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Found 34 results

  1. Hello. I hope someone can help with this question on visa applicants with disabilities. I had been planning to apply for a 491 visa with nomination from South Australia. However, one my children has a moderate learning disability and this almost certainly means he will need a health waiver to avoid being denied a visa on the grounds of the cost of special education support. I recently learned that the 491 visa does not accept health waivers, which is hugely disappointing news as this was my best shot at getting enough points for a realistic chance of success. Does anyone know if the 189 visa accepts health waivers? This would be a long shot as I would have fewer points, but better than nothing. The official guidance says "some skilled" visas accept health waivers but doesn't specify which. Thanks in advance for any help with this.
  2. Hello all, looking for LOTS of advice! Myself, my partner and 14 month old baby have decided to move to Perth,OZ. We're from Ireland. I'm a registered ID nurse, could anybody give me advice on whether my registration is recognised over there, or what steps i have to take to have it recognised, availability of jobs in this field etc...... any advice at all would be much appreciated really! Also would my oh be covered by my visa or would he have to apply seperately? Lots of questions i know but any info at all would be super. Thanks in advance :biggrin:
  3. Any special needs teachers who have migrated from India? How is it there? Success in careers? Are there vacancies?
  4. vimjay

    PR for Cerebral palsy kid

    10-07-2018 Hi All, I am from India and planning to migrate Australia with PR / 489 Visa with my family. I want to migrate with my family i.e. me (42 yrs), my wife (42 yrs), my two kids (14 yrs and 9 yrs). I am from IT background and going to apply as a developer software / software programmer. My younger son (9 years) is suffering with cerebral palsy. He is physical disable. He can't walk, can't speak meaning full. He has mile stone delay and currently his physiotherapy is going on. My main question is that is he eligible for Visa / PR ? Is there any problem to get VISA ? What type of care should I take to get VISA. Is there any special condition or special process to get such VISA ? If anyone experienced person, please guide me. URGENT. Thanks in advance.

    Worried about AHPRA

    hi all, just going through the ahpra application with my wife and see a section about impairment, my wife had an injury meaning she currently cant work on labour ward, but has no issues working on antenatal wards, and the hospital she works at are happy with this, are ahpra likely to decline her application? would it be worth calling them? Cheers
  6. Hi guys, I'm moving to Perth in the next weeks and I have been applying for jobs in disability services. i have worked mostly in home support but i would like to work in other services and I am aiming for case management but not restricted to that alone. I have had some response to my applications but as I'm moving from Ireland, I'm hoping that I will get more on arrival. Some people have mentioned that what is expected from applications there differs to what I am used in that, my cover letter is 1 page long and my cv is 3 pages long. I have always kept it reasonably succinct but adapted to the roles that I a applying for. Some people have advised me that cover letters there should be 3-4 pages long to address the requirements listed in the job ads - is that true or dependent on the role that you're applying for? I have a meeting set up with a Disability Employment Service when I arrive and I'm looking for advice on preparing for that also? There seems to be differences in what employers are looking for from employees so I'm not sure what to expect. Appreciate any advice! Thanks
  7. clarence17

    Emigrating with a disabled child

    Hi, My child is 22 months old and we were told that he has global development delay. All medical exams including MRI done so far proved normal. Specialist say he might recover, but it is hard to tell yet. Bupa medical panel is requesting specialist reports. As to what we can see, he is just slightly behind his peers. What are the chances of being approved? I am migrating under the 190 state nomination Visa after being state nominated. I also have 65 points so it should be enough. Medicals are done upfront before EOI launch to see if we meet the health criteria. Should I talk to the specialist to get a favourable report and what should the specialist report contain to increase my chances of being approved. Since my child is 22 months old, I don't suppose an IQ test can be done yet to ascertain his ability to live independently without a special school, hence burdening the healthcare system. Any comments and recommendations are welcome.
  8. Hi All Disability Care Workers I work for an agency that has the NSW government contract to provide disability care staff to community group homes and residential centres. They also provide agency staff to most of the NGO disability charities. So I get as much work as I want. It is great to have a variety of work locations - and being an agency you set your own availability for work to fit around other activities. They pay a bit more than other agencies also. They say they need many more experienced disability care workers and they welcome people on Working Holiday Visas. You need to have a First Aid Certificate, Drivers License and three years previous experience. They have a web site at www.GlobalAdvantage.org Their free phone number is 1800 009 292 If a working holiday staff member works out OK and has worked exclusively for them - they can offer 457 visa sponsorship as they are approved by the commonwealth government. They also help with employer nomination residency applications for disability care workers who have been sponsored by them for a few years. The owner is an Irish nurse and the General Manager is an English nurse and they have offices in Sydney (at Strathfield near the station), Newcastle (for the Central Coast and Newcastle) and Melbourne. Cheers Rosco
  9. can anyone tell me is there a need for support workers to adults with learning disabilities/ challenging behavior and how much could you expect to earn per hour? i have searched the site but not found what i have been looking for plus we are goin to gold coast in 2weeks for a recci an it would be good if i knew where to go lookin for this type of work .. here at home i work for the trust which is quite well paid plus you get good enhancements in your pay , the trust is the other name for the nhs ( i think) i would be grateful to anyone who could help me here an also thanks to gollywobbler for all help :yes: cheers caza
  10. carlos66

