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  1. Hi Kelloggs (and Sam), I just got here yesterday and it'd be great to have some people to explore the city with, especially over wine/beer/cocktails. I'm 25, on a 457 and staying in CBD ATM. Drop me a PM, Cheers, Guy
  2. Guy Bourne

    457 Requirements

    Fair enough, doesn't sound like there's much I can do other than get the relevant insurance. Having questioned the 139999 occupation code, hr told my boss and I that they'd already submitted the nomination under the ICT Business Analyst occupation. Whilst this isn't an exact fit it's a subset of my role. Are there assessments or otherwise associated with applying under this code? Cheers, G
  3. Guy Bourne

    457 Requirements

    Cheers for all the quick response guys. Sound like the only bit that I really need to clear up is the occupation definition and appropriate validation. I'll definitely be recommending that my employer uses a migration agent for this as we only only have 3 1/2 months now. Medical insurance is a good shout, I wouldn't have realised that ambulance services aren't covered. Are there any other g differences between NHS and Medicare? Thanks
  4. Guy Bourne

    457 Requirements

    Hi, My current employer has kindly agreed to send me out to Australia and to sort out my Visa. The only issue being that they're as new to this as I am. We have an Australian subsidiary which has applied for the ability to nominate and we're reached the stage where the nomination and the individual application has to be logged. I wanted to make sure that I was understanding the required steps and clarify a few points where I've seen conflicting views on the internet - The ©SOL I'll be nominated under will be the Specialist Manager NEC (139999) - This requires a completed VETASSES evaluation? - I don't require a points test? - As a UK resident applying for a temporary visa I do not require a health examination unless requested - I only require character references if requested - As a UK resident I'm covered by the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement and do not require additional health insurance. Obviously with all the above I'll have to submit the necessary paperwork (passport/degree certificate/transcript/proof of paid employment/CV/Work statements etc.) Am I missing anything here? Cheers! G
  5. Guy Bourne

    Moving to Sydney!

    Hi all, I've been lucky enough to get a role out in Sydney starting in January, and whilst it's a bit early to be planning in detail, I was wondering about which areas to look at for renting. I'll be working within half a mile of harbour bridge, so ideally I'd like to be living in the city, or at least somewhere that's easy to get into the centre. I'll be looking to get a 1 or 2 bed place with my other half and our combined income should let us spend up around the $700 pw mark. Any recommendations on areas? The other thing I'm keen to start looking at is things to do in Sydney, preferably outside the 'top 10' lists you can find on the internet. Cheers in advance guys, G
  6. Guy Bourne

    The Australian dream!

    I'm a financial analyst, the role over in Aus would be a mixture of Pre-sales for financial platforms and analytics consulting. I use software Like SAS, R, Excel and a host of other maths software.
  7. Guy Bourne

    The Australian dream!

    Hi all, I recently came back from a trip travelling around South America, and whilst I was there, I decided that I could probably get used to the sun being out for a reasonable amount of time. I also met a wonderful girl from Australia and have finally received the boot up arse needed to get me looking at working and living in abroad (something that's been on the to do list for a while)! I'm currently in talks with my employer around moving out to work with some Australian partners, if it goes through smoothly, I would out working in Sydney, with some travel to Brisbane and Melbourne. The one thing that I'm a little fuzzy on is roughly how much money I will need, and what is reasonable for my skill set/experience. If I do a direct translation of what I've been offered for a London job, it comes out at about $65k, but having looked on some Aussie recruitment sites, people in my area are on $75-$90k. Is this a reasonable salary/enough to live off in Sydney? A second piece of advice I'm looking for is on property, having spent quite a while in London, I'm used to property taking up 1/3-1/2 of monthly income, is this similar in Sydney for a decent place? Cheers in advance for any/all your help! ​Guy