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  1. Just seen this thread .. wow, there's loads of us around the same age in Sydney I reckon a big meetup is in order! I'm 27, moved out here in January by myself and loving it so far. I'm working in the CBD and living North Shore. Would love to meet some of you and quite open to suggestions and areas etc.
  2. Katiem

    Recently moved to Sydney

    Hi Paul, I moved to Sydney by myself, knowing just a couple of people out here, but not people I particularly wanted to spend alot of time with. I was lucky in that I started work 3 days after landing (sorted a job before I moved) and found the routine helped me settle quickly. When you find work, it'll all start clicking into place for you!! In the meantime, I found the 'meetup' site really useful. I've been to quite a few things through the site and met some really nice people, some of whom I now consider friends. Have a little look, I'm sure you'll find some events that suit you! Hope this helps
  3. CPA only reecognised experience from completing the strategic level exams for me so I didn't include that information in my visa application. DIAC recognised all of my working experience (I think - you don't get information from them to confirm.)
  4. I am so suprised by this. I was granted my visa as a CIMA accountant and had all of my experience counted but had only been a CIMA member for around 4 months when I submitted my application. I think the key here is the Uni degree. I was deemed "skilled" from having completed my degree even though it was completely unrelated to accountancy. As you don't have a degree they must count the completion of CIMA as when you became skilled. I'm suprised they took member status rather than exam completion date for this though. Many people don't complete their extended profile but are still CIMA qualified. As others have said, maybe try IELTS again and/or apply for state sponsorship if this is an option? Good luck!
  5. It is different for everyone as we all have different situations. I came over with alot less (about 5k GBP) but I started work 3 days after arriving and had no intention of buying a car etc. Also, as it's just me, I was happy to scrimp where necessary and made do with just buying a bed and a fridge for my rental to start wit,h as my money had to last until I got paid a month later. I did have fall back money in the UK (wanted to leave as much as possible in my offset mortgage account!) but luckily was able to live without it Have a real think about what you need to buy before you start getting money coming in and do some price research. If you budget properly and stay strict with yourselves, you could live on any budget that you need to. But I think you'll be fine with what you've got!!
  6. Katiem

    Marketing in Australia

    I don't see why not?!? I guess you just need to know where to look for the type of role you're looking for and the type of visa you'd be on. Most companies have a marketing department so there will always be work out there. I'd suggest looking on seek.com.au and linkedin as a starter to see what's being advertised and if it suits?
  7. Katiem

    Has the recession affected you personally.

    I only moved to Sydney in January so I saw alot of changes in the UK but personally, I was unaffected. If I hadn't moved, the answer may have been different. I had a good full-time job in which I always received annual pay rises etc and though most of the high street shops closed, working full-time, I only did online shopping anyway. I have never received benefits from the Government and didn't personally require schools, hospitals or police so any cut backs there meant little to me. However, as an employee in finance, I worked on the next years budget/forecast for April onwards and it was very clear just how many cut-backs were going to be made and the number of planned redundancies was scarily high ... and I worked for a huge multi-national where I had always felt my job was fairly safe so I can see that the recession and its impacts are far from over.
  8. Katiem

    Next goverment in the UK...who do you think.

    Conservatives ... with Boris Johnson as PM. That way at least we'll all be entertained!
  9. My shipping arrived in Melbourne 9th March so a few days before yours. I've not heard anything yet but I was also told 2 weeks so it sounds right to me. I'm hoping to receive my boxes before easter so I can have a few clear days off work to sort it all out!
  10. Katiem

    How old is everyone?

    27 ... living alone in Sydney and loving it!!
  11. Hi everyone, I just saw this thread. Sounds like a great idea and I'd love to meet up with you all but I already have plans for this weekend. Hopefully by replying though I can get email updates to posts on the thread I'm 28, moved here alone in January and living in Cammeray (just over the bridge in North Sydney) but working in the CBD. Enjoy the meet up!!
  12. Katiem

    Do I change to a buy to let mortgage???

    It's amazing how differently different banks/mortgage companies react to this. I'm with the One Account and things couldn't have been simpler! I phoned up to tell them I wanted to rent out my house as I was moving abroad and they processed my "application" whilst I was on the phone and granted permission straight away. No change to my mortgage and they only charged 100GBP.
  13. Katiem

    Food court bans kids.

    As a non-parent, there is nothing worse than someone's screaming child when you're trying to grab a quick bite to eat. Especially if it's in a lunch break when you just want some peace however....it's just one of those things. It's not always within the parents control and to put a ban in place is to discriminate against the parents who are also there for a rest/lunch. Definitely don't agree with the ban!!
  14. Oh, I didn't notice we were putting football teams down too?!? Whoops. I'm a life-long Burnley fan :cute: (where I'm originally from though the accent is long lost!)