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Found 51 results

  1. Hi all, I see that Qantas has released some more repatriation flights from LHR to MEL, but does anyone know if you're allowed to get off when they land in PER, since the flight goes direct from LHR-PER-MEL? THANKS SO MUCH ANYONE THAT CAN HELP!!
  2. Just trying to select seats online with Qantas and pay $50 for the privilege and every time I get an error - "Invalid address. Please check the characters and the length of the text in the address fields. (4607 - 15623)" I have tried every combination of address (UK address) and I always get the same error. The address is correct and matches the credit card used. I can log in via frequent flyer membership and select seats and no address is requested but still I get the same error. Seems impossible to get through on the phone to Qantas - over 60 minutes wasted there. E-mail (when you can find it !) to Qantas gets an auto reply saying "will endeavour to respond to your e-mail as quickly as possible" but no-one actually comes back to you. Anyone else had this problem or know how to resolve it ? Qantas - do you ever read these forums ? Why are you so useless ? Thanks for reading.
  3. So QANTAS have just lived their embargo on all snub nosed breeds. Their flight is substantially quicker than the current Air Canada offering & is direct e.g. 2 hours stopover early in the morning in Dubai. The negative - possible heat. The positive - much quicker, less stress as they don't have to get of the plane. Air Canada has a route that avoids the heat. London - Vancouver - Sydney. There is however a long stopover in Vancouver of 12 hours & my understanding is that Air Canada take the pets, put them in a larger cage (not sure) & offer them water.. The negative - this 12 hour stopover must be very confusing for our pooches & thus add a lot of stress. The positive - low temperatures on the ground in all locations. We're looking at flying to Sydney from London around October (all relevant shots etc... have been taken care off). I guess I am looking for insight. No uneducated comments please about Snubs - we all know the negative side of their travel. Just looking for real insights, ideally from the pro's. Thanks
  4. hi we are flying to perth from london in january I want to see what the flight is like. We are on the a380 on 1st leg to Singapore. also we wanted to know if there is a standard charge for extra luggage or cost per kg.. I am also thinking of taking my golf clubs with me . another query for me is jet lag as I've heard it is better to stay awake on the night flight and to reach the destination tired . It will be 1am when we land in perth so after a sleep that night and a sensible wake up time, this should cure the jet lag??? We have never flown long distance before and wanted to see if any of you had any help..... :confused: Thanks Paddy :wink:
  5. The Pom Queen

    Qantas Worried it could go Under

    Qantas have warned the Federal Government it could go under if Ethiad are allowed to purchase more stakes in Virgin. I'm sorry but Qantas have only themselves to blame, Jetstar service is terrible, prices are sky high and delays are well known.
  6. Guest

    Jobs in the airline domain

    The DH is an ICT BA in the airline domain. Wanted to know where in OZ the job opportunities are for this profile. If anyone can help or knows anyone in Qantas etc. and can find out, that'd be great. Not Poms but would appreciate the info. Thanks
  7. Well I hope we all get that customer service from now on. Check this out, Stephen Fry gets stranded in Dubai tonight on a Qantas flight, leaves his wallet on the plane and they tweet him to tell him they are looking for it? Huh? http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/8370085/stephen-fry-on-diverted-qantas-jet
  8. Guest


