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  1. Oops, less than 6 months on passport...

    Thanks for all of the advice guys. We could try to leave her 'air side' in transit and check in online. I could take DD & DS to check bags in as we're lucky enough to have used Avios to upgrade to Club World so 2 bags each. I got a twitter reply from Changi Airport who gave me a number for Singapore immigration. We'll have to sort a SIM card today and call them.
  2. Ticket is bought!

    Hi, I remember Suzuki Scottie, so sorry to hear of your loss. Don't get me started on the joys of Facebook and Gumtree selling in Oz.... We were also shifting stuff before the move back and the amount of time wasters is flabbergasting. Even when you're giving stuff away people just don't turn up and can't be bothered to let you know. We had one guy really interested in the car, he asked loads of questions, made arrangements to come see it and then..... Nothing. DW sent him a polite message ta ask if he was still interested and instead of replying or even making up some BS, he just blocked her!!!
  3. Hi, We've hit a potential snag with our journey 'home'...... Just got to KL international airport to fly on to Penang for our last 6 days killing time on the way home and the passport officer noticed one of our passports has just under 6 months left. We thought initially we was going to refuse entry but his concern was where we were going next. We said the UK next week via Singapore. He reaction was we might have a problem in Singapore as they're pretty strict. We said it's only a transit and we have onward flights booked. He let us proceed but warned us it's our risk. I've looked around and can't find a definitive answer to this so I've emailed British Airways (our carrier home) and also the Singapore visa authority. If we don't leave the transit area it looks ok as there's no need to go through Singapore immigration. However as it's two different airlines we can't check the baggage through from Penang to Heathrow, meaning we've probably got to go through immigration to get the bags and check them back in..... Does anyone have experience of Changi airport please when transiting through to say if we have to go 'out' and bank in again, even better, has anyone got through in similar circumstances? Ta
  4. Customs clearance times

    Hi Has anybody moved back recently and can give their experience of how long it's taking to clear their household good through customs? I tried looking on HMRC web site but couldn't find any info. Has the TOR made things better? Ta
  5. The weather in Tasmania today

    Thanks for the info. We'll be Penang bound next week and back in the UK by the 24th. [emoji853]
  6. Not enjoying new job

    We stayed with friends initially on a 'stay as long as you want' offer that soon wore thin all round. We left just over two months later, mainly for work, but I think the friendship has definitely suffered, even for that time. First month was ok as we were settling in, looking for work, Centrelink paper work, schools etc but from then on there were definite issues. Your case might be different but in hindsight it might be the best thing you did. We found having our independence to a degree was a massive benefit and we enjoyed the Australia experience a lot more with nobody to answer to in effect.
  7. The weather in Tasmania today

    Can you see the Milky Way there at night at the moment? DD has been dying to find a spot here on hols in Koh Samui that's light pollution free enough and accessible so she can get a few good photos.
  8. Shipping companies

    We had varying quotes on volume and price. Bad personal experience with PSS and their 'customer service'. They did squeeze everything in a 20ft although some stuff we had on our 'if there's room' wish list got left behind while we found stuff from the 'only take if there's room' pile when we were unpacking!! And the fact is it all got there but not in one piece in quite a few cases. This is obviously just my personal experience, take a broad view of others have good things to say. Coming back we had everyone say we were over a 20ft, even though we'd slimmed down from the stuff we took out and flat packed more. We self packed the boxes and the removal company did all the big items. We had about 2ft left at the back of the container when they'd finished and put the bulkhead in. A bit disappointing as I wanted to get a new bike in the EOFY sales but didn't dare risk it not getting in.
  9. We brought loads. Yankees, Party Light, Scentsy...... DW got print outs to show they weren't beeswax if there were any queries but they sailed through, even though our a-hole packer thought he'd write 'CANDLES' in big letters on the box as he wasn't sure about them.
  10. Notifying Centrelink we've left

    Thanks, I'd had a rough stab at the acronym in my head and guess the E might be electoral. I'm not a citizen unfortunately so it's not an issue. Ta
  11. Notifying Centrelink we've left

    Who are the AEC?
  12. Notifying Centrelink we've left

    Ah, been on Twatter and got a reply. It's in travel oustside Australia section. I was being dumb and thought that was for holidays..... Doh!!!
  13. Notifying Centrelink we've left

    We'd already withdrawn the claim and changed address once our last week rent was paid and therefore no longer in possession of any Aus residential address. In theory we don't actually have an address at present but we've entered our UK address as any post would take that long to get there anyway. I'm mainly trying to find out how you actually notify them you're not just changing address but leaving, probably for good.
  14. Hi, Does anyone know how we notify Centrelink, Medicare etc that we've left and are not coming back? (Major windfall might change that!!) I've changed address on Centrelink to no longer having a home address with UK address as postal. Claim withdrawn for payments as well. I can't find anywhere that says 'gone elsewhere'.... Cheers.