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  1. LTD1276

    George Lombard

    Hi has anyone used this company for their visa application ? Their prices are really good just wondering what their services are like - you know the saying you get what you pay for Hoping to hear both good and bad experiences
  2. LTD1276

    Women in Engineering

    Hi just wondering are there many women in engineering over there and are readily accepted ? I have worked my way up and Im now a manager it wasnt easy but so long as you show youre willing to get stuck in and earn the engineers respect you generally can succeed Just wondered if theres any difference over there ? :wink:
  3. LTD1276

    Rent or buy ???

    We have to stay in the same state for 2 years then we can apply for permenant residency so we will hopefully be there for a lot longer if all goes well Have you brought out there ? How long have you been there ?
  4. LTD1276

    Rent or buy ???

    Im an engineering manager in the food industry - I did an electro-mechanical degree so Im able to do both mechanical and electrical and have to on a daily basis Renting it is for sure
  5. LTD1276

    Ielts completed!

    Thanks - it doesnt sound too bad I think I just need to practice I guess Where did you get the book from ? If you want to sell it, let me know Thanks
  6. LTD1276

    Visa Help

    Nice one thanks - it does make sense to me
  7. LTD1276

    Rent or buy ???

    Thanks for the helpful advice Wellers and Whitehead
  8. LTD1276

    Visa Help

    I agree but my partner is adamant renting is a waste of money so thought he could read some of the replies to see the other side My idea was to rent and save like mad then, then when the 2 years was up decide where exactly we wanted to be and then buy - just wanted some impartial advice thats all
  9. LTD1276

    Visa Help

    No friends and family have - we have been to seminars and it looks amazing. Just the sort of life we like Once our visa is approved we will come then to decide on area and start the job process
  10. LTD1276

    2013 timelines? partner visa.

    We have just started the process ours is a skilled applicaion on a 489 visa with state sponsorship and we have been told 9 to 12 months
  11. LTD1276

    Visa Help

    No problem thanks for the names Ive just sent our details to Go Matilda will try the other one now Thanks again - how long have you lived there ? We were thinking of the suburbs of Adelaide seen some nice places around there
  12. LTD1276

    Rent or buy ???

    We fully intend to have a job before we come out - I think we should rent but my partner wants to buy he hates wasting money We want to stay for more than 2 years but we have to stay for 2 years in the same area before we can move on - hope that explains it a bit more
  13. LTD1276

    Visa Help

    Any idea on costs ? Did you use them ?
  14. LTD1276

    Ielts completed!

    Hi Hayley - Well done to you - I have just started to look at IELTS - I also have to get 8 in all four sections, any helpful advice on books/websites to use to get you through this ? How did you find it any advice to pass on ?
  15. LTD1276

    Rent or buy ???

    No Im an engineering manager - in the UK they say theirs a skills shortage especially in engineering How long have you been there ?