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  1. Cazwilkins

    Job Keeper Scheme discussion.

    I just want to clarify. Ignore what I said earlier. We do not qualify. My husband and I were granted residency on 3/3/2020 and so we miss out on jobkeepers by 2 days. I was given false information by somebody who stated those residents for tax purposes qualify. Unfortunately not. Good luck with your 887 application
  2. Cazwilkins

    Job Keeper Scheme discussion.

    PS I know it's hard but just ignore those comments from SOME Aussies. Try not to let it get to you. They are uneducated and think that what the government mean by temp visa holders is that they are here just for Centrelink payments and a drain to society which is not true. Educated Aussies know that I used to let it get to me but now I just brush it off because there's no telling stupid
  3. Cazwilkins

    Job Keeper Scheme discussion.

    FYI I applied for jobkeeper payments yesterday. The form states you have to have been a resident for tax purposes to have access to this scheme. So you will 100% qualify on your 489 as you have been resident for tax purposes this whole time. So go to your myGov and ATO and fill out the forms and you'll be grand
  4. Cazwilkins

    Wait Times for Benefits

    Hello! My understanding is they waivered wait times. My husband and I only received residency on 3/3/2020 and have been advised we qualify for jobseekers. We do not qualify for jobkeepers because we missed out by 2 days (the ATO website reads that you have to have held a permanent residency visa as of 1/3/2020). So I would 100% say you qualify for help. If you haven't done so already log onto your myGov account and register your intent to claim jobkeepers ASAP as it will be backdated. Good luck
  5. Cazwilkins

    Job Keeper Scheme discussion.

    Sorry to hear this has happened to you. It is a very tough situation. My husband and I received PR on 3/3/2020 and as such miss out on jobkeepers (read today we have to have held a permanent residency visa on 1/3/2020- missed out on help by 2 days!). Pretty frustrating. Have spoken to Centrelink and we are eligible for jobseekers as we are now residents. We have also been advised we can each apply for 10k of our super this financial year and next. Not ideal as this was towards our retirement fund but it will have to be. Luckily we have awesome landlords who have discussed waivering our rent during financial hardship. I am a dentist and as of 27th March was stood down. As we are at most risk of spreading the disease through aerosols we will be the last profession to be up and running again. This terrifies me especially as we just found out I am pregnant with our first child. Not exactly how I saw things working out for us but we must go on. Good luck, I really hope you don't have to move back to the UK as you have been here legally paying taxes for so long. Life is cruel!
  6. Cazwilkins

    Subclass 887 Visa - processing times

    I'm confused by your meaning. To satisfy for 887 you need to have worked for a minimum of 12months and have lived in a region for 2 years. You are not allowed to have more than 8 weeks overseas in those 2 years. Also you have to be in Australia when you apply for the 887 and you have to be living in Australia when it is granted. When does your visa expire? You have to apply for the 887 before your 489 expires. When it expires, you will automatically be put on a bridging visa. If you then want to go overseas you need to apply to be able to do so.
  7. Cazwilkins

    Pregnant on a temporary visa

    Hi, Thank you for your response. We are on a blue interim medicare card now as we have submitted for our permanent residency. Unfortunately I had surgery last night for an ectopic. It just isn't our time yet but feeling positive that we managed to conceive naturally
  8. Cazwilkins

    Waiting for 887, want to visit a sick relative

    I am on a 489 visa which allows me to leave the country and return. However my 887 application has been submitted. My 489 visa expires in Jan 2020 so will be on a BVA I assume from Jan 2020 until residency is / isn't granted
  9. Hey all, Of course I will be checking the information myself too and seeking advice from immigration but just wondering if anyone else has been through what I'm going through and if the process is easy or what hoops I will need to jump through. I applied for an 887 visa in November and found out an hour ago that my Grandad is very sick in hospital (he has a tumour on his brain, likely to be secondary cancer). At the moment we don't have answers and don't know if he is going to be treatable or whether he will be given a certain length of time to live etc. Now I know that I need to fill out paper work to request permission to leave Australia whilst my 887 is pending. How easy is this to complete? What are the steps? How quickly do they grant permission? Do I ask permission first before I book the flights and give them an estimate of the time I will depart and arrive back? What is the likelihood of my visit to the UK having a negative impact on my application if I go back to the UK for a week to visit him? Head all over the place at the moment especially the fact I found out I am pregnant a few weeks ago but that is looking like it is going to be non viable. Can this chick catch a break!
  10. Cazwilkins

    Subclass 887 Visa - processing times

    It is in demand in regional areas. Has been ever since it was taken off the 189 list. Dentistry will always be in demand regionally.
  11. Cazwilkins

    Subclass 887 Visa - processing times

    Oh of course, I remember my profession was taken off the 189 visa 2 months after I applied so had to go for a 489! That's the way the cookie crumbles!
  12. Cazwilkins

    Subclass 887 Visa - processing times

    What visa's are permanent if you don't mind me asking? I wasn't aware there are permanent visa's? All require certain requirements before you can apply for residency. I am on a 489 visa. Skilled regional occupational visa based on the fact I have a skill that is on the skills shortage list. I have to live and work in a regional area for 2 years and work for 12 months. I have worked for the full two years and lived in the regional area for 2 years. Hence why the frustration at the wait for residency because we have made a new life here and we are embracing every minute of it. Facing the chance of not being granted residency because of the changes going on, actually makes me feel sick. This is all I have ever wanted since age 8 (now age 30). The thought of going back to England makes me very sad, put it that way!
  13. Cazwilkins

    Subclass 887 Visa - processing times

    WOW This is ridiculous. As far as I am concerned we are meeting our end of the bargain. We will have satisfied the visa requirements twice over by the time they grant residency. So we are meant to just put our lives on hold?????????? We want to make a life for ourselves in this beautiful country. We are all hard working, tax paying residents, abiding by the rules, respecting the country, bending over backwards, paying heaps of money. It's a kick to the guts that they treat us like this.
  14. Cazwilkins

    Pregnant on a temporary visa

    They sure don't tell you that do they! Thank you for the heads up. I did just that and now we are on a blue interim card which is basically a provisional full medicare card which will automatically become a green one once residency comes through This really has relieved a LOT of stress. PS Interestingly for anyone else who this may be relevant to...I was missold private health insurance through iselect. I told them when they looked for a policy for me that we were on a temporary skilled visa...I took out pregnancy cover and top hospital cover and paid for it for months on end...to then be told the other day that because I had reciprocal medicare, they wouldn't cover us for hospital!!!! So as you can imagine we had a LOT of stress and we are demanding a refund! So all this time we have probably paid $15,000 over the 2.5 years in private health insurance for it never to have been valid (core extras only were valid).
  15. Cazwilkins

    Pregnant on a temporary visa

    Yes already aware it will hold temporary residency status. That isn't an issue as they will automatically become residents when we become residents (they automatically get what the parents have. Already sought advice over this) As for waiting, that would have been ideal. But these things happen. Our life cannot be put on hold because immigration waiting times are ridiculous. Bearing in mind this time last year it was a 4-6 month wait and now it is 12-15. We will have almost satisfied the visa twice over by that point. Thanks for your input and help everyone