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Found 172 results

  1. Hi all, can an anyone possibly help? $50 to you :-) Dogtainers are shipping my dogs back from perth to Manchester in February but due to EU new law someone has to travel within 5 days. Unfortunatly we are already in the uk. The person would only need to email their details to dogtainers. They would be in no way responsible for the dogs what so ever. You can travel five days before or after not the same flight even please if anyone can help please I am totally stressed I want my babies home!!! Thanks in advance xxx
  2. Ozie

    Flights Townsville-Rockhampton

    Hello there! I am trying to plan my next trip from Sweden: Brisbane - Townsville - Magnetic Island - Townsville - Rockhampton - Brisbane. Most of it I have found out, but I am very surprised to find that the flight Townsville - Rockhampton is so very expensive! $211!! :arghh: Flying between e.g. Brisbane-Townsville just costs $99 and Rockhampton-Brisbane just $95. Have I missed something here???? I have checked with different sites, but just ended up with the same high price. Need some good advices here :confused:
  3. Hey, just wondering if anyone is flying from Newcastle UK to Dubai on the 21st of October or otherwise flying from Dubai to Melbourne in the early hours of the 22nd of October???
  4. Fares can be booked using the link and promo code below. Please note that 40kg luggage allowance isn't given where an Emirates flight forms part of the booking. http://www.qantas.com.au/travel/airlines/pfs/moneycorp/gb/en Promo Code: MGF6BX5
  5. Hi, I'm really new to this (first post) and wondered if someone can point me in the right direction? My husband and I are planning to move to Brisbane at the end of August and most of our personal effects will go to Australia on a container. I know we can get insurance for this. But, some of our personal effects (including jewellery) will be travelling with us (I thought it would be safer). But how do I get insurance for this? Normal holiday insurance does not seem to cover the value, nor is it a holiday so I assume they would find it a reason not to pay out if anything were to happen. Has anyone had to do this/found any policy that will work for us? Thanks! LD
  6. hi we are flying to perth from london in january I want to see what the flight is like. We are on the a380 on 1st leg to Singapore. also we wanted to know if there is a standard charge for extra luggage or cost per kg.. I am also thinking of taking my golf clubs with me . another query for me is jet lag as I've heard it is better to stay awake on the night flight and to reach the destination tired . It will be 1am when we land in perth so after a sleep that night and a sensible wake up time, this should cure the jet lag??? We have never flown long distance before and wanted to see if any of you had any help..... :confused: Thanks Paddy :wink:
  7. Hi Folks, need to start organizing the shipping of the two dogs, looking for some info. We are based in Dublin and need to get a Yorkie and a Basset Hound to Oz. We are looking at leaving mid March 2013, we have two options, fly the dogs straight out or leave them with the folks for a few months until we are settled and have them picked up. Frank (the basset) is a big lad, prob 1.2 - 1.3m head to tail, Clyde (yorkie) is prob 30 - 40cm. If anyone has time frames on jabs etc, i could do with the info! Also, if anyone has ballpark figures for getting both to NSW / Victoria, thanks in advance. Cheers, Kev
  8. Hi all My OH and I were discussing what we would need to take in our baggage to cover those first few weeks when we are without our possessions and in rented accommodation. We have discussed everything from toothbrushes to sleeping bags and corkscrews and pots and pans :v_SPIN:- and have decided to ask those amongst you who have taken the plunge to let us know what is useful or not? What do you wish you had packed? and equally what do you wish you hadn't? Look forward to hearing!!
  9. Hi, I will be flying to Perth January 2013 and plan on staying in Hong Kong for a few days for 2 reasons. My Dad used to live there as a boy so I've always wanted to go there and plus it will hopefully cushion the blow from the Jetlag. Firstly has anybody out there stayed in Hong Kong and is there any advice you can offer me? Also can anybody tell me about the Jetlag? Cheers, Ian.
  10. Guest

    Taking dog - book flight only?