    If you are flying qantas check the news......here in oz all qantas flights grounded. Union disputes.
  9. Strikes prompt Qantas to cancel more flights http://www.cnbc.com/id/44796486
  10. hi everyone 2 days until we go!!!!!!!!!!! can anyone tell me if qantas weigh your hand luggage in hong kong airport when you fly to perth? THANKS!
  11. Qantas lays down five-year turnaround Tuesday, August 16, 2011 » 08:09pm Qantas Airways has set a five-year target to return its struggling international operations to profitability. The airline announced on Tuesday it was cutting some long-haul flying, deferring orders of its Airbus A380 superjumbos and confirmed it was looking to set up a new full-service premium carrier in Asia. As part of the restructure, the Flying Kangaroo will cut 1,000 jobs, including pilots, cabin crew, management and engineering staff. Chief executive Alan Joyce says the airline's international operations are losing market share and suffering financial losses, with 82 out of every 100 Australians choosing to fly on its competitors when heading overseas. 'We don't have the option of pretending things will change if we stay the same. They won't,' he told reporters. 'To do nothing, or tinker around the edges, would only guarantee the end of Qantas international in our home Australian market.' 'That would be a tragedy.' One of the biggest changes is the plan to establish a new premium airline in Asia. While details such as name, location and routes remain under wraps, Mr Joyce did say it will be minority owned, start with 11 narrowbody Airbus A320 aircraft and Kuala Lumpur or Singapore are two of several potential bases. The aircraft configuration was understood to feature lie-flat business class seats and a premium economy style product in the rear of the cabin. It was also suggested this lower seat density meant the A320 would be able to operate flights to and from Australia from where ever the new airline was based. While it won't carry the Qantas name, the proposed airline would 'leverage all our Qantas know-how', Mr Joyce said. 'Our ability to participate profitably in Asia, with this huge growth, is something every Australian should be proud of because it shows Qantas is leading the way in aviation, still after 90 years,' he said. Meanwhile, the route changes were designed to enhance Qantas's relationships with Oneworld alliance partners such as British Airways and LAN Chile. Qantas says it will stop flying to London from Bangkok and Hong Kong in early 2012 and instead rely on a codeshared British Airways' services on those sectors. At the same time, it will consolidate all its flying to the UK capital via Singapore, offering daily services with its Airbus A380 superjumbos from Sydney and Melbourne. And in South America, Qantas will drop Buenos Aires in favour of LAN hub Santiago. Despite much speculation, other Qantas destinations thought to be under consideration to be dropped, such as Mumbai, Manila and New York, were maintained. The airline said in June the international operations were expected to post a before tax loss of $200 million in 2010/11. 'The consolidation will immediately reduce losses and could in the long-term see yield increase unless competitors pick up on the lost traffic,' the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation said in a research note. 'There are still some major areas of detail to work through, but the foundations have been set for a new, more focused international business to emerge.' Qantas also announced what it said was the largest aircraft order in Australian aviation history - firm orders for 106-110 narrowbody Airbus A320s, plus 194 purchase rights and options. The new planes are planned for Jetstar in Australia and New Zealand, Asia and the new domestic operation in Japan in partnership with Japan Airlines and Mitsubishi Corporation. And in a further fleet reshuffle, Qantas says it will defer delivery of six A380s until 2018/19 after it receives the 12th double-decker airframe in mid-2013. Qantas says the cost of the transformation plan is still being assessed.
  12. I’m trying to add additional baggage to my Qantas flight. On the website it says “Visit Manage Your Booking to purchase an Additional Baggage Allowance.” For the life of me I cannot find any options where I can pay to have my baggage allowance increased. :arghh: Have any of you experienced the same problems? TIA
  13. I joined husband and I up to Qantas FF to start claiming miles seeing as BA Exec club won't be much use anymore! It was free to join as we are currently in the UK, but will we have to stump up the membership fee when living in Oz? I anticipate we'll be stacking up a fair amount of points as I wanna get the Amex card and other loyalty things thet get Qantas miles :biggrin:
  14. Qantas pilots say they will try to avoid disrupting passengers when they take industrial action against the airline Long haul pilots are seeking a guarantee from management, not to employ pilots from overseas. They say they are still hoping to negotiate, and and will try to minimise any disruption to travellers. Qantas says it's not planning to send jobs overseas, but the pilots say they don't believe management. The Australian online has reported, Australian and International Pilots Association vice-president Richard Woodward would not reveal what action the union was planning, but said it would be obvious to passengers and the union would attempt to minimise disruptions. 'We can't promise that, of course, because other unions are upset with company as well,' he said. "But the stuff we initiate, certainly in the initial phases, we'll do our very best to minimise any disruptions to passengers." Tuesday 12th July 2011
