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Found 35 results

  1. We received the following information in respect of one of our clients this week. Not good news for "other family" applicants - ie anyone who would have applied using form 47OF. Doing the mathematics leaves me with the conclusion that many remaining relative and aged dependent family applications may be waiting up to six years, if this policy continues, for their visa applications. Carers may be facing lengthy waits as well. Eventually I assume DIAC will introduce a Contributory Family Visa to complement the Contributory Parent Visa. Anyone counting on an "other family" visa should apply immediately, as the waiting periods will just balloon from this point forward. "I have received the documents you provided for Ms xxxx's application, however I am unable to process this application further at this time due to the reduced number of places in the other family visa class. For the 2010-11 program year the Government has allocated 55,550 places in the Family Stream, 7.9% fewer places than in the preceding year. Within the family stream the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship announced on the 11 May 2010 that number of places for the Other Family class (which includes Aged Dependent Relative, Carer and Remaining Relative) will be reduced from 2500 places to 750 places globally for the 2010-2011 program year. Within the global allocation 500 of the 750 Other Family places are allocated to Carer visas as they have the highest priority within the category. The Department has a responsibility to ensure that the numbers of visas granted overall and within each visa category are in accordance with the agreed planning levels. Departmental resources are allocated to ensure that the planning levels are met over the course of the program year. While this means that some cases may not be finalised as quickly as clients or the Department would want, it does help to ensure that visa grants within the Family Stream reflect the priorities set by the Government. The Department is currently reviewing the impact on service standards of the reduction in family stream planning levels. It is anticipated that there will be substantial increases in the processing times for Other Family visa categories. More information on processing times will be published on the Department's website when it becomes available. Given the dramatically reduced number of places in the Other Family visa categories globally, we are prioritising cases based on their lodgement date. While Ms xxxx's application was lodged on 8 October 2009 which was almost 1 year ago, we currently have a substantial number of applications lodged in 2008 that are still being processed and will be given priority given the age of these applications. I appreciate that you would like to have Ms xxx's application finalised as soon as possible and if I have any further information on this in the future I will contact you as soon as I know something." Cheers, George Lombard
  2. chazzyg8


    :arghh: I know I am only just beginning my Oz plan but already I'm finding things a bit of a minefield so any help would be great. Let me begin by saying a few years ago I posted on here asking how I could get into Oz given I had no hard qualifications and had some good feedback that made me go away and think long and hard about how much I wanted to itch my "Oz" itch.... So I found a profession that is always going to be needed whether in Oz or UK and chose Accounting and thus I enrolled on AAT as I was told by AAT that it is recognised globally and if for some reason I couldn't get to Oz I would still have a good profession in the UK. I have been studying(self funded) for the past two years and I have also recently gained employment as a credit controller for a publishing company so I am getting on the job experience. I am just about to start my last year on AAT and thought I should start my planning for the big dream now but after looking into things have found that AAT is not as well know in Oz as it is in NZ and even then AAT is still not know by the majority of employers and would no count for much, so I am worried I am going to have to continue training right through until I am ACCA/CIMA which is ok because "good things come to those who wait" and it just means I have to hold of on my dream for a few extra years but will be worth the wait. Q1) Could I potentially get a visa through job sponsorship even though I am not a Chartered Accountant? Q2) Where are the best places to find employment for job sponsorship for Oz? Q3) Could I get a visa as a part qualified CA? Also I will be going to Down Under Live @ Birmingham next week has anyone got any experience of this event/tips etc?? Thanks in advance for any feedback :biggrin:
  3. Hi, I have joined this forum in desperation! I applied for a General Skilled Migration visa subclass 176 in June 2009. When I applied I was advised processing time would be 3 months. It's now rapidly approaching 4 years and I am devastated it's taken so long. The last update given by the D.of I. was that their allocation of my type of visa were getting smaller and smaller owing to the backlog of the higher priority visas. My question is: Is there anything I can do? 4 years for a visa is ridiculous and if this were a UK visa the newspapers would be all over the failure of the Border agency to process visas in a timely manner. Is there an institute I can complain to? If I do complain will this hurt my chances of getting my visa approved? Is this a normal processing time for this type of visa? Has anyone out there had the same awful experience with D. of I.? Desperately Yours Gatoruk
  4. INTERNATIONAL airline passengers entering Australia tomorrow face delays and disruption due to quarantine employees voting to strike for four hours over a pay claim. The union representing Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries employees said inbound international travellers should be prepared for delays and urged those collecting passengers to take account of this, The Australian reported. The Community and Public Sector Union said the industrial action would also affect cargo inspections, the release of imported goods and X-ray screening of international mail. In a letter to the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, a Sydney Airport senior manager, Jeff Stirk, warned the action would have a "very significant impact'' on operations. Increased congestion in the Customs hall and baggage reclaims areas would heighten security risks, and there could be problems with baggage handling, including on transfer flights. Strike scheduled for 19th August 2011
  5. Guest

    Shipping delays

    just wondered, has anybody had their shippment sent over much later than they wanted or were sold? we are leaving to perth on the 1st september, and our belonging have been held for now 3 weeks over the arranged storage time, and have been told they are still waiting for a ship or a full container, and to call back in a week or two, i have tried making the point that we need our belonging their on time, but don't think we have any guarantee's? i need my tools as i am a carpenter, and they are on the container, no tools no work any similar experiences? Bushell and Hernandez. Vetasses passed Feb. 09, 175 visa lodged May 09, changed to WA 176 Aug 09, Case officer issued 18/01/11, medicals and police checks submitted Jan 11, visa granted 19/01/11 flying 1st september
  6. Guest

    457 sponsorship visa delays!!!

    Good evening all, I am wondering whether anyone else is being driven absolutely insane waiting for their 457/ visa approval??? I applied for mine back in February, went on my reccie trip and expected to have the approval by the time I returned....how wrong was I !!! I have been in constant contact with my agent who has had a few delayed files, a few have come back, but just my luck mine is still being processed!!! I have just accepted a job in WA and have put our house up for sale, but the wait for the approval is really beginning to grind me down and make me think that may be our dreams are about to be dashed, as I have been waiting so long!! The thought of staying in the UK and my kids missing out on growing up in OZ, is something I am really concerned about.. If anyone has any similar experience, please shout out!! Regards Steve.
  7. Hi All Long story short (well I'll try!) our 1100 form was sat in WA due to a backlog and the rush to get as many applications processed before the deadline. After an email from our agent and a phone call from me the form has now been forwarded on to DIAC (after waiting for a month!). Does anyone know how long it will take for DIAC to acknowledge the form and allocate a case officer? Or is it a case of waiting until the 6wks are up before contacting the DIAC to ask them about the status? Also am I right in thinking that although we applied for 176 ss because they didn't have the form we have been sat in cat 4 for the last month?? :smile:
  8. Guest

    Delays in Vic SS

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me if it is just IT people getting the delay emails or other ocupations are to. Cheers :wink:
  9. Guest

    820 Spouse Visa..long delays

    :mad: Morning all. Just felt I need to vent some frustration re my application for onshore 820 spouse visa. Spoke to DIAC Melb this AM, and they're saying that they're only looking at apps submitted in July '10 (mine was late Sept '10). At this rate, my wife and I will have been together long enough to qualify for an 801!! Anyway, I know the DIAC guys reserve the right to quote 6-9 months for spouse sponsorship visa processing...but I've read lots of recent posts on other forums from people who have submitted complete apps after July '10 (all meds, police checks, questions fully answered) and got theirs processed within a month or even less. I did gently point out to the DIAC person (I don't even have a named case office yet!) that my app is straightforward and complete, but was simply referred back to the quoted wait list. So, my question to the forum is: what experiences do those of you who're treading the same 820 path have? Should I be asking for a case officer to be assigned at the very least? Thanks!
  10. Jimm

    WA Delays

    Why WA smp is delayed ? Any of the experts have a comment ?
  11. The following link from the new Client Service Charter: Client Service Charter suggests likely DIAC processing times for those with a new State Migration Plan application (six months) and those on the SOL without an SMP approval (18 months). Generally the Client Service Charter is one of the first casualties of any real or imaginary crisis but it does give an indication of the possible advantages of state sponsorship through an SMP. Personally I was surprised at the size of the differential, this will create an enormous spike when the SMPs are announced, I imagine. It also suggests that people with an existing Priority Group 3 (SOL but no SMP approval) application as at 1 July will have a 12 month wait. The prospects seem bad, however, for those in Priority Group 4 (not current SOL, not on SMP). Cheers, George Lombard
  12. Guest

