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  1. Thanks Hun...relieved, excited and happy...yes 2nd September so just shy of 6 month wait x
  2. Wow....a real flurry today....I got a phone call at 12.30....grant st 1pm!! Yay!!!we're all on our way ??
  3. Its great news for you Hun....and bless you, we all know what it's like. We'll get our day soon enough! Enjoy your break/visit xx
  4. So frustrating...I front loaded, medical.. police checks etc and have even just uploaded another police check as mine was due to expire may time :-(
  5. What forum Uthred? 2nd September...still waiting :-( arrrghhh
  6. Bless you, that's a long time waiting apart. I'm fingers crossed for all of us, things do seem to be moving along around our timescale though so hoping it won't be too long now xx
  7. I applied 2nd September, front loaded medical and pc....desperate to get moving now as I waved my partner of yesterday to get things a bit organised in advance :-(
  8. hi James congratulations!! Do you mind be me asking how long it took for your visa to be processed? vicki
  9. I applied 2nd September and like yourself I've already done medical,police checks etc. I was thinking the same, no notification of casecofficer being allocated but I spoke to the European Service Centre yesterday and was advised that I do have a case officer assigned so I don't think they always let you know :-)
  10. Ahhh ok....I guess we have to take that as a positive though...if they are dealing with us in a queue then it should be soon right??