  15. Qantas Airlines: Repair Division In case you need a laugh: Remember, it takes a college degree to fly a plane but only a high school diploma to fix one. After every flight, Qantas pilots fill out a form, called a 'Gripe Sheet' which tells mechanics about problems with the aircraft. The mechanics correct the problems; document their repairs on the form, and then pilots review the Gripe Sheets before the next flight. Never let it be said that ground crews lack a sense of humour. Here are some actual maintenance complaints submitted by Qantas' pilots (marked with a P) and the solutions recorded (marked with an S) by maintenance engineers. By the way, Qantas is the only major airline that has never, ever, had an accident. P: Left inside main tire almost needs replacement. S: Almost replaced left inside main tire. P: Test flight OK, except auto-land very rough. S: Auto-land not installed on this aircraft. P: Something loose in cockpit. S: Something tightened in cockpit. P: Dead bugs on windshield. S: Live bugs on back-order. P: Autopilot in altitude-hold mode produces a 200 feet per minute descent. S: Cannot reproduce problem on ground. P: Evidence of leak on right main landing gear. S: Evidence removed. P: DME volume unbelievably loud. S: DME volume set to more believable level. P: Friction locks cause throttle levers to stick. S: That's what friction locks are for. P: IFF inoperative in OFF mode. S: IFF always inoperative in OFF mode. P: Suspected crack in windshield. S: Suspect you're right. P: Number 3 engine missing. S: Engine found on right wing after brief search. P: Aircraft handles funny........... (I love this one!) S: Aircraft warned to straighten up, fly right, and be serious. P: Target radar hums. S: Reprogrammed target radar with lyrics. P: Mouse in cockpit. S: Cat installed. P: Noise coming from under instrument panel. Sounds like a midget pounding on something with a hammer. S: Took hammer away from midget.
  16. My googling on this has led me here so hoping someone can help... I'm flying to Perth on 21st July (studying at UWA for a year on a student exchange). Booked return flights on BA.com - outbound flights are Qantas all the way and the return for popping home for xmas is Qantas to Singapore then BA back to London. Question is about the baggage - incapable of packing lightly so wanted to take an extra bag (+ want to take my backpack for obligatory travelling during the holidays) rather naively just looked at the BA costs for an extra bag ( which seemed lovely) - but since found the Qantas rates and want to cry - which ones would I have to pay? Any advice what I can how I can send the extra bag if it would be the Qantas (no WAY! I can afford them). Don't really trust phoning up because the possibility of turning up at the airport and finding out whatever info I've got is wrong is not one I want - so want other peoples experiences... + here they're chatting about dimensions http://www.qantas.com.au/travel/airlines/checked-baggage/global/en?int_cam=au:info:promo:baggage-changes-1june:lang:en#jump3 having to be 158cm but can't work out whether thats just for the flights booked before December 2010 - anyone know - otherwise my main suitcase is going to be something like 3cm over Thanks everyone
  17. Reported today on news.com.au http://www.news.com.au/travel/news/qantas-passengers-hit-with-seat-booking-fee/story-e6frfq80-1226038530742 Qantas passengers hit with seat booking fee THE next time you want to book a seat next to your partner or children on an international Qantas flight be prepared to pay up for the privilege. The airline has begun charging economy passengers $20 per person per leg of the journey to select a seat via its website. Those who want to avoid the fee will have to request a seat upon arriving at the airport, taking the risk that there may not be enough free seats left to be able sit beside loved ones. The airline's Advance Seat Selection option can be used for exit row seats but will attract a fee of up to $160 for long haul international flights. Those travelling on domestic flight or in first, business and premium economy cabins will avoid the seat selection fee. Frequent flyers and members of their loyalty scheme will not be charged. A Qantas spokesperson said that the new initiative will benefit passengers. “Advance Seat Selection complements Qantas’ pre-boarding services designed to make the pre-boarding experience quick and onboard experience comfortable,” the spokesperson said. “It is another initiative enabling Qantas customers to have greater choice with their travel experience. “Should customers not select their seat directly after they have booked their flight, they can continue to select their seat during online check-in free of charge.” The Advance Seat Selection was previously available to frequent flyers with Platinum, Gold or Silver status. Qantas is not the first airline to introduce such a charge. British Airways launched a fee for advance seat selection in 2009, charging passengers around $25 for the privilege. Qantas has carried out a series of domestic and international fuel surcharge hikes this year, with further increases flagged. Last month the airline announced that domestic fares will rise up to $10 a flight from the end of the month, on top of the five per cent hike in February. The airline also announced a range of cost-cutting moves last month in a bid to combat rising fuel costs and the economic impact of recent natural disasters. This included cutting jobs and flights on routes such as Japan, Melbourne and New Zealand, as well as downsizing some aircraft.
  18. A PLANE has exploded over Indonesia, according to reports. Debris from a plane has been found on Batam Island, according to a police chief in western Indonesia. Witnesses said they heard an explosion as a commercial jetliner flew over the area, reported the Associated Press. The Jakarta Globe quoted Batavia Air's Riau office as saying the plane did not belong to them, but they thought it may have been a Qantas plane. Plane explodes over Indonesia | Courier Mail
  19. Hi All I am attempting to obtain a CD that was on the Qantas flights. It was The Beatles in Classical mode. It was by different artists. I cannot remembet the name of the CD and I have looked everywhere. There appears to be lots around. I would really appreciate it somebody can get this info for me. Thanks in advance! Karen
  20. Just a 'heads up" for anyone travelling with Qantas in the near future,whilst I was away on business I heard a rumour from a Qantas contact that they are going to start being very strict about hand luggage,my contact tells me that they will be weighing EVERY piece of hand luggage and anything over 7 kg's will be charged excess baggage rates on. I urge anyone travelling with them to ensure that you keep your hand luggage under 7 kg's and ensure that it meets the size limitations as stated on the QF website. Fly - Baggage - Carry-on Baggage - General
  21. Elliott-Family

