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  1. Originally planning on a 3 day stop over in Florida, we are now thinking we will need two weeks LOL.... Thinking of staying at hawthorn suite universal they have transfers and free breakfast. Reservations were helpful in what they think we should do but what about with children? I got the feeling the person taking the booking was too young to have children. Taking aged 7 and 10..... Opinions most welcome......
  2. katieo

    need ideas of rental companies

    we used http://www.corphousing.com.au/ - whilst they don't have Melbourne on their site, they have a sister company or something that does look after Melbourne. Same phone number though - I don't get it but they were really helpful
  3. katieo

    Top ten activities to experience in Oz

    I reckon there should be a list for top ten for under $10 list and then a list for everything else. We spent well earned money on a helicopter trip over the Great Barrier Reef http://www.gbrhelicopters.com.au/the-great-barrier-reef/the-great-barrier-reef/. We paid about $160 each I think from memory. It was awesome. I do love a good walk though and will always look up the best walks in the places we visit
  4. katieo

    Melbourne Hotels

    What is your budget? Hotels can get expensive! Consider and All Seasons, Ibis hotel but I would be looking for an apartment - maybe airbnb.com?
  5. katieo

    need ideas of rental companies

    Hi Jess, pomqueen is right - the traditional real estate companies are hesitant with rental contracts when you aren't here and haven't got payslips etc. Try one of the relocation companies (google) - they work it a little differently. We did ours based on a recommendation but there are quite a few companies. I can give you the name of the company we used if you want it. They do have apartments in Sydney in suburbs - we used them for both Brisbane and Sydney.
  6. katieo

    Moving to Sydney!

    In Sydney, I love the Manly to the Spit walk - I actually did both ways rather than working out how to get back to the car. Enjoyed a really good beer in Manly at the end as a reward. Best of all, the walk is free. I would try all the beaches - they all offer something different.
  7. Why holidays parks? You can get apartments for rent less than that! We did when we first moved here. We used this company and I still recommend them http://www.corphousing.com.au/apartment-locations/furnished-apartments-brisbane/city/ - I am not sure if they do Rockhampton because it isn't on their website but it would be worth the enquiry.
  8. katieo

    Melbourne Hotels

    I agree - an apartment rental will be cheaper in the long run. The Victoria hotel in Melbourne is an oldie but a goodie and have just renovated http://www.victoriahotel.com.au/accommodation/heritage-rooms-non-smoking/ - still, think an apartment will be cheaper
  9. katieo

    I need your opinions on an area please!

    A friend of mine moved to that area about 4 years ago. She loves it. She has had a baby since and has met some really nice mums through a mothers group. Not sure how singles go or your situation!
  10. katieo

    Hello Townsville :-)

    I hope you make a trip to Magnetic Island! We love it there...
  11. katieo

    How long in short term rental?

    I used this company http://www.corphousing.com.au/furnished-apartments-solutions/employee-relocation-specialists/ - they found a place for me rather than having one available. We were allowed pets but left the dog at home He was old though and only lived for another 4 months.
  12. katieo

    Emigrating to Brisbane's northern suburbs

    Definitely need more details to be able to offer the best advice. We were given relocation advice by a company - heaps of expats must get all the same advice as there tends to be heaps in my area! This site may give you some hints on where to live. I agree with most of them and wish I had the money for some of them ;-) http://www.corphousing.com.au/moving-to-brisbane/
  13. katieo

    Brisbane suburbs

    Those areas mentioned above are all fabulous. Wilston State School is a pretty good school although large. I would probably call them to see what their thoughts are.
  14. katieo

    Moving to Melbourne area advice

    One thing to keep in mind before buying, check out the reputation of the locals schools and the catchment areas. The catchment areas are sometimes more important to check - too close to the border and you could be out of that catchment before the first child is at school
  15. I agree - short term will cost you a lot more. It may be better off to commit to 6 months if $350 is your budget. Short term will be more $$. We used http://www.corphousing.com.au/ for our accommodation in Sydney but I know they also do Brisbane. Funny website though because they don't show their apartments but at least they were the most helpful of all the companies we looked up. ps You can be 30kms from the CBD and still be fairly close in terms on travelling time. North Lakes is apparently full of Poms!