    A380 flight delays

    Hiya Is there anyone out there who is booked to fly out on the A380? Were booked to fly next saturday with Singapore on one of theirs. Ive just checked their website and all it says is that they are delaying all a380 flights until checks are carried out and that passengers effected will be notified when more information is available. We were so looking forward to moving back to Oz and to be able to go on the a380 was a big bonus........we even had great seats booked. aaarrrgghhhh So now to just wait and see if were still able to go! :shocked:
  13. Hi i am in the process of applying for a spouce visa with my 3 children also on which I submitted in May 2010 from the UK. My husbad is Australian. We were told that it would be granted on the 11th of Aug and recieved a phone call today saying we have to wait untill september because of the changes in the law regarding the processing time. We are trying to work out which priority group a spouce visa comes under. Can you help us?
  14. Guest

    elections- visa delays?

    hi all, ive noticed on here that alot of the visa applications have been paused or at a stand still because of the upcoming elections. i was just wondering would this apply to all visa classes or only certain one? im applying for a defacto visa and was wondering should i wait until after the elections or just submit it now since ive got all the paperwork etc gathered. any help would be great
  15. Guest


    Hi, Gill I have read lot of your post. Below is my time line. 475 lodged. -- 17.07.2009 CO ---- 26.08.2009 co asked for medical & pcc ---26.08.2009 medical & pcc submited. but my online staus shows health req. outstanding & some of docment's showing required. I also sent PLE two weeks ago but didnt get replay what can do? Regard's jackd.
  16. Hi all, I have declared a proposed time for arriving to Australia for first time a later date(1 year from now) in Form 80:Question 30. Is it going to delay my application processing as I have declared the first entry quite a later time? Thanks, Rubab:eek:
  17. Juliep

    ANMC delays

    hi i have put my application in to the ANMC in August and im still waiting to hear from them, anyone else had any luck getting assessed yet? julie p:twitcy:
  18. Hi Gill, if we dont get our 176 visa by the time my daughter reaches 18 on 17th Dec, what options will she have? she cant go on LRR visa as her dad lives here, a WHV only lasts up 2 2 years but she wants to stay with us permanently, is goi g on a student visa her only option? how does she go about this visa, she wants to do hairdressing, how much is course and does it all have to be paid at once? she has no funds in her bank as she does not work. Gillian x
  19. Guest

    Visa delays

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone can help. Some friends of mine are waiting on a skilled migration permanent residence visa and have been told by their agent that the "doors have been shut" by their agent and it will be at least 3 years before being granted a visa. They were in the last stages and had medicals and police checks done so I find it hard to believe they are on hold. Is anyone experiencing the same thing or have any advice so I can help my friends. I would love them to live here with me!!! Thanks Susie.
  20. Guest

    Delays To 175 Visa!

    Recieved this email today from my agent. As you may be aware, DIAC recently announced changes to the Skilled Migration programme, and specifically the order in which visa applications will be processed. This announcement came following the introduction of the Critical Skills List (CSL) in December 2008, a new list of occupations which is designed to be responsive in fulfilling the needs of the Australian economy and which has been used to determine the priority of applications since January 1st, 2009. As a result, the current order of applications is as follows: 1.Applicants for state or territory Government sponsored visas (i.e. Skilled State Sponsored subclass 176 and Skilled Regional State Sponsored subclass 475 visa applications); 2.Applicants with occupations on the CSL; 3.Applicants with occupations on the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL); 4.All other valid visa applications. However, we have also received notification that DIAC will be allocating all State Sponsored subclass 176 and Regional State Sponsored subclass 475 visa applications to a case officer for processing by February 13th, 2009. This will have immediate effect on all applications of these subclasses, regardless of whether it was a paper application or an online one, and whether the application was submitted before or after January 2009. Once these applications have been processed, the next tier of applications (i.e. applicants with occupations on the CSL) will be allocated and assessed. Once these have all been assessed, occupations on the MODL will be processed and so on. What does this mean? Effectively, this means that DIAC are currently only assessing State Sponsored 176 and Regional State Sponsored 475 applications, and that all other applications (Skilled Independent 175, Family Sponsored 176, Regional Family Sponsored 475) are not being allocated to a case officer for processing. However, Visa Bureau is taking the stance that applicants who are NOT on state sponsored visas should remain calm, rather than assume that their application will be subject to delays. We believe that this news is a new initiative DIAC has taken to regulate its processing as a response to various economic and political pressures, and we advise all clients to remain patient until DIAC has provided us with a full outline of this new situation. We say this because there a number of issues that remain unclear, such as whether DIAC are working to a set timeframe in which they will process each tier of applications, or whether priority will continue to be given to newly lodged state sponsored 176 and 475 applications. Therefore, we ask that until we have this information, you do not panic or make any snap decisions that could upset all the hard work already completed in assembling your visa application. Further details on exactly how this news might affect you can be found in a specially written post on the Visa Bureau blog, and you can also consult the Visa Bureau Processing Information page, which is regularly updated with the current DIAC timeframes for all skilled migrant visa subclasses. Additionally, please be assured that Visa Bureau is in constant contact with the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) and we will ensure to inform you immediately upon receiving any updates that may or may not affect your application. Should you have any additional questions regarding your application, please contact your caseworker.
  21. Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Best regards.
  22. Guest

