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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all After an extended stay (16 years) in the UK our family is planning to move back to live in Brisbane. Both our children are on the autistic spectrum. Our 11yr old has a diagnosis from CAMHS and our 7yr has been referred to CAMHS but it is unlikely that the assessment process will be completed before we arrive. Thankfully both children are high functioning with no real concerns academically. Their issues are more related to social interaction, anxiety, mental health, etc. We have also received referrals for other related issues such as Occupational Therapy. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience of transferring UK ASD diagnoses to the Australian system. I am primarily interested in knowing whether the diagnosis from CAMHS would be recognised or would we have to undergo the whole process from scratch once in Australia? We are also wondering whether to get a private diagnosis for my son here in the UK and get a covering letter from CAMHS which can be done quite quickly. From my initial investigations it seems to be much cheaper but obviously it needs to be transferrable. The NHS system takes up to two years from referral to diagnosis. Is the Australian system as slow as this and is any of it covered by Medicare? I am interested in what is required for the Criterion One form for school funding and also NDIS, although having looked at the criteria for NDIS which is DSM-V severity level 2 or 3 I'm not sure they would qualify for NDIS. Both children already have Australian citizenship by descent so there are no issues with visas. Any insights or experience would be greatly appreciated. Cheers JK
  2. Recently i got an opportunity to work in australia and my employer is giving me sponsorship for that . but i read somewhere that if you had any caution , your visa may rejected .As i got a "simple caution", for sexually assault in u.k. , but it was not intentional , i never had experience with alcohol before and my friends gave me that in coke (coca cola - soft drink ) and i was not aware about that . And i had no knowledge the night before . next day i did not recall anything .I was in London only for a year and working for a bank . it was only 3 weeks before my friends ask me to join them at London Bridge , but before leaving they ask me to have dinner with coke and that was mix (alocohol) and i never had any experience before so it taste different (sweet and fizzy ) after that i did not recall anything after that .I never had any criminal background or any caution in last 29 year , this was first time will this effect my future or visa
  3. Hello We are renting our house out here in the UK when we move to Sydney in July. We have never rented out house out before wanted to get some knowledge before we choose an agent. Does anyone have any tips or knowledge? Things we wanted to know about: Managed property rental Tax issues (i.e. how much do we get taxed) or anything else we don't already know about. We are having new carpets and changing the windows that are single glazed to new double glazed units. We had a new boiler last summer, and we are redecorating throughout, so it's in a fairly optimal state when we rent it out. If anyone has tips, please let us know! Thanks in advance much love The Roberts Family.
  4. chrisexhaul

    UK migration agent based in Melbourne

    Is someone able to recommend a UK migration agent based in Melbourne? I need to seek advice from a UK Migration Lawyer/Specialist.
  5. Hi guys, Just thought I would ask you all a question as I am quite intrigued by something and want to know if anyone noticed the same thing! I am an Australia citizen and my husband is applying for a spouse visa (309/100) from UK. We are now at the stage where he is applying for his medicals and we noticed that when he filled in his online questionnaire to bring to the doctor that the visa he is applying for on the system was noted as - Spouse Permanent 100 - does this mean that the embassy have put him forward for the permanent spouse visa straight away? We have been living together for over 5 years and are married over a year so I know it could be an option that he is given a permanent visa straight away but I guess I am just getting my hopes up that we can expect it when the visa is granted!! Any one noticed this too or had any dealings with it? Thanks!
  6. hilz1986

    2013 timelines? partner visa.

    ​Hey... I am currently getting ready to sent the partner application after months of gathering and sorting and researching. Who has recent visa application times? 2013 uK partner visa applications. How long did it take you to get approved? Or any link to an answer would be great xx
  7. I have a masters degree in Civil Engineering from a United Kingdom university obtained in 2010 and I am looking to immigrate to Australia. I do not have a preference as far as what part of Australia I would like to immigrate to as far as I can get a job there. Having visited a few government websites it would seem that years of requisite Civil Engineering experience is mandatory. Can someone please explain if this is the case? Since graduating, I have worked at a College but in the classroom working with learners with additional learning needs but I do not possess a teaching qualification. Can someone please help with information on how best to go about immigrating to Australia and if and how I may be qualified. Thanks.
  8. Alan Collett

