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  1. Loopylu

    Moving back home to UK

    I apologise if have caused offence by saying that I have experienced racist views from Aussies and Brits living in Australia. The only person I have a gripe with on this front is Paul1Perth who made derogatory and ( in my view) racist remarks about immigration to the UK and who triggered my original comments that caused such a stir. Happy to draw a line under this aspect of the thread. Have a lovely evening, one and all.
  2. Loopylu

    Leaving Australia - Covid flights to the UK

    It was already bad pre-Covid. I am a lawyer in my early 50s and when I was looking for work in my late 40s I found that age was definitely a factor. I got my latest job through contacts who valued my expertise. When I was actively job hunting, the recruiters even asked for a minimum and maximum level of post-qualification experience for a lot of jobs advertised (eg between 7 and 15 years PQE). As PQE is gained with number of years practising this is blatant age discrimination but the Gen Y recruiters deny it when you raise it with them. I have thought about sending a few such advertisement to the Australian Human Rights Commission to see what they think. Anyhow, good old Blighty came up trumps for you and I hope that your reluctance to leave Australia soon turns to enjoyment of your new job and environs.
  3. Loopylu

    Moving back home to UK

    That person was out of order too but after 200+ years of being treated by the white population as sub-human, hardly surprising. By the way, how many of your white relatives have been murdered in a police cell?
  4. Loopylu

    Moving back home to UK

  5. Loopylu

    Leaving Australia - Covid flights to the UK

    Out of interests Lorkers, how old are you? From the experience of a number of my friends, they have found it hard to change jobs once passed 40. The UK cut-off appears to be 50 for when you are not as employable due to age.
  6. Loopylu

    Moving back home to UK

    Just because you have not experienced it Starlight7 does not mean it is not true. I have witnessed lots of racism in Qld on trains and in other public places, some of the worst directed at Traditional Owners whose land this is. Perhaps you have led a sheltered life. I tend to find that these attitudes are expressed by those with less education and working in lower pay grades who feel their jobs are threatened by immigrants who may work for less money or who blame every crimewave on non-whites. It does not help that the current government and its Newscorp lackeys promote these views. Funny how the views I have heard expressed from Melbourne are that all crime is the fault of Sudanese and the Muslims spread Covid during Ramadan...
  7. Loopylu

    Leaving Australia - Covid flights to the UK

    I suspect that your new employer will be aware of the quarantine requirements and will have to give you some leeway. If they put pressure on you to break the law they could potentially be liable as an accomplice. All the best with the relocation and your new job.
  8. Loopylu

    Moving back home to UK

    And they bore me sh*tless…. Seen one rain forest and tropical beach, you've seen them all. I prefer the variety of the UK landscape and access to Europe and culture. I prefer the UK climate and British people, irrespective of their ethnicity and cultural background. The UK has (like Australia) in the main benefited from migration. I have found that a lot of British people who have relocated to Australia mention that they like the lack of black and brown faces here and I guess they fit in with probably 95% of the Aussie born white population. This attitude disgusts me.
  9. Loopylu

    Well done to George Lombard

    Fantastic to see the result in the Lund Family case where George helped the Lund Family to stay in Australia in spite of their son having Downs Syndrome and potentially being a drain on the public purse. As a lawyer, I consider that Australia's laws in relation to migration of people with disabilities is a breach of international human rights law and up there with Nazi Eugenics. This is a rich country and, if those in power and the richest Australians paid their fair share of tax, this would not be an issue. The Lunds pay tax and Mrs Lund provides jobs for 20 Aussies. Wishing the Lund Family all the best for the future.
  10. Loopylu

    Moving back home to UK

    I love cold and gloomy. Our last trip to the UK was December/January 2018/9 and the cold weather was so lovely. Brisbane is a relaxed place so much so that it turns a blind eye to overt racism, sexism etc. When we moved here in 2008 I thought I had landed in a bad 1970s sitcom....
  11. Loopylu

    Moving back home to UK

    AliQ - I guess it depends where you live in the UK as to your experience. My parents live in a village in Carmarthenshire so no crowds or traffic to worry about. If you live in or around major towns and cities in the UK then yes it is a problem but driving in Brisbane during rush hour is also tedious. On Public Holidays the M1 to the Sunshine Coast is also a traffic jam....
  12. Loopylu

    Moving back home to UK

    Qld is pleasant in Winter but then the days are very short and so I only see my garden on the weekend.... It's dark here by 5pm now. I really miss UK summer evenings when I could potter in the garden after work until 10pm. In Qld the sun goes down by 7.30pm at the latest which when I worked for Brisbane top tier law firm meant I still didn't see my garden in the week. It's better now that I am in-house and can leave work much earlier....
  13. Loopylu

    Moving back home to UK

    Nemesis- you have captured my sentiments exactly! You've seen one rain forest, you've seen them all, ditto with the beaches and endless open spaces that all look the same. Where I lived in the UK, I only had to drive a few miles to see a different landscape, different architecture etc. It was never too hot (or too cold) to go for a long walk in countryside and the access across ancient footpaths beats the sterile boardwalks available in Qld. I enjoyed my memberships of English Heritage and the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust but nothing much similar here.
  14. Loopylu

    Commute from Gold Coast to Brisbane

    I understand that it gets difficult to get a seat during rush hour the closer to Brisbane that you live on the Gold Coast. Hopefully, someone who commutes from Helensvale can let you know what seat availability is like from that station.
  15. Depriving someone of their property rights would be a breach of the UN HR Convention so that person should be able to dispose of their Australian based assets and repatriate their money. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the Australian Government has powers to put a charge over real property to recover its costs of deportation. It would also be interesting to know what would happen to the person's super pot as usually only temporary visa holders can transfer super outside of Australia before retirement age.