    Medical Delays

    Just thought I'd share this email I received today, I hope it gets processed soon we want to be there by end of Jan 09: Dear Sir/Madam Thank you for your e-mail about your visa application under Australia’s General Skilled Migration program. The information you have provided in this email have been attached to your visa application for your case officer's attention. Your case officer is currently awaiting the finalisation of the medical examinations. When your case officer has received these results they will contact you if they require additional information/documents to assist in the processing of your visa application. Please note that the The Health Operations Centre (HOC) is currently experiencing delays of over 10 weeks in the processing of medical clearances. If your documents have been sent to the Health Operations Centre in Sydney please be patient as your clearances will be noted on our system when completed. If you want confirmation that your medical documents have arrived there please contact your postal or courier service for this information. We appreciate your patience in this matter. If you would like to contact the Health Operations Centre (HOC) please refer to our website via the following address: http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/australia/processing-centres/hoc-sydney. htm For any further enquiries about the application you have lodged please refer to our website using the following link http://www.immi.gov. au/contacts/visa-enquiries/professionals.htm Yours sincerely, Department of Immigration and Citizenship
  23. Hi all, Just wondered if there is anyone else out there who has applied for a permanent visa (175) and who's occupation is on MODL list but still waiting for med requests? we lodged our application through a migration agent back in January and still no Meds or police check request! Its driving us batty now, the migration agent thought that we would have them requested by June and here we are in August and still nothing. We are aware of the backlog of applications from last August slowing things down but our agent reckons that there doesn't seem to be any logical process in the order that they are looking at the applications - he's got clients like us from Jan still wait for med requests, others that have been waiting since last august and then others who lodged in December who have had theres ages ago?!?! Anyone shed any light on whats going on or is pulling their hair out going through the same thing?? WE WANNA GET OUTTA HERE!!! LOL Julie :arghh:
  24. Guest

    ASPC Visa Processing Delays

    Hi All Alan Collett of Go Matilda published the following newspaper article on British Expats last night: Great wait of the world | The Australian The article is is informative, I reckon. The Go Matilda website is here: Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - Visa, Tax, and Financial Planning for Australia Best wishes Gill
  25. Guest

    visa delays

    Contributory Parent Visa Processing Halted Alan Collett Monday, January 07, 2008 We understand that visa grants under the Contributory Parent program have been halted until further notice. By way of background, the number of visas that can be granted under Australia's Contributory Parent program are capped annually - the total number of Parent visas available for the year to 30th June 2008 is 4,500. Our experience over the first half of the program year is that the Department of Immigration office that handles the main constituent of the Parent program - offshore Contributory Parent visa applications, processed at the Perth Offshore Processing Centre ("POPC") - has been endeavouring to assess applications within a reasonable timeframe of typically some 9 to 12 months. However, the numbers of applications that are being lodged under the Parent program are increasing significantly. We believe this is a direct consequence of the sizeable skilled visa program, which has been markedly increasing in number over the last few years - as the number of skilled migrants increases there is a consequential increase in the number of individuals who have the ability to sponsor their parents for the grant of a visa under the Parent program. The effect of an increasing number of applications by parents for the grant of permanent residency visas combined with POPC's efforts to maintain a reasonable processing timeline is the reaching of the total allowed number of visa grants very early in the program year. The issue has been referred to Department of Immigration Central Office in Canberra, and becomes one of the first tests facing the new Immigration Minister, Senator Chris Evans. The choice would seem to be between increasing the program total to a more sensible number of perhaps 8,000 visa grants annually, or allowing a queue to develop, which could result in waiting times of several years. Given that skilled migrants are more likely to remain in Australia if their parents can join them we hope the Minister will be inclined favourably towards increasing the program numbers - sooner rather than later. We will bring more news here as soon as we have it to hand. :arghh:still waiting smiley grandma:SLEEP: