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    2013 timelines? partner visa.

    Wow... 9 months. Was your situation complex or pretty standard? I was hoping 4 months wait.... Oh well I guess I will need to wait and see. I'm applying on 28th Aug. Let me know if you have any further updates in future. Thanks.
  2. hilz1986

    2013 timelines? partner visa.

    Haha OK, good luck! You can keep me updated ha
  3. hilz1986

    Cold - so put heating on......

    It's a beautiful 14deg in Scotland today! shirts off!! ;-) summer is here.
  4. hilz1986

    2013 timelines? partner visa.

    ​Hey... I am currently getting ready to sent the partner application after months of gathering and sorting and researching. Who has recent visa application times? 2013 uK partner visa applications. How long did it take you to get approved? Or any link to an answer would be great xx
  5. hilz1986

    partner visa! no idea where to start.

    Thank you so much for being so helpful! Brilliant information. I am on it now. Been to the bank sang got bank statements and going to etiye my declaration. On also gathering all our recreational activities we have fond with tickets and stuff. I will use this website lots. X thanks
  6. I met my partner in 2009 ago in Perth, we worked together for 4 months and we became good friends. I then left and went home to UK and we were online friends for 3 years we sent mail and spoke on Skype regularly. In 2012 in the Feb I flew back to permit to see him as I knew I had feelings for him. We had a two week holiday and decided we want to be together and had to find a way. So I went home to UK after my holiday and he saved up and moved to the UK in September 2012 to live with me. We have been living in the UK for 9 months and we are now planning to apply this September for the spouse visa...... But I am freaking out because I do not know where to start. I can't get my head around it and I've never wanted anything more in my whole life its so scary and I don't want to get it wrong and lose out. Can someone give me some steps to start me on the right track? :-) we have a joint bank account, we have been a couple holidays together and we have long Facebook chat conversations going back 4 years... We have photos and letters sent to each other. He is an Australian citizen by birth and has a house that he owns for us to live in when we get to WA. I have a uni degree but no specific skill. He has met my family hundreds of times, I have met his father once and his sister a couple times. For the statuary declarations I worry that we don't have many strong ones in aus... We have had our relationship mostly in the UK. anyway.... Sorry if I'm blabbing on but I don't know where to start or what is actually relevant. Hilz :-)