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  1. paddyandhollyB23

    WHV and tourist visa - about to book travel insurance... Do I need to?

    Having looked on the medicare website it shows that UK and Ireland have reciprocal health agreement which covers the basics. I have just purchased travel ins for the journey and a few days after (gives me some time to get the card) Thanks again for your help Paddy
  2. paddyandhollyB23

    WHV and tourist visa - about to book travel insurance... Do I need to?

    Thanks for your reply - much appreciated! I have an irish passport but resident of UK all my life. Will this be an issue?
  3. Hi We are travelling to Perth this Sunday and looking at travel insurance. I am aware of medicare but didn't look into it much. I have now seen on some posts that there is no need for travel insurance. I will be working on a whv and my gf will be on a tourist visa. If things work out we may stay on and hopefully get sponsored with the construction companyill be working with . Please accept my apologies if this has been answered umpteen times - but we just need to know if it worthwhile forking out a couple of hundred pounds each for the annual cover? If not please can you confirm the medicare procedure and level of cover we would be granted. Thanks for any of your help Paddy
  4. paddyandhollyB23

    Flights to Perth

    Sorry my flight number is QF2 leaving heathrow at 21.30 on a Sunday. It is the a380 and have paid extra to sit upstairs. Never been on it before and really can't wait!
  5. paddyandhollyB23

    Flights to Perth

    We are flying at end of month with Qantas and it is deffo the a380. Think the flight code is qf1.
  6. paddyandhollyB23

    Golf Anyone? North Perth

    Bumping this thread as will be landing with my clubs in Jan. We will be knock tho but interested to get to know a few people and have a knock in the sun for a change! Cheers Paddy
  7. paddyandhollyB23

    Help Applying for TFN

    Hi Kev That link to the website clearly states you can be resident for tax purposes on WHV as long as you are in the same job and place for majority of year (like 'Kate' ' example) I will be arriving in Perth on a whv and will be needing a TFN - how do you get it before you arrive in Oz?
  8. paddyandhollyB23

    Taxes on WHV??? Help please.......

    Have heard it has slowed a bit. However still in contact with companies that are still keen to get me on board, with most wanting me in the country first. This is why I have gone down the whv route
  9. paddyandhollyB23

    Taxes on WHV??? Help please.......

    I have the whv and wanted to go down that route instead of being sponsored and being tied to one company. Also it's a lot cheaper in case things don't work out and we cone back. My mrs wasn't keen on the move initially but has finally come around. We will see how things develop in the year. FIFO is fly in fly out works in the mines usually working a roster 21days on 7 off etc. It's great money but hard work so I've been told, plus you are staying away from family. Metro work is working around the city which I prefer. We have secured a fully furnished rental in Safety Bay about 50 mins south of Perth. It's really close to beach and we got a good deal on it. Really wanted to secure it before we went as it saves a lot of messing when we're there. It's good to know we have somewhere to stay in the long term. What are your plans, and when do you get out there?
  10. paddyandhollyB23

    Taxes on WHV??? Help please.......

    That website is really helpful and the example of Kate would be the same as me meaning I would be classed as an Australian national. I am in negotiations with a Perth construction company that have new projects starting in 2013. I am hopeful of getting a position with them ( Iam a site engineer / eengineering surveyor). However I am aware my position is in demand and have been told once I am in the country a lot more opportunities will open up. I would prefer a metro job but may look into FIFO works if needs be. I believe the white cards are the same as our cscs and believe the company you work for will sort it out. It may be different with your line of work. Yes I'm from Erdington what about yourself?
  11. paddyandhollyB23

    Taxes on WHV??? Help please.......

    Thanks for the pointers I will check out the links in the morning! Nite all!
  12. Hi Will be arriving on a whv in Jan and will be working in construction in Perth . I am just a bit lost on what taxes I will be paying as I heard somewhere that there is higher rate of tax given to whv? Any light shed on this will be greatly appreciated Thank Paddy :xmas23:
  13. paddyandhollyB23

    jobs on working holiday visa

    Hi Gibbon Just wanted to bump up your post. I am arriving in Jan with a whv and will be working in construction (site engineer/engineering surveyor) . Your post is the only one I have found that mentions the whv route into oz to get a proper job ie not backlacking/fruit picking. It is good to hear digitalis knowledge of the situation. Basically I have wanted to get over for a number of years now especially with the boom in construction, but not prepared to go down the expensive PR route in case things don't work out. I have been in touch with numerous construction companies and the majority won't offer much unless you sign up for their 457 or on Oz soil. I have something in the pipeline with a Perth company which is looking promising, but have been told by some agencies that once over there I will get a job fairly easily especially in WA.
  14. paddyandhollyB23

    Qantas QF1 flight LHR-PER reviews and jet lag help

    Thanks for the replies - I think we will look at the website in more detail. We will prob do with a case each but would be good to get another between us. Yeah I think that is our plan really as well. Try and get a bit of sleep on plane where we can but by landing late at night oz time we can get to bed and will be shattered by journey. Fi gers crossed this will work as I have heard some horror film stories from friends. Did you travel by a380? We have paid a bit extra to sit upstairs but still in economy. Hoping as it's a bit smaller and on upper deck it should be quieter/better service etc.
  15. hi we are flying to perth from london in january I want to see what the flight is like. We are on the a380 on 1st leg to Singapore. also we wanted to know if there is a standard charge for extra luggage or cost per kg.. I am also thinking of taking my golf clubs with me . another query for me is jet lag as I've heard it is better to stay awake on the night flight and to reach the destination tired . It will be 1am when we land in perth so after a sleep that night and a sensible wake up time, this should cure the jet lag??? We have never flown long distance before and wanted to see if any of you had any help..... :confused: Thanks Paddy :wink: