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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, I have never posted before but I am looking for a little help. I have been putting together an application for Immigration for over a year now. I am a fully qualified Secondary Teacher and I have successfully had my skills approved by AITSL. For my IELTS (I had to sit it 3 times) I got L.8, W.8.5, S.8.5 and R.7 - this results in my English being proficient. I am currently sitting at 55 points but after 5 more months I will have 3 years experience as a teacher and will attain 5 more points, increasing my overall points score to 60 - whoo hoo - My questions are: Is my IELTS score high enough for skilled migration? Will 60 be enough for a secondary school teacher 189 visa or do I need to try and attain more points? Does it matter what my secondary teacher subject specialist is, i.e. is there a higher priority for English teachers over PE for example? Are there any other teachers out there that have achieved successful migration as it seems impossible? I am struggling a bit with the red tape and feel like my dream is very hard to reach at the moment. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello everyone, I hope all of you are doing well. I would like to ask for some advices and information in one matter. I am about to get a PR visa to live in Australia and I would like to know the faster way to bring my mother to Australia, even if it is firstly as a tourist or student or something similar. Of course what I want is her to get a resident visa as well but due to the fact that my country (Venezuela) is going through for a really difficult situation and it is extremely unsafe I need to take my mom from Venezuela as soon as possible. In addition, I have three siblings and at the moment I would be the only one who would have a PR in Australia so we do not meet the requirement that says that half of the sons must be PR in Australia to bring a parent. I know this is not easy but please I would appreciate any help any of you could give me, I am really worry because, as I said before, Venezuelan situation is worse and worse every day. Thank you in advance for your help!!!!
  3. hello dear members, my immi account organise your health was updated to this status: Meeting the health requirement Health has been finalised for this person for this visa subclass based on the information provided to the department. If this person needs to do anything further to meet the health requirement, they will be contacted by the department. There is no need to contact the department at this time concerning this matter okay i understand this one but can i contact them to know about the status of my application as they have crossed their deadline of 3 months processing of 189 visa. furthermore, the underlined portion is giving me creeps and i am very worried. please some one help. thanks in advance
  4. So im a nineteen year old girl currently living in the united states. ive lived here all my life and all my life ive dreamed about just getting up and leaving. a couple of months ago i read a book (fiction) about a man who loved the outback so much he seculeded himself there built a home and everything. He talked about how beautiful it was and it made me want to do a little research of my own. I fell in love. Now i just need some help getting my **** in order to get there. See i dont have a passport and im kinda in a bit of trouble. i dont want to run from it but when everything is cleared up i definetly dont want to be in the states anymore. any information on how to get myself to australia would be great. Boat? Plane? Visas? Sponserships? anything please i dont think i can handle living here much longer. :unsure:
  5. silvirina

    Help please?

    I am to enter my daughter to a school in Canberra and have heard that Canberra girl Grammar school is pretty good. There is a one issue though, we are Muslims and i cant let her enter a Chapel. Are there any other Muslims who have attended the CGGS to tell me what they do in the Chapel precisely? Will she be bullied due to her wearing a headscarf and a veil? Any Muslims who have attended or have a daughter who have attended the Chapel, please give me more information.
  6. Hi everyone, I am desperately seeking some advice from anyone who may be able to help. I applied for and was granted a visa on January 2nd this year (yay!) My ex signed the consent form for my children to be included on the visa so my two daughters have visa's too and have to enter Australia by September (he always agreed to let them come across, as he intends to come over in a year too). As I have been getting things sorted in Adelaide I have spent some time away from my girls. I booked flights a month ago and since then my ex has been trying to stop them from coming across with me and unfortunately has their passports. Does any one know if signing this consent form is enough for me to get the girls across even if he doesn't want them to come, is it legally binding in such a way that he has given up his right to keep them in England? I've arrived in England now, should've flown with the girls yesterday, but have managed to postpone for a week. Would really appreciate any help anyone can give, Thanks in advance
  7. I met my partner in 2009 ago in Perth, we worked together for 4 months and we became good friends. I then left and went home to UK and we were online friends for 3 years we sent mail and spoke on Skype regularly. In 2012 in the Feb I flew back to permit to see him as I knew I had feelings for him. We had a two week holiday and decided we want to be together and had to find a way. So I went home to UK after my holiday and he saved up and moved to the UK in September 2012 to live with me. We have been living in the UK for 9 months and we are now planning to apply this September for the spouse visa...... But I am freaking out because I do not know where to start. I can't get my head around it and I've never wanted anything more in my whole life its so scary and I don't want to get it wrong and lose out. Can someone give me some steps to start me on the right track? :-) we have a joint bank account, we have been a couple holidays together and we have long Facebook chat conversations going back 4 years... We have photos and letters sent to each other. He is an Australian citizen by birth and has a house that he owns for us to live in when we get to WA. I have a uni degree but no specific skill. He has met my family hundreds of times, I have met his father once and his sister a couple times. For the statuary declarations I worry that we don't have many strong ones in aus... We have had our relationship mostly in the UK. anyway.... Sorry if I'm blabbing on but I don't know where to start or what is actually relevant. Hilz :-)
  8. Going on my own. This will be my first WHV going to be arriving in Melbourne on the 18th. Staying with family for first couple of weeks anyone want to meet up after or around that time? And what's everyone's plans?
  9. Hi, I'm new to this and hoping to get my head straight after being bamboozled by information. Myself, my partner and 9 year old daughter are thinking of moving to Australia, if we can find our way through the mountain of emigration info. We are looking at either Victoria or NSW. I am 30, and she is 29. I'm an SJIB graded approved electrician, and would like to continue my trade over there. I contacted an agent for some advice and rough prices, and an extact of one of his emails is below... We would charge you a fee of £1,850 +VAT (payable over 9 months) Vetassess Trades is $2,200 AUD (about £1,350) paid in two installments - $600 to submit all relevant paperwork and $1,600 to do the practical test Visa fees are $3,520 + $1,760 + $880 AUD (about £3,750) Medical checks will cost you about £800 for the 3 of you (done here in Edinburgh) Police checks for you and your good lady is £90 English test (www.ielts.org) is £130 So in total, you would be looking at approximately £8,500. Does this look normal? am i getting my leg lifted???? I appreciate this may be a long process (we are looking to do it slowly and steadily over 2 years). any helps/tips/advice greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Pipsqueak

    farmer not signed 1263 form

    Hi All I recently did my rural work up in WA on a farm and after a couple of disagreements with the farmer I was told to leave. Now my rural work counted towards my second year visa but the farmer has refused to sign the paperwork and is also holding two weeks of pay. He has also called the police claiming I have stolen from his house and farm etc (which of course I haven't). And also told co workers that he will do anything in is his power to stop me from getting my next visa. I contacted immigration straight away about it but I got too completely different answers from two different people. The first answer was - As long as I can prove evidence that I was there e.g bank statements of wages going in, photos, references from co workers etc. And also if I put in a claim with FairWorkAustralia (Which I have), then they cant refuse my second year visa application. Apparently because the farmer employed me on the conditions that is it was for a visa, he there for cant abuse the immigration system. The second answer was - I can provide all of the above evidence but it is highly unlikely the second year visa will be granted as they need confirmation from the farmer that I worked definitely worked there (A signature on the 1263). And it is also down to the digression of the immigration officer who receives my application. Now I would of just started my rural work all over again with someone new but unfortunately now I don't have the 88 days left on my visa. I have heard of this happening to a few people since it happening to myself. But they have all simple just packed up and gone back home. Has this happened to anyone you know or yourself? What did you do about it and what was the out come? Is it worth me still applying? Any advice would great. I'm not a quitter and the last thing I want to do is pack up and leave and let this farmer get the better of me Thanks
  11. rsmsissues

    Rsms help please !!!