    Tax return deadlines - 2012

    http://www.ato.gov.au/corporate/content.aspx?doc=/content/00333714.htm ATO reminder regarding the submission of 2012 tax returns. Remember also that any paper based UK tax returns must be lodged with HMRC before the end of this month; after 31/10/2012 you must submit your 2012 UK tax return electronically. Best regards.
  9. Got into an argument with a colleague the other day about the name of the country we were both in. Sounds silly but here me out. I was making a statement something along the lines of since moving to the UK I bla bla bla......etc. He had also plans about moving away and I asked would he be able to leave the UK indefinitely. He stopped me there and corrected me. He was living in England and not the UK. I pointed out the obvious that while in England you are technically in the UK. He wasn't having it he was an Englishman not a Brit. I pointed out the fact the country which he lives in has the official name of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He said he didn't care and made a dubious argument about how England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland all had there own football teams. I asked him what his passport said. He said he didn't care what it said!!. I asked did he have something against the Queen but he said no that he was a Royalist. Confused paddy at this staged asked him why he disliked being called British and he made some off the cuff remark about Britain only being claimed by foreigners these days. I left it at that. Still as confused as when i started.
  10. Leeannetricia

    Uk food not available in oz

    Hey, moving to Canberra in a month! Much excited Anyway was thinking are there any uk food we don't get in Oz that I can bring with me Or are there any foods/snacks that are really expensive! Lol Was going to bring my friend over some wee Scottish treats as she moved over in November Any help much appreciated Cheers now Leeanne 1month away from The big move
  11. Hello, I am a qualified project manager/ coordinator. I work within the IT marketing industry and website building area. I am very well organized, i work hard and i am willing to prove myself. I currently live in Lancashire UK, myself and my Partner are looking to Queensland in the new year. Any help, or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  12. For Sale $119.00 Mount Nasura, Western Australia Contact: 0430049447 Roberts Radio FM/DAB Wavebands Model RD-5 Classic Retro 1950s Style with Today’s Technology! Heading back to the UK? This Roberts Radio can tune in to the full range of 55 Digital Audio UK broadcast stations as well as FM Stations. The power cord has a UK plug. Founded in 1932, Roberts Radios is the UK's market leader in digital radios and has an unmatched reputation for quality and reliability and an unrivalled experience in its field. With its commitment to improvement, the company remains at the forefront of product development and innovation. Originally purchased in the UK (approx $300AUD) for its clarity of sound, displaying of channel, artist & title of music, 55 DAB stations and of course its classic handsome looks! Power Source: Mains electricity or battery. It is in ‘immaculate condition’. No scratches or damage. Since purchase it is has had very little use and is ‘as new’. Features: 1. On and Off Button 2. Amber Display Backlight Light Button 3. Waveband Button (Change from FM to DAB) 4. Information Button 5. Auto Tuning 6. Telescopic Aerial 7. Preset Buttons 8. Easy to read characters on LCD Display 9. Rotary tuning and volume controls 10. Battery or Mains Operation 11. Headphone socket 12. Retro 1950s Style 13. Deep Bass boost switch 14. Built-in speaker 15. Platinum with gloss wood style side panels 16. Instruction Manual Dimensions: W200mm, H200mm, D125mm. Weight: approx 1.68kg
  13. Hi guys I have looked for the answer on this and nobody seems to have got a clear answer. I am applying for the ofshore partner visa and am just collecting the final thing for my application. I have got some family and friends in Australia to complete the stat dec's for me and they have have them witnessed by a JP no problem, but I wanted to add a bit more weight to my application and have therefore asked my Dad, sister and friend in the UK to also complete a written statement each for me. My question is, who is able to witness these written statements? I know that there is a list stating who can certify official document copies, but witnessing a written statement is different. Has anyone else recently done this from the UK and if so, who signed for you? Does it have to be a soliciter? Only the whole application is leaving be flat broke and if there is anyone who is able to sign without me having to pay £20 a document I would be very greatful !!! Thanks Tamsin
  14. I;ve just received a letter from my bank saying that HMRC has asked them for personal information of customers who have opened Australian bank accounts via their London office. it is a standard letter so has anyone else received one? unfortunately the letter and FAQs are not very helpful I fail to see what it has to do with HMRC when i live here and why they need my old Uk address. i know the UK is hard up and on the verge of bankuptcy but chasing ex pats is a bit over the top
  15. Belinda

    Going back to the UK and the NHS

    Hi there, I'm English and have lived in Australia for 10 years now; became a perm resident and citizen. Due to a few things, but mainly illness, I have decided to go back to the UK to live. Does anyone know where I stand with using the NHS again as I am not and have not been a resident for a long time but am a citizen ? Any help, much appreciated, Belinda :unsure: