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  1. Steve Elliott

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    I suspect that many staff have simply been reallocated to work seen as being of a higher priority at the moment. Business visa grants appear to have pretty much ground to a halt.
  2. Steve Elliott

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    I think you will find this incorrect. The age limit is a “time of decision” criteria not “time of application”. Thus the most likely outcome is that you will be requested to withdraw her from the application. Steve Elliott MARN 1804671
  3. Steve Elliott

    Business Innovation Visa 188

    Thanks Ali. I have done that and also updated my name so members can verify I am indeed a Registered Migration Agent.
  4. Steve Elliott

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    Regarding the 888 nomination, this still requires nomination from State or Territory. They will be looking at evidence of you moving the extra 750k to Australia within 2 years of visa grant. The expectation is THA these funds will be used as settlement funds for housing, supporting yourself financially etc.
  5. Steve Elliott

    Business Innovation Visa 188

    Hi Guys As a registered migration agent 1804671, it’s very important that business visa applicants potentially have four or five streams of this visa that could be considered. Most applications are for a stream involving buying or establishing a business and the other is investing $1.5m for four years. For both of these streams, there are MANY requirements to satisfy the eligibility criteria. It is also important to understand that business visas are a two step process, the first being a State Government nomination. Now, here’s the thing. While the Federal Government sets down the eligibility criteria for the visa, each state Government is able to set its own requirements which may be HIGHER than that stipulated on the home affairs website. For example some States specifically exclude certain businesses such as coffee shops, corner stores, entry level franchises and wine export businesses. Some require you employ a minimum number of people in the business and some even require the level of investment is significantly higher than the minimum specified on the DHA website. Business plans are also often required as is evidence that you have put some serious thought and planning in prior to making your application. I hope this helps
  6. Steve Elliott

    QROPS funds for 55+

    Thanks Andrew. i was just hoping there might by now be a non SMSF alternative so that I might be able to compare offerings. Thanks for your input.
  7. Steve Elliott

    QROPS funds for 55+

    Thanks for the quick reply Andrew. No, I am referring to the penalty fees which IVCM says they may charge should funds be transferred out within a three year window from when the initial investment is received from IVCM. It was explained to me that many people were initially transferring funds to the fund but were transferring out into a SMSF fairly quickly and then closing down their IVCM account. I'm just wondering if their are any other choices other than establishing an SMSF? Thanks Andrew.
  8. Steve Elliott

    QROPS funds for 55+

    Hi there. I read recently that there are potentially other retail funds other than the IVCM expatriate fund, in the pipeline for QROPS approval. For someone not particularly keen on an SMSF, I'm interested in other options. It looks as though IVCM have quite high penalty fees, which are calculated as a % of the fund balance which seems a little unfair given the paperwork associated with a $300k balance would not be any less than a $100k fund, but the fees would be 3x higher! I'd appreciate any thoughts!
  9. Steve Elliott


    Apologies but I should have included my MARN which is 1804671 and my name is Stephen Elliott. Kind regards
  10. Steve Elliott

    188b Investor stream

    Did you manage to lodge your application Arthur? Queensland re-opened it’s business program but has since closed again. It is certainly the fastest growing state for business visas in terms of year of YOY growth. I also hope you used an Australian Registered Agent as their fees would be a fraction of the cost mentioned and have to abide by a very strict code of conduct. Well worth the expense. Good luck
  11. Steve Elliott


    It sounds as if maybe the Wearehappyfamily have maybe gone cold on the idea.What I would say as a Registered Migration Agent is that you would be well advised to look at individual State Government Requirements. While the investment requirement at a State Government is set, each individual State may have their own requirements for them to nominate you through an EOI. Also, these visas are on very high demand so it is possible your points test score may need to be higher than the minimum 65. Finally, check your preferred State is still open for EOIs. One state has already met its allocation and is closed to new applications.
  12. Steve Elliott

    IT jobs in Brisbane

    I must confess I am lazy so I have not read your entire thread but from all my mates in IT in Brisbane I hear it's tough out there. Not withstanding they say jobs are out there but you just have to network - applying for jobs on line or via a recruiter, you can just about forget about - its all about who you know. Flick me your resume and I can pass it on to my mates of mine who manage big IT projects in Brisbane. I'm not a recruiter and there is nothing in this for me other than a beer and a curry if something happens
  13. Steve Elliott

    Moving to Brisbane

    Hi Jordan You are asking lots of questions - its a bit like asking about where do you wan to live in London !! - North Lakes is brilliant when you couch it on the basis of a relative commute to what most Uk nationals have to put up with BUT really what you are asking is about comparing Mayfair with the London East End - No Comparison - it all depends on budget, lifestyle, support networks etc etc you want. So many questions to ask and answer - Schools and kids are generally so much better over here. The bottom line is get over here and find some temporary accommodation then go looking - it might cost you more in the short term but will save you heaps in the long term - and you will be happier with your decision Good luck
  14. Steve Elliott

    Transfering Into an aussi Bank

    The bottom line is that the big 4 banks in Australia will all cry out loud "no fees" but that's fine but they clip you on the exchange rate which can be up to 3% - so on $100k they could be making $3000. I strongly suggest you resist the bait that they will open an account in Oz for you and instead use a specialist in the area. I now bugger all about Moneycorp but I am in the industry so I know what I am talking about. Good luck
  15. Steve Elliott

    Where to buy big potatoes? (For home baked jacket spuds)

    My understanding is that it is not the "Size" but more the variety which is important. I think variety is the key. From my recollections it's all about the tastiness and the crispy skin. Can someone who knows their stuff make enquiries back at home and ask what "variety" they use and let me know. I can then talk to the guys in the industry and find out what are the best potatoes to do the job. I write a weekly article in a major rural newspaper so I could actually ask the question of the readers in my article. How does that sound ?