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  1. Flappers263

    Travel insurance - back to UK

    I get that, in fairness I suppose I was asking more for recommendations on where to get best value on travel insurance and could've phrased it better....
  2. Flappers263

    Travel insurance - back to UK

    Hi all, just wondering if travel insurance is necessary for a 3 week trip back to the UK? We (family of 4) have been in Sydney 4 years now (currently in process of applying for PR in case it makes a difference), heading back in a. couple of weeks for 3 weeks - do we require travel insurance and either way where is the best place to purchase it from here in Australia? Thanks in advance
  3. can you advise who you wrote to / contacted as I need to do the same, when I look online they are saying I need to pay over £730 per year "missing" in my record. Thanks!
  4. Flappers263

    Paying previous years UK NI contributions, cost increases

    does anyone have the link to where I can check my NI contributions and see if I have to make up any years please?
  5. Flappers263

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    my MA advised us not to do the medicals at the time of application due to the length of time it was taking to assess at that stage (July 2018), we are going to do them next month (February), we however did complete the Form 80's and also got our UK and AFP police checks in place and submitted all other paperwork to be as 'decision ready' as we possibly could...
  6. Flappers263

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    then your visa won't be granted, the nominating Company is no longer your employer, therefore your individual visa application is no longer a valid application.... or have I missed something?
  7. Flappers263

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    I imagine you have to inform them if your marital status changed though - this would have an impact on your application? Will they be included on your application or not for example?
  8. Flappers263

    Kids soccer (footy) in Newcastle

    No worries - we are involved with the NSFA team - Northern Tigers with their SAP licence - I would say that whilst its improving over here its a long way off being like the UK system, this is a good and a bad thing depending upon your perspective and objectives!
  9. Flappers263

    Kids soccer (footy) in Newcastle

    We are paying $1500 this year for a 8 year old (U9's) under the SAP programme...
  10. Flappers263

    Kids soccer (footy) in Newcastle

    Found this also - looks like SAP is expanding in the Newcastle region also - http://newcastlefootball.com.au/2018-premier-club-sap-kicks-off-across-northern-nsw/ http://northernnswfootball.com.au/northern-nsw-football-awards-premier-club-skill-acquisition-program-licenses/ Ive just remembered that there is a SAP team called 'Emerging Jets' which are affiliated with the Newcastle Jets and again are a good level (for over here anyway!)
  11. Flappers263

    Kids soccer (footy) in Newcastle

    check out the SAP licence holder in the area and go for trials - my soon to be 9 year old trains 3 times a week and plays at weekends - we are with Northern Tigers and there is a very good SAP licence team playing out of Tuggerah - they are called Central Coast Mariners - https://www.ccmariners.com.au/news/sap - there might be something similar in Newcastle if thats too far a drive 4 times a week. Good luck!
  12. Flappers263

    Best current flight deals..?

    Hello all have received 'the call' :sad: :no:that no one wants so looking for good options to fly SYD-LHR in the not too distant future, does anyone know of any 'good' options currently? :err: Cheers!
  13. Flappers263

    Realistic advice on Sydney

    Sounds like you're doing it for the 'right' reasons - we spend more time together as a family (partly as a consequence of not knowing many outer people and partly out of choice!) and get out more but it isn't all sun and sandy beaches! Every weekend in the summer we goto different beaches and parks, sometimes they are almost empty as its 'only' mid 20's!! Good luck with your final choice!
  14. Flappers263

    Realistic advice on Sydney

    I would say that after 18 months in Sydney you'd be able to do it on $150k - just - and it will depend upon what area you decide to rent in. If you need to commute to Bondi then don't even consider the North side of the harbour IMHO, we currently rent in West Pymble and I commute to Ultimo, I leave at 6.40 to get to work in 35 mins, if In left at 7 it would be an hour, worst case (heavy rain storms, poor drivers and driving conditions and traffic everywhere) it has taken 2 hours, when school holidays are on 20-25 minutes, BUT Sydney is great for a young family, we have a just 7 and a soon to be 5 year old and they love it here, the school we are in is great and I genuinely enjoy the drive to work as I get harbour views on the way in and cross the bridge every night on the way home...I earn less here than I did in London but overall the balance (for me / us) is better here, you will find your own way once you decide to move somewhere, you'll make expensive mistakes and you'll discover some great deals and savings also....just like anywhere in the world. If you are committed and plan properly then you'll be fine, if you think its easy you'll fail, its hard, much harder than you can ever imagine at times and much more rewarding than you could ever have thought at other times. I wouldn't change it currently for anything, the Upper North Shore isn't for everyone, as Captain Roberto says its conservative and quiet on evenings (but after London maybe we enjoy it for that reason), however we can drive to the beach in 30 minutes or jump on the train to the CBD in 40 minutes....the best of both worlds. In short, it doesn't come cheap, if money is the main reason you're moving then don't in my opinion. If you are willing to forego some 'luxuries' for a 'lifestyle' then perhaps its for you. Good luck Flapper