    UK disability living allowance

    Hi Amanda here, Carl's OH, Was wondering does claiming disability living allowance in UK for son who has Apserger's affect your chances of obtaining a visa. We have the health forms to fill in before our medicals and one question asks if you have claimed any Government financial assistance for medical reasons not sure what to do, as son will be 16 in April so as it is up to him then he wouldnt be claiming it for himself after that. It is not something he would plan to do in Australia either. :eek:
  11. Does anyone have any advice for a Learning Disability Nurse looking for work in Australia.. We were hoping to move to Perth but the qualification is not recognised in W.A. We have been told to head for Sydney or New Zealand... The high cost of living in Sydney puts me off, although i have never been.. What do you think????? Liz & family,,,.......
  12. Hi, I'm hoping somebody can help me out here as I seem to be going round in circles here!!! I'm a registered nurse intellectual disability here in Ireland and am hoping to be Perth bound next March. We're just in the process of applying for visa's.....just waiting on my skills assessment to come back. My type of nursing is on the skills list for WA but saying not available therefore I may have to apply for an off List nomination, which means I need either proof of jobs in my field, a job interview or even better a job!! I did get in touch with WA disability services and they mostly employ EN's, they said it would be private firms in the city dat I'd need to get in touch with and this is where my problem is....I can't find out who to get in touch with!!! Hopefully there is somebody out there who can point me in the right direction! I have 17 years experience in this nursing so hopefully there is something in Perth for me!!!:huh: Thanks in advance, Karen
  13. hi... can anyone give me some advice on jobs as a learning disability nurse in perth. many thanks !:biggrin:
  14. Just sharing some info - www.everyaustraliancounts.com.au
  15. popnjeb

    Sponsor with a disability

    Hi everyone I am new to the forum and was hoping someone might be able to help me with this question. I am an Australian (born in WA) and my husband and I are going to return to Oz from the UK this year - all being well with his visa application. We have no children and no dependent relatives who will be included in the visa application. My question is: I have a disability, receive DLA, but am still perfectly capable of working (which I have been doing for many years). My husband is in perfect health and I was wondering if me (the Australian and the sponsor) having a disability will affect his visa application? Any advice or thoughts would really help... Cheers
  16. Dear Pomsinoz, Could you please have a look into my job desc. and let me know if i could use any of the following 6 options, please Help(i pick option 3)but i might be wrong and need to ask for aadvice.Thanks in advance That's my present job description Role and Responsibility The Team Leader’s role is essential to the wellbeing of the person we support and to the team of people employed to support them. It is a role of both providing practical support and providing leadership and management to a small number of people. The role expects a degree of autonomy, initiative and responsibility from the post holder. Option1 Alternative Title: Welfare Project Manager Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates a centre, program or project concerned with social welfare support. Skill Level: 1 Option2 411711 COMMUNITY WORKER Facilitates community development initiatives and collective solutions within a community to address issues, needs and problems associated with recreational, health, housing, employment and other welfare matters. Skill Level: 2 option3 411712 DISABILITIES SERVICES OFFICER Works in a range of service units which provide education and community access to people with intellectual, physical, social and emotional disabilities. Skill Level: 2 option4 Job description Assists young people as individuals or groups to solve social, emotional and financial problems in an agency framework. option 5 Job description Assists individuals, families and groups with social, emotional or financial difficulties to improve quality of life, by educating and supporting them and working towards change in their social environment. option6 Job description Assesses the social needs of individuals, families and groups, assists and empowers people to develop and use the skills and resources needed to resolve social and other problems, and furthers human wellbeing and human rights, social justice and social development. Registration or licensing may be required.
  17. Guest