    ARGHHH our Qantas flights have changed

    Hi Just having a bit of a rant, we have booked to validate our visa at the end of may, because we are on such a tight budget we will only be in OZ for 8 days, we looked long and hard into our flights and had booked one that would mean we would get to melbourne at 6pm, this suited us as we could collect car, get to accommodation and crash for the night meaning we could start fresh the next day, however... we have just had an email saying our flights have changed!!!!! we now dont arrive at melbourne until 4.45am, which means we gonna be shattered and prob miss the first day of our hols also we have to now re-arrange dogs boarding, hotel at airport night before fights, parking, school, car hire and accommodation whilst there!!! so fed up as we were so organised and had everything sorted and now have to start again with it all, how can airlines just do this to us sorry for rant but well fed up :sad: Claire
  22. Hi, We are searching for flights to validate our visas in May. Cheapest I can find it Qantas return fare to Adelaide, via Singapore for 2 adults, 2 kids for £2445.60. Does this look like a good deal??? Just looking for opinions before we book. Thanks Mandisfam
  23. Fly to one of Australia’s Seven Gateways from £613* These fares are available for departures from 16 April to 20 June 2010. Offer ends 2 February 2010, unless sold out prior. Availability is limited. London to Perth From £613.00 London to Brisbane From £671.00 London to Sydney From £668.00 London to Melbourne From £659.00 London to Cairns From £668.00* London to Darwin From £664.00 London to Adelaide From £667.00 Prices are for return economy airfares,Terms and Conditions Apply Prices based on payment at qantas.com. A surcharge of £15 per person applies to telephone bookings made through Qantas Airways. Prices correct at 21 December 2009 but may fluctuate if surcharges, fees, taxes or currency change. Travel is permitted on Qantas Airways flights only. Maximum stay of 12 months applies. All international flights are via Singapore. Additional airport taxes and fees may be required for additional stopovers and/or alternative routings. *Cairns to Singapore return is with Jetstar. The above is posted as a service to PIO members only,Mitta Valley Travel accepts no liability if airfares are either sold out earlier or are not available on the dates you wish to travel.
  24. Qantas have advised me that it has increased fares on the UK route by up to 5%. The new fares apply to all tickets issued on or after December 18 and apply to published and retail fares. More information at :https://www.qantas.com.au/agents/dyn/qf/info/qantasNewsIndex
  25. Personally I think this is wishfull thinking on the part of Qantas,they have been seeking ways to cut costs and increase their bottom line profit but I am yet to see a sustainable rise in bookings and I really can't see any dramatic rises for a little while yet although fares are definetly on the rise,but nothing huge.