things are always significantly harder to resolve out of the country. The main issue you will have is when you try to return to Australia the Non aus passport won't have a valid visa attached so the airline may not let you board and/or you will have a long anxious wait while they confirm your citizenship. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/entering-and-leaving-australia/traveling-as-a-dual-citizen
  15. shaundennis

    Form80 - MA to do it or us?

    I wouldn't leave something as personal and important as the form 80 to a third party, even if the MA fills it in you are responsible for the information contained within it, so personally this is something I'd be doing myself and using the MA to clarify particular questions.