    perm residence and disability

    hi everyone. some advice please. My partner and I arrived in oz two years ago on a 457 visa (employer sponsored) working for a government department. we made the decision to stay and apply for permanent residence. My partner became pregnant before we started the process but just before the birth my employer submitted the employer nomination so that we could get it started following birth. We understood Kate could not complete the medical until after the birth so we held off. Our two beautiful boys were born a fortnight ago but one was born with downs syndrome, which was unexpected. We are now becoming aware that we may be rejected for our perm residence because of this. It seems the lad has only been on the planet for a week and already he's been discriminated against. All seems a bit 1970's to me. Has anyone any experience of this or advice.
  18. Hi All, I am a registered Learning Disability Nurse, working in the UK. Myself and my husband want to move to Australia. Is there any RNLD’s that are employed and what would I need to do? Please help!:wacko:
  19. Hey All... I'm writing in the hope that someone here can help me?? I'm from the UK and looking to come back to Oz some time in the near future if possible. I have read online that there are some agencies in Australia that have the ability to sponser overseas workers with the skills, qualifications and experience of working as a 'disability support worker'. I work here and have done for the previous 7 yrs in mental health, caring for the elderly with dementia, alzheimers and challenging behaviours. Afer reading on some websites and one in particular in Sydney it would appear that I would be eligible for sponsorship, though no one seems to want to reply??? I have my NVQ 3 in health and social care, which on the AQF it equates to a level 4/5/diploma.... Is there anyone out there who can steer me in the right direction with agencies that want someone with my experience and capability. Thankyou so much!! Kim Happy New Year To All :-) xx
  20. Guest

    Disability & Carers Pension uk

    My wife and I are returning to uk. My wife is on a didability pension and I am on a careres pension. Anyone have any idea how it works in the uk? Thanks, Cariad
  21. Dear forum readers, I’m posting to let you know about an Australian parliamentary inquiry into the migration treatment of disability. The Joint Standing Committee on Migration will look at whether visa decision-makers should be able to take into account the social and economic contribution, as well as the anticipated health care costs, of potential migrants identified as having a ‘disease or condition’. I’ve seen there are quite a few postings on this site from people having problems being granted an Australian visa due to their own, or family member’s disability or health condition. If you’ve had issues with the health requirement and would like to tell your story, please think about making a submission to the inquiry. Submissions can be of any length or format. It doesn’t matter if you’re not Australian or not in Australia. Following the inquiry the Committee will make recommendations to the Government about potential changes. More information is available at www.aph.gov.au/house/committee/mig/disability/index.htm or contact me.
  22. Hi just wondered is there any jobs or extra need for learning disability nurses in and around the sunshine coast - i am looking to begin a course in cognitive behavioural psychontherapy - would there be any need? please let me know what the LD job situation is like xx:jiggy:
  23. My family and I (husband and three children) lived in Australia for 17 years and became Australian citizens in 1982. We returned to UK a number of years ago in order to travel Europe and that side of the world. We stayed longer than expected but intend to return towards the end of the year. Unfortunately, my 60 year old husband had a brain haemorrhage 20 months ago which resulted in a severe stroke. He is now confined to a wheelchair and is aphasic. In the UK he receives Disability Living Allowance of £67 per week plus his mobility car. I receive my UK pension which is only £80 as they reduced it because of the 17 years spent in Australia. I have not as yet applied for my Australian pension. I wondered if someone on this site receives a disability allowance or could someone tell me which government department I approach to enquire about disability allowances and whether my husband would be eligible. I have made enquiries about his medication and have been informed by the PBS that they are on the subsidised list. My daughter returned to Australia two years ago and my two sons, daughter in law and grandchildren are returning in the next six months, so all our family will be over in Oz again. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  24. Hi i am currently a supervisor in a care home for adults with mental health / learning disabilities. I am looking for a job with sponsorship, if possible, in rural queensland. in and around the rainbow beach / gympie area!! If any one could help or has any information i would be eternally grateful. I have extensive knowledge and experience with adults with autism spectrum disorders, dimentia and schizophrenia! also learning disability. look forward to hearing from anyone!!
  25. George Lombard

    Disability and Migration - Public Debate

    This article in the Age: Discrimination Against Disabled Migration might be a sign of a changing of culture with respect to medical processing. The author makes the point that Australia's migration practices are contrary to human rights obligations accepted by Australia. Out of interest, what can people tell me about medical barriers to migration to the UK and EU countries generally? I assume that the US and Canada still maintain equally strict medical requirements, but happy to listen to comments from consumers. Cheers, George Lombard