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  1. Hi There, I guess the below details might help you! In our case, we have applied for 190 visas and have already lodged visa application on 11th Dec, 2012. I will tell you our story: We had hired an agent, but not the registered one I believe. One day me and my wife decided to start the visa process on our own and not to take help from any agent. We required 60 points, but just like you we were having 55 points. Now if you will go to the skill select website and under the visa option 190 go to Points section. In that it is clearly mentioned that you'll get 5 points if state approves your visa sponsorship. We did the same way and now we have already lodged an application. If any states requires 60 points and 6.5 IELTS score then you can definitely apply for a visa. We have applied for South Australia State Sponsorship Let me know if you have any further questions. Regards, Romil
  2. romil

    December 190 lodged gang

    Hi Kuber, Many Congratulations!!! Even we have submitted all our document in November, but PCC took hell lot of time and finally all our documents are submitted on 11 Dec and now just waiting for an answer now. Hope to hear from my CO soon. Regards, Romil
  3. romil

    Anyone moving to Adelaide?

    Hi Vikram, Finally got someone from Pune We have lodged our application in October, but getting a PCC was a pain. btw, how much it took for you to get the visa? Hope to get some good news soon! Regards, Romil
  4. romil

    Visa Sub Class 190

    Hello Everyone, I have a small query regarding the status on DIAC website. We had lodged our application in October, 2012 and have provided our PCC certificate couple of weeks back medicals were done around 14th Oct, 2012, CO is already assigned. Whenever, I see the status online it says " In Progress" and under the documents option the status is either Requested or Recommended, but all our documents are submitted. Does the status remains the same? or do I have to inquire with my CO? Help is really appreciated! Regards, Romil
  5. romil

    October 190 Visa Thread

    Hi All, Me & my wife have lodged visa application for Sub class 190 in Oct. CO is assigned, medicals are done, PCC is done. In short all the necessary documents are submitted and now just waiting for some answer. Whenever, we check our status it is showing as "in progress". Any idea on when to expect answer from them? Time is a real killer:happy_face_outlaw_s Regards, Romil
  6. romil

    October 190 Visa Thread

    Hi Colin & Alison, I have also logged my application in October for 190 subclass and this is what we did; 1) You need to upload all your documents which shows that you are eligible and have sufficient points to apply for a visa. 2) Provide the documents that they require and then wait for C/O to be assigned and than if any additional documents are required then they will ask for it. Hope this helps! Regards, Romil
  7. romil

    190 Visa lodged August 2012

    Even I have the same CO. BTW how was the experience, she seems to be so helpful to us. Just curious to know.
  8. romil

    190 Visa lodged August 2012

    Hi Naseefoz, I will tell what we did after applying... 1) We applied on the first week of October 2)We are based in Pune, India so we chose Ruby Hospital which has the facility to send the document over electronically. So after filling the online form we took the printout of that and than we called the Hospital for an appointment. A lady advised us to directly walk-in after 12:00. It was after all very quick withing one and half me and my wife were done with Medical Exam. 3) After 15 days of lodging a visa application, we had received an email from our case officer that all the documents are received expect PCC. 4) CO has given us 28 days of time to submit our PCC, however we advised them that it would not be possible to get PCC within 28 days and she was ok with it. But she told us to provide us the receipt or any proof which shows that we have applied for PCC. We are waiting to get our PCC and we will be done with our documents. I would suggest you to apply for PCC ASAP because it will definitely take sometime and if you would like to know the procedure than let me know and I will guide you. Hope this is helpful. Regards, Romil
  9. romil

    190 Visa lodged August 2012

    Hi Everyone, I have uploaded my documents yesterday and waiting for case office to be assigned. We have uploaded all our documents using the "Attach" button on the top right hand of the corner. Do I have to submit the same documents again which is under each applicant screen? Also, I have a query on medical checkup that will the case office inform to go through medicals or do i have to do it in advance. Very much confused with this. Please help! Regards, Romil
  10. Hello Everyone, I will be uploading my document on this Sunday, but I would require one clarification on documents. Do I have to submit Certified copies or a notarized copy with Seal will do? At the time of skill assessment we had given notarized copy of all the documents with a seal. Please help and let me know at the earliest. Regards, Romil
  11. romil

    11th August - not long now

    Hi Kostya, Its good to know that you have uploaded all your document after spending 16 hours:biggrin:. I would be uploading documents on Monday and I would like to know whether do i need to attach scan copies of original document or a certified copies? As i am little confused. Please help! Regards, Romil
  12. romil

    Need advise to prcoeed further

    Hi Obxer7, Have you uploaded doucments yet? We would be updloading it on next week, but beofre we go further can you please advise whether I have upload original scan copies or certified copies? As we are little confused. Regards, Romil
  13. romil

    Need advise to prcoeed further

    Hi Dejavoo, I have not yet submitted my application and I will doing it after a week as I am still waiting for few documents. Got 60 days time to submit so I believe it won't be a problem, but very curious to know further step of action.
  14. romil

    Need advise to prcoeed further

    'We applied for a 190 visa yesterday. Going to spend some time on Saturday uploading documents, its getting very real now!!' That's really great to hear... By the do you have any idea about the entire processing time after applying?
  15. romil

    Need advise to prcoeed further

    Yes i have got state sponsorship approved and have 60 days to apply.