    Hi, We are taking our dog to Australia when we emigrate and I am looking at the cost to arrange this myself. Does anyone know where I can obtain the cost for just the flight for my dog at all? Thanks for any help!
  11. I've just booked my flight. I emigrate to Brisbane on Tuesday on a 457 (which came through yesterday) - eeek! I've booked with BA because of their really reasonable rates for extra bags. I'm flying - Manchester - Heathrow (BA) Heathrow - Singapore (BA) Singapore - Brisbane (Qantas) Because the first two flights are BA, my bags will be checked through and I can buy up to 10(!) extra bags at the airport I get 1 free bag of 23 kg, 2nd bag is £40, 3rd bag + are £90 each, and heavy bags (23 -32 kg) are an extra £40. So 3 bags @23 kg each will cost me £130 extra.
  12. markandtraceyessex

    1 way flight now booked!!

    well, house sold ok, money in the bank, living with inlaws while our eldest finishes her gcse's, last exam on 28th june, we fly out on 29th! woohoo :biggrin: going to gillieston heights nr maitland nsw. flying with emirates, stopping at dubai for a few hours. we prefer singerpore airlines but emirates was far cheaper for us 4. free registered with skywards which lets you select your seating we arrive at sydney 1st July we are going to collect a rental car (and drop back to maitland depot when finished with) this will get us up to maitland and be our transport for a few weeks whilst looking to buy a car. estimated arrival of our container is 19th july, which is better than expected. i start work on 12th july. no pool at rental :unsure: but tracey has agreed to us buying a spa :jiggy: good luck to all those travelling over the next few months, we hope it all goes to plan for you. lastly, anyone wanting to make friends in the maitland area please feel free to reply or pm us. cheers mark & tracey
  13. emmaroo

    Booked flight home!

    Yes I did it, booked flight home for March 2012!:jiggy: Can't wait! Emma x
  14. Guest

    Follow me on my adventure!!!!

    Hi people I am doing vlogs as I am off to stay with my Dad in Australia for a year It's early stages yet but they are coming together so please watch and tell me what you think
  15. emmaroo

    Flight Prices

    Do flight prices get cheaper or more expensive the closer you wait to book? Just trying to work out when I should book my flight to get the best deal! Thanks Emma
  16. Hi.,., Just wondering if anyone has any experience on collecting flight points / rewards / miles etc. I know you can bag them up from each particular airline. And I`m still open to best suggestions on which carry the best rewards (freebies) etc. But, with sooo many flights / airline companies, I was wondering if there was a scheme where I could collected them together. ( ive heard about credit cards flight rewards.,., but you end up paying for the flight miles / points by the 3% card charge - or whatever it is)... Just wondering as i`m booking flights soon and may need to register before hand etc.:idea: CHEERS!
  17. Hi hope someone will be able to answer my query as I am a bit confused! I have my flight booked to Melbourne, leaving Heathrow this Sat 12th at 22.30. My employer booked the ticket for me and the e ticket states that I am booked with British Airways flight 7318, but the operating carrier is Qantas? does this mean that the plane will be Qantas? and which airline should I use to do online check in with and to check my luggage allowance? Sorry if this has been asked before but I am feeling stressed and confused!
  18. Well I'm just in the process of trying to work out what to take on the flight and what to ship but just wanted a bit of help about the sizes of bags allowed. I'm flying with Singapore airlines so get my normal baggage (unfortunately as I'm an oz citizen returning home I dont' think I get the extra), my 7kg hand luggage and a handbag. But what size handbag do they allow? I've got big ones but don't want to take one of those full of stuff only to have them tell me I've got too much. Any ideas? ALso I've got my little boy flying with us so although he doesn't get hand luggage I can take nappies etc for him, anyone know roughly what size they will allow of that too? Thanks so much x
  19. Guest

    Dreading the flight ..

