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  1. Aston Ks

    Visitor Visa while waiting for Partner visa

    thanks everyone for their feedback. Cheers!
  2. Is it possible to get a visitor visa, while waiting for your sponsored spouse visa to be approved? The application was lodged offshore.
  3. Aston Ks

    Seriously confused

    This is why I love this forum, I'll just wait to be back from OZ to finally register my marriage officially. and then will apply for her visa.
  4. Aston Ks

    Seriously confused

    never mind, I did a bit of research, since not officially married, i'll apply for a de facto visa.
  5. Aston Ks

    Seriously confused

    Hi guys, I have a problem...I applied for 176 and was a single applicant. Before my grant I was planning to get married and obviously had no plan to include my future wife to my application till I got my grant. And plan was to apply for her visa once I get my visa and I'm in australia. Anyways so when i was granted my visa there was one visa condition: 8515 - NOT MARRY BEFORE FIRST ENTRY. Well now I'm married and I'll be traveling to australia soon without her. Is there going to be any problem when I try to apply for her visa?
  6. Aston Ks

    Gumtree posting issues

    OH DAMN! so how are we gonna search for real estate or apartments??
  7. Guys, I'm moving to perth in september and looking for shared apartments, but can't make any post or see the contact number of individuals who posted adds on the site. is it because I haven't entered my mobile number? or there are other reasons?
  8. Checked the site, job market looks very bad...
  9. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out. I just got my PR.
  10. Can someone please enlighten me with current job market situation for mechanical engineers in WA? The only job site that i find useful is seek.com. Most job sites have similar recruiters posting the same vacancy and there are very few companies posting vacancies, making me feel there are very few vacancies i.e. my opinion. I'll be flying to perth in september and it is frightening, so far i have applied for 20+ position and haven't received single call. Ideally i would prefer to have job before i land but looking at the current trend it looks, it will be tough to even secure interviews even when i'm there.
  11. Aston Ks

    Should I move to sponsored state?

    Hi, recently i was granted SS 176 visa, but unfortunately because of the recent business environment jobs are not as plenty as before, and the type of job i'm looking for, are not many in my sponsored state. I would prefer to land in Australia with few interviews in hand rather than waiting after I land and it would be very difficult to move around different cities looking for jobs if I don't find any in the sponsored state. So, I just want to know, is it necessary that I spent the first two years living and working in the SS or I can live anywhere and work anywhere, and would it cause any problem when I apply for citizenship after 5 years?
  12. Aston Ks

    HR applicants where are you now??

    I applied in January 2012 for 176 and was allocated CO in January within 2 weeks after application. pcc & medical call exactly after 17 months
  13. Aston Ks

    HR applicants where are you now??

    Did any other January Applicants of 2012 get call for medical and PCC other than dawood?
  14. Aston Ks

    HR applicants where are you now??

    Talk about gender equality... I think we men should start complaining like women...