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  1. Congrats Matt & TP1!! Fingers crossed for the rest of the fen applications before December!!
  2. Congrats EllieBS and lillianne!! This week has turned out to be a good week in the way of grants! February applicants, I hope you all receive your grants soon, and I would recommend sending off an email to enquire when you can expect an answer as the 9 month deadline is fast approaching!! It does seem to do the trick!
  3. Thank You everyone!! I hope those feb applications that are still waiting will get theirs soon. It is worth noting that we emailed our CO on Monday and recieved an email from him Tuesday afternoon saying he had approved the VISA that day, straight after the grant letter came through. It is starting to seem like they are only granting when prompted by the applicant... IMHO Ellie I had DP.
  4. Grant Received!!! What a relief! So happy, 8 months & 21 days after application!! 29 days until we are standing back on Australia Soil and I can hug my family... Cannot Wait!! :ssign19:
  5. BecWortho

    Moving from UK year 12. Where do I fit in.

    Hi! The Australian education system is very different from the UK equivalent. It also varies depending on which state you are in? Where are you moving too?? If I understand correctly you complete your A Levels in years 12&13?? The Aus GCSE equivalent is year 10 and A level equivalent is year 12. So you would be starting year 11. Do you attend colledge now? I completed my HSC (Higher School Certificate) in NSW at TAFE which is like colledge, you are treated more like an adult than at school so you may want to consider this also. Also in NSW Maths and English are compulsory. Happy to answer any questions you have
  6. No, nothing yet. The OH has said he is going to email the CO tomorrow so fingers crossed it comes this week!!
  7. Congrats Jo!! I also have DP, why do you think it was that he called you before emailing the grant? Could it be because of the time restrictions associated with the PMV? I'm trying to just wait out the week but that does worry me as the OH has changed his number since submitting. Saying that DP has never called us before he always emails. As I mentioned previously he told us that the visa would be granted in November, November 10th being 9 months, I was planning to wait only until next Friday to email him as we fly on the 1st and I want to make sure the OH's visa is granted ahead of time. We are both people obsessed atm checking his emails every 15-30mins lol. THIS IS KILLING ME!!! 8 months, 19 days.
  8. Well let's hope that since it was so quiet last week and now you've received your grant so early on a Monday that this is a sign they plan to have a productive week this week and we will see loads of grants!!!
  9. Congrats Coxy!! So happy for you!! Do you think the email prompted it?
  10. Hi I'm Dane, I am looking for a Carpenter to take me on as a Mature Age Apprentice. I'm 31. I am extremely driven and a very hard worker. With an interest in all aspects of Carpentry and Joinery. I have researched Mature Age apprenticeships in Aus and have found that employers do gain extra incentives for taking them on. I am willing to do whatever it takes and I will work with you as a labourer to begin with if you are unsure about committing to an apprenticeship straight away. It is important for me to tell you this isn't just a job for me, its a career that I have been dreaming about for the last 5 years whilst my partner and I have been travelling. I don't want to just be qualified I want to be an expert in every aspect and I want to build my own house as well as others. We land in Aus 5/12/14 and I will be ready and willing to work from 10/12/14. This is my partners account please feel free to contact her and she will pass it on to me. Also if you know of anyone that may be willing to take me on, please pass this along. Thanks, Dane
  11. BecWortho

    Flights Booked - Now to make the most of it...

    Thanks everyone, I emailed Sigapore Air and I they took my seating requests via email, I then received an itinerary from them yesterday showing my seats as I requested (two seats one being an aisle in the first leg, and two seats one being a window, top deck, for the second leg!) They are both night flights, the first leg departing 13:05 however I do struggle sleeping on planes, that's where the red wine comes in (and the aisle seats!) Singapore Air also suggested that should the OH want migrant baggage allowance we should go to the airport between now and our depart date with the Visa (when that finally comes through, 8months 15days today!) to have this approved. We don't live in London, this seems like a bit of a mission. My question now is does anyone know of a Partner Visa holder (permanent) being declined the baggage allowance at the airport on the day of flight?
  12. I wasn't complaining I understand its DPA etc. I was also offering this as a reason that Ellie had not been emailed back.
  13. Does anyone know where I can purchase Black Pudding near Newcastle and the Hunter region?? Strangely enough my Aussie mother is requesting it as she hasn't had any since we were in Lochness 4 years ago!! I have seen similar posts about Sausages suggesting an Irish brand at Coles in WA, do they stock this brand on the east coast too?? Any help would be great!
  14. Hi Ellie You say your emails are being ignored? Did you email the general email address which was posted earlier today? My OH has emailed our CO 4-5 times using this email (and replying to the last email we received from him, so the subject line would be the same) and we have always heard back within 2-3 working days. Has your OH emailed your CO as well, I know that on one occasion that we did call no one would speak to me in regards to his application (This seems like a STUPID rule considering the visa we are applying for but what can you do!!) perhaps this is why you haven't received a reply? Fingers crossed for us all next week!!