    Hi guys, Just a whinge! We are flying out to Perth on Monday and while I am excited to get moving I am just dreading the flight ....will be 28.5 hours from the time we leave Ireland to landing in Perth. Will be 34 weeks pregnant and travelling with my husband and our 2 year old. Just looked at our booking and the plane is in a 3 groups of 3 seats layout, so no chance of a fourth see to allow 2 year old to lie down (has anyone ever had a 2 year old sleep sitting up on a plane??). Plane is pretty booked out too so I think that we have no chance of snaffling another seat. In fact I was told when I rang customer service that nearly all seats are allocated and we can't even sit together!! Hope that this can be sorted out at check in because my lo will want to be with me and managing her by myself while the size of a house will not be fun! Whinge whinge whinge. ...I know this is boring but just dreading it! I suppose the only good thing is is can't possibly be as bad as I am expecting! Thanks for reading! : ) Kate.
  20. AndyW

    When booking the flight

    you may want to ask when you're pet will be released from quarantine. We have just found out ours will be on a Sunday and flights onwards are substantially more expensive on a Sunday. Just a little tip. :wink: Andy
  21. fairystar32

    Cheapest flight to UK

    Hi all we are looking inot visitng family in the UK, so only need flights. Does anyone know where we can loook to get the best deals? Is it cheaper to book nearer to the date or well in advance? Looking at going next xmas thanks
  22. Guest

    Finally booking my flight!

    Oh my god is it so bad that i feel extremely nervous but excited but emotional but glad about booking my flight?? Its being booked tomorrow and im scared!! Its only a bloody one way too! :smile:
  23. My two cocker spaniels are due to fly out on Monday lunchtime to Perth, WA -1 August, arriving 2 August - I am driving to Heathrow the day before with an overnight stop in unfamiliar surroundings. My Pet Transfer Agent has recommended no food 6 hours before their flight or check in - but I am concerned (knowing how regular my dogs bowel movements are - sad I know!!) that this is too short a time before they fly for them to have a clean flight - is it best they are clean (but hungry) or partially full (but possibly messy!) - would anyone recommend a last supper the night before and no food on the day, or feed 6 hours before??? - just really worried that if I don't let them have a feed the morning they go - it will be nearly 34 hours from their last feed. They do get a meal as soon as they are placed in Byford Quarantine. Very worrying times - I just want to do what's best for my lovely little fella and little lady - any suggestions or experience greatly appreciated.
  24. I have travelled fairly extensively and to date NEVER been upgraded on a flight. I'm in all honesty not that fussed, I sleep the vast majority of the journey, so a bit of a waste of time for me.:no: I have often asked, but I think my cockney accent, tattoos, my habit of calling ladies 'love' or 'matey':embarrassed:, tatty old jeans (comfort for flying, :yes:) and battered backpack somehow puts the check in staff off. I have even tried my best 'Am I The Only Gay In The Village' impression when a man is at the check in,:embarrassed:. But I only ask as next time we go back to OZ I would dearly love my better half to get an upgrade, (call me cheap, but I would pay if I could afford it), she HATES flying with a vengeance, I wouldn't even mind being in cattle class if she did get an upgrade,:hug:. So any hints or tips, (besides calling me Scrooge,:biglaugh:) from fellow travellers. Is it seriously worth 'dressing up' talking with a little more decorum, I have to say I AM always the first to check in as I tend to get to airport's very early, love the places,:yes::notworthy: Cheers Tony.
  25. The Pom Queen

    Flight Question

    Is there someone out there who is use to booking flights etc, as I need help:rolleyes: I am looking at a return from Hong Kong to Cairns but what country should I use on the drop down of Cathay (I think they are the only ones who fly direct if not please let me know) The country that the person is resident in isn't on the drop down, now if I put their country has Honk Kong it is a total price of $6180 HK$ so approx $740 au, now if I change this to the UK in the drop down (where are you box) (as its a UK passport they are coming from) I get it at $1105.57 au dollars so that's $400 more:elvis: All I want is a cheap return flight from Hong kong on the 30th October to Cairns and then back to HK for their next flight home. Jee mine over here is simple it's $858 return.