    Hello Everyone , I am new to this forum. I want help regarding RSMS Visa. My situation. I did Bachelors in Business (Accounting) and currently on 485 Graduate visa. My degree is not fully assessed because I couldn't get 7 bands in Academics to assess my degree. I have a potential employer in regional QLD area who is ready to sponsor me for RSMS visa as a Store Manager ( Petrol station and Food store). My questions: 1. Am I eligible to apply for RSMS as a Store Manager because I did Accounting degree? 2. Do I need full degree assessment for RSMS visa? 3. If my RSMS visa get approved do I get visa as a Permanent Resident? Please help me out with this questions becuase my visa expiring in OCT this year and I am really worried. Thanks in Advance. 3.
  12. Is there any possibility of a single male without any degree or "skills" to obtain a way to move to Australia? Also I'm 21 years old and currently attend college in the United States and within a year I would have a Bachelor's in Accounting Degree. I have a few questions, actually A LOT. 1.How do i get started? 2. What do I need in terms of money and knowledge 3. Basically I want to know everything I would have to do to move over there. 4. What can I expect in terms of how long this will take? 5. What if any skills are the best to have? Degree? last what everyday things are different in Australia than the U.S? laws etc. Sorry I know nothing!
  13. hilz1986

    2013 timelines? partner visa.

    ​Hey... I am currently getting ready to sent the partner application after months of gathering and sorting and researching. Who has recent visa application times? 2013 uK partner visa applications. How long did it take you to get approved? Or any link to an answer would be great xx
  14. This may sound like a basic question but I am about to lodge the application for my Fiance Visa. I have all relevant documents and a whole bunch of supporting information such as a slideshow full of photos, skype call logs etc- this has all been printed out. What is the easiest way to submit the documents so the authorities can easily process it all? As in, should I have a folder for all my things and a seperate folder for the sponsor documents? Show I include the checklist? Do i need original photographs or will the printed copies do? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks x
  15. I am moving go Brisbane From Yorkshire but I don't know which places are best to live In. I have 4 children and the oldest is 17 years old. I want a new surbub that is still developing with new houses. I am not very fond of old places so new places are ideal and I want a place that has parks and nice schools for the kids. I was going to move to north lakes but I have been advised against it. What places could you recommend ? I have tried to search for new survive online but I have had no luck so please help!!
  16. Hello,this is my first post and hoping for some guidance please. I am applying for a 176 family sponsored visa and were almost there Medicals booked for Monday and Police checks in the post. My worry is that my wife has quite severe Asthma and although well enough now it has been Very bad in the past. The drug that controls her Asthma (very well) looks to be on the borders of what australia would class as significant expense. approx $4500 per year. We are confident that my wife will not need this once in Oz and I am prepared to pay for this myself if she did. Will this still prevent my wife from passing and is there anything I can do or say to diac to help our case. We always new this would b an issue but now were close I am flapping! Also what can the family who are sponsoring us do to help?
  17. Got my IELTS tomorrow. Can't say that I am, in any way what so ever excited about the prospect. Any last minute advice would be greatly appreciated.
  18. :yellow_guy_smiling_ I am coming out to oz, initially on working visa's to see how i find life as a bricklayer in comparison to here in the uk. I can earn very good money here in the summer. But its the long cold winter months and wet weather when i struggle to make ends meet. ive created this forum to try and get an insight as to what to expect from bricklaying in oz. I will be landing in brisbane mid may. But am not thinking of starting work as a brickie until september, possibly in perth as i have heard there is more work for bricklayers in WA. I am after any help, info or tips in general to do with oz, places to live, places to avoid, best places/websites to look for work...just anything to help prepare myself for this move. ...if there are equivilant safety tests in oz to the cscs card in uk ....i have also heard u can buy other brickies tools as they have finished their travels b4 they're flying back home, which would save me buying a whole bucket of new tools. ...how much i should expect to earn as a bricklayer out there thanks for taking the time to read this :biggrin:
  19. Guest

    Visa Help !?!

    Hiya guys! We are just wondering if anyone has ever been or are in the same situation that we are at the moment? and has any advice? We are on our second year holiday visa's from the UK, We love australia and are looking at all the different options to try and stay here. The problem we have is that both of us have no qualifications for the jobs we do on paper but we have experience, This seems like we have fell at the first hurdle! Ive spoke to Immagration on a number of times about different visa's Including 442 (on the job training) but yet again your job has to be on the S.O.L which ours are not. A student visa seems to be an option but it would be hard for one of us to work full time and still servive with money and no doubt after college/uni course we would be back in this same situation. We are 25 & 23 from the UK i work as a concreter and my partner is a Assistant Child carer Any info would be fantastic Many Thanks :biggrin: