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  1. Thanks Russell. That was a great help to find some stuff on the net (google search... public domain) and put my mind at rest. Unfortunately the immigration agent is appointed by the employer and I dont have much say in it. I am very confident that I have worked in relevant field and that can be established by the letters from the employers including my current sponsoring employer where I am working for than 1 year. Over and above that, I have an assessment by TRA to certify my suitability for the occupation. What baffles me is that on one hand immigration establishes these assessing bodies to assess the suitability of a person for an occupation and then wants to go beyond that in assessing further experince etc!!! It seems to be duplication of effort and waste of resources. Anyway, that is beyond the scope of this thread. Thanks to you, whatever I can find in the doc "Migration Amendment Regulation 2012" there is no mention of "Post Qualification" experience. We will go ahead and lodge the visa tomorrow.
  2. I completely agree with you and hence looking for some knowledgebale explanation of this issue. I believe the austlii.edu.au site provides details of the correct law but I am unable to locate the exact section which explains the requirements for 186. If you can help with this, will be a great help for me as I am running out of time.
  3. rebecca2000

    How to prove years of work experience for GSM 175 or 176 VISA?

    You need to ensure that your ACS assessment is valid. However as for proving the experience, I dont think you need to go back to ACS. in my opinion, as long as you give all the necessary documents to DIAC, they will take that into account.
  4. rebecca2000

    How to prove years of work experience for GSM 175 or 176 VISA?

    Hi Alaa, I am not clear from your PM which VISA you are wanting to apply for! It appears that you have already got an assessment from ACS. You have not mentioned whether it is a positive assessment. If your concern is about proving the 8 years of experience, which you are completing next month, in my opinion it is not necessary to get that confirmed by ACS. ACS has probably mentioned 5 years of experience in their certificate because either you have shown them only 5 years of experience and not shown the rest or they have not recognised the rest of the experience as they have not seen enough documentation. You need to assess why they have mentioned 5 years! As a generic position, I can refer to advise by other people on this thread that DIAC will independently assess your work experience. As long as you can prove your work experience to DIAC, you dont need to worry about about the work experience mentioned by ACS. Wish you luck. Rebecca PS: I will suggest that you post your query in the Forum instead of PM in future as it lets more people to respond and help you.
  5. rebecca2000

    How to prove years of work experience for GSM 175 or 176 VISA?

    Better late than never. I just wanted to thank everybody who advised me on this thread. My brother submitted his application with statutory declaration of himself as well as from some of his ex-colleagues about the work experience. After a long wait finally got his PR granted few months back. :-)
  6. Greetings everybody. Finally I am about to apply for the 186 ENS visa in the direct entry stream. My employer has agreed to sponsor me. That is a good news. However, while going through the nitty gritties, I have been pointed out a clause in the Booklet 5, which says that the experience needs to be "3 years post qualification work experince". I have few queries for all the knowledgable people on this site. How is the clause of post-qualification interpreted in reference to work experience? My occupation (ICT customer support) requires a Diploma according to ANZSCO code definition on ABS. I completed a degree (however in unrelated field) in 2000. I have been working on and off as IT support officer/executive since 2001 and hence got the necessary 3 years experience. Will my degree be acknowledged as fulfilling the requirement of the qualification, which is higher than a Diploma? As for the requirement of TRA, I completed a Diploma in IT in the year 2010 and subsequently did a JRP for a year and got my skill assessment completed successfully from TRA. I have also undergone training with different employers to qualify myself as suitable to perform the tasks at each of the employments. What is the definition of number of hours for a full time work in relation to 186 Direct entry stream? For the "Temporary Residence Transition" stream it is defined as 35 hours. However for the "Direct Entry Stream" there doesnt seem to be any mention of the hours in the Booklet 5. While part of my experience has been overseas, some (2 years) of my relevant experience has been in Australia where one of my employment was 35 Hrs/week. I hope this is not a concern. Anybody who can throw light on these points will make my day. cheers
  7. rebecca2000

    175 Lodged April 2012

    My brother had same situation. We found out after enquiry with the call centre that they have sent an email. It was discovered that they sent the mail to alternate email id instead of the main one. they use multiple systems and different systems have recorded different information. I will strongly recommend that you check all email ids (if you have provided alternate email id) including spam mailbox and then call the call centre. Remember that you have only 28days from their letter to respond if they have asked for any additional info. Unfortunately I know of more cases where 28 days have elapsed without the person being aware of the same.
  8. rebecca2000

    Need to have degree assessed to claim points?

    Apply for ICT minor. If ACS considers the ICT component insufficient, they will give you an opportunity to change your application to RPL on payment of any balance fees. In case of my brother, that is what they did and asked to pay the addl $50 for the RPL.
  9. rebecca2000

    Family Sponsored 176- Where are you now?

    Hi Jim, The application was for my brother. His kids didnt have the passport ready. the online application does not allow without a vaild application details of all applicants and hence a paper based application had to be done. It went in before the deadline and was acknowledged, which is a good thing. We are presuming it will take a few months atleast before a CO is assigned. so, the wait starts.
  10. rebecca2000

    Family Sponsored 176- Where are you now?

    Hi all. Does anybody have an idea about the validity of the form 1277 for family sponsorship? My brother is being sponsored by my elder sis, who sent the completed 1277 form to him 2 months in advance when he first started to put docs together. This is a paper based application. I am going to courier the application today.....almost past the 11th hour. :-( Is there a validity of this form 1277? Does it need to be dated closer to the date of the main application? Any idea?
  11. rebecca2000

    175 Lodged April 2012

    Thanks a lot for the link and the post. Seen that. Also spoke to couple of agents. Based on various inputs including the one from the DIAC helpdesk (very different ones though) my conclusion is that the 2 years is a "good to have" recommendation. Any valid passport (on the date of lodging application) is good to go. As dredg mentioned, you need to inform DIAC as and when any new passport is obtained.
  12. rebecca2000

    175 Lodged April 2012

    Hi Phillip. Thanks for the post. I have been looking for webpage on DIAC site which talks about the 2 years. I have found a few places mentioning 6 months but I believe different sections/pages of DIAC may give different or at time contradictory information. Hence, want to be doubly sure. Will you mind sharing the link to the page which says 2 years? Getting a new passport in the next few days is some more expense and an additional stress when there is so much to do before the 1st July deadline and hence unless absolutely mandatory, will like to avoid. Thats all. Thanks in advance.
  13. rebecca2000

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    I understand that the SOL for GSM is now published. However, there is no mention of ENS. Does this mean the old ENSOL continues or a new one is will be still published in the next 2 weeks before 30th of june? Has anybody a clue?
  14. rebecca2000

    175 Lodged April 2012

    I really will like to hear from any other experienced person what is the requirement of passport validity. As far as I could find on the immi.gov.au website, it said 6 months. I called the DIAC helpline and was told that 1 weeks validity at the time of application is also fine:confused::confused: I have read in PIO how others have been misguided by the immi helpdesk and I think this is one of the same. Any input will be appreciated.