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  1. Steve Elliott

    888 processing time

    That is correct. It's a timing issue which has caught a few out including some fund managers who obviously aren't across the requirements.
  2. Steve Elliott

    188b processing times?

    HI Shirley We are now getting into an area of assistance which is beyond what is appropriate in a public forum and one which the MARA code of conduct prohibits agents providing advice without being a client. As I said above the VISA needs to have been held for a minimum period of 4 years to be eligible to apply for the 888. Hope this makes sense.
  3. Steve Elliott

    888 VISA LODGE

    Shirley. I have replied to this in another thread.
  4. Steve Elliott

    188b processing times?

    Hi Shirley Without knowing which stream you were in and the specific dates, one of the requirements at the time of application for your 888, was that you had held the 188 for a minimum of four years. If this requirement had not been met, your application would have been invalid. Hope this helps.
  5. Steve Elliott

    Brisbane vs Adelaide

    What counts is not how many goals you score in determining the result, its about ensuring you score more than you concede, thus the margin which counts If you love great food and wine, Adelaide is the state for you, although I do recall spending Christmas day in the Adelaide hills with the log fire on !!
  6. Steve Elliott

    Brisbane vs Adelaide

    Not fake news at all. I have been following this data from the ABS for over 20 years... OK, it might dip to 80% at times but Queensland consistently leads the table. I agree though, the push factors vary on a case by case basis. Everyone is different. https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/people/population/regional-internal-migration-estimates-provisional/latest-release
  7. Steve Elliott

    Brisbane vs Adelaide

    There's an old saying "Adelaide is a great city... (when they finish it)"... It's a nice place with fantastic restaurants and wineries but Brisbane has a lot more going for it. I guess you only have to look at the interstate migration trends to figure out where most Aussies head for once they have itchy feet..,. 90% head to Queensland. Queensland is certainly a growth state, with more and more companies choosing to set up an Australian base in the Sunshine state. Adelaide has a very small number of SA headquartered businesses, the largest being Santos which actually probably now has more people based in its Brisbane office than Adelaide. I know a few people in the Oil & Gas space who all tell me the same story. When SA based employees do a stint in Brisbane, few ever want to return to SA... That's what I hear.
  8. Steve Elliott

    Visa application submitted 3 mins late

    I'd suggest you go to the relevant State or Territory migration website for further information. States and Territories have access to a vast array of data sources to verify visa applicants are abiding by state requirements and the visa applicant's undertaking.
  9. Steve Elliott

    Visa application submitted 3 mins late

    Late lodgement even if three minutes late, means the application was invalid. Also, it's worth pointing out that each State and Territory is given a set number of allocations each year by DHA. If a nomination was wasted due to an avoidable error, the nominating State has, in effect lost one of those places if it has to re-nominate a second time around. On the topic of "moral obligation", that potentially becomes a more of an issue, if it is a visa which requires nomination at the PR stage. If you blatantly disregard the requirements of the nominating state, don't be surprised if they refuse to nominate you for PR.
  10. Steve Elliott

    Your last meal....

    You are coming to Australia, you are not on death row!! While you have to search for British style bacon, Australia arguably the best beef in the world! As for Yorkshire pudding, bring your tried and tested recipe with you. Good luck with the trip and welcome to Australia!!!!
  11. Steve Elliott

    Working experience before graduation

    I totally concur with Westley. I have had many experiences of employees being "shepparded" by employers in a particular direction which 100% suited the employer. Many employers love to retain the upper hand or power in the employer/employee relationship. I can think of several instances where, upon fully investigating ALL their options with a migration agent, they and their families have taken a new pathway and are now on PR. Previously, the had no idea these pathways existed and I suspect even though the employer would have been aware of alternative pathways, they would never have brought these to the employee's attention for fear of relinquishing employer control. Just my opinion...
  12. Steve Elliott

    Migration agent

    Hi Laura You might want to try Emergico Migration. They are Brisbane based and also have an office in the UK. Emergico employs several agents and the owner is Leanne Stevens an ex nurse and paramedic. Until recently, Leanne was the national vice president and Queensland president of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA). Paul Hand at Suncoast Migration is a good guy and is very helpful. Go Matilda, however no longer handle skilled visas and refer this work to Emergico.
  13. Steve Elliott

    Working experience before graduation

    Pre qualification experience does not count. Marisa is correct in that the line managers typically have very little idea when it comes to the eligibility criteria of the visa. Having said that, it's not uncommon for HR managers to get it wrong too!
  14. Steve Elliott

    Moving to Australia with a criminal record

    There are a number of registered migration agents and migration law specialists who specialise in the area of "character" which is industry speak for criminal matters. One of my tutors while studying to become a migration area was a well known expert in this space. If you engage with an expert in the field, and are prepared to disclose everything in a concise and timely manner, they should be able to provide you with a very good opinion whether an application is likely to be a "non starter" or otherwise. This would likely incur a cost for an initial consultation and preliminary advice but at the very least, you will know where you stand.
  15. Steve Elliott

    Sending funds from UK with Globalreach

    Also bear in mind, the removalists are a business, not a charity so will likely have a referral arrangement in place whereby they stand to benefit from any business you do with the fx company. They should disclose that to you.