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  1. Hi could you please share a copy of resume...i really donot know what to write in resume to AHPRA though i know the format..but still 

  2. tomabbie

    To go or not to go? That is the question....

    Been here in perth 2 years now and am struggling big time with homesickness at the moment. I really cant put my finger on it, I like Australia, on the whole most people I have met have been great, we both have good jobs and have just recently bought our first house. It just feels like something is missing, we have 2 teenage children who are now 17 & 15 who seem settled (it was difficult at first) but if anything as time goes on im less settled. Im so confused I dont hate the place but like I say it just feels like something is missing ?
  3. tomabbie

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Didn't get told I had a case officer just got an email with my visa grant notice. I don't think they are obliged to contact you when you are allocated (though some do), they only contact if they need more info but if you have all the info they need they can make a decision easily and just email you with a decision like they did for me.
  4. tomabbie

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    What a difference a day makes! Been super busy at work today and didn't,t check my email until just before I left at 6pm and the golden email was there, in fact had been sat in my inbox since 7.32am this morning! ENS 186 granted, been PR all day and didn't realise. Super super elated, hope everyone else gets theirs soon! Here is my timeline. Nomination submitted: 28.3.2013 Nomination granted: 18.6.2013 Positive skills assessment: 12.7.2013 (applied 3.3.2013) Midwife Visa application (non DR without MA): 13.7.2013 Visa grant: 15.8.2013 Happy, happy, happy. Good luck to everyone else waiting x
  5. tomabbie

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Very fed up today, spoke to DIAC today and they reckon its taking 6-8 months for a CO to be allocated for the 186. Wasn't sure wether they meant from initial employer nomination or my application and were very short with me on phone wouldn't tell me where my application was at. If its from employer nomination (28.3.2013; approval 18.6.2013; visa application 13.7.2013) then I don't have long to wait but if its from my application on 13.7.2013, have still got a long wait ahead :-(. So much for being in an in demand profession (midwife). Hoping they are wrong because reading this timeline it seems some people's are much quicker.
  6. tomabbie

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Just a quick question. My nomination was submitted 28.3.2013 and approved 16.6.2013, the nomination approval email / letter had a case officers name/email on (the submission just had the generic email address on), does this mean this is my assigned case officer? My application has been in a month now (had to wait for my skills assessment to come back before I could apply, it took forever!) and have still not heard anything from this CO, does anyone know if the CO who approves your nomination goes on to be the CO who assesses your application? Thanks Kirstie x
  7. tomabbie

    any recent ANMAC skills assessments??

    Applied for mine 3.3.13 and didn't get it back until 12.7.2013 and mine was only a modified one. Kept getting emails from them telling me about huge delays and expect to wait 16 weeks, sorry.
  8. tomabbie

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Here's my timeline for 186 ENS (direct entry stream) Profession: Midwife 21.5.2012- arrived in Perth on 457 28.3.2013- nomination lodged 19.6.2013- nomination approved 12.7 .2013- Positive skills assessment received (applied 3.3.2013) 13.7.2013- Visa application made (non DR, applied without a MA). Front loaded with police checks & meds. Now the wait.............anybody know how long Perth office is taking at the moment?
  9. <p><p>Hi tomabbie, I am Ophelia from the Philippines, an RN, I am very interested in applying in Australia but I don't have an idea how an AHPRA resume looks like. If you would allow me to have a peek at yours =) , it would be much appreciated. Thank you so much ! =)</p></p>

  10. <p><p>Hi Kirstie... I'm very new to this forum. I'm making my CV for AHPRA and wondering if I could have a look at what your CV looks like as it's confusing........ it would be greatly appreciated if you could send a copy of your cv to my email address, <a href="mailto:" rel="">chandudes@gmail.com</a> .. thanks very much for your time.... Kind Regards, Chandu</p></p>

  11. Hi Have been in Perth for a year now on a 457 and have just had my nomination approved for the 186 PR visa. I am being super prepared by getting police checks etc ready and medicals for my family but am unsure as to whether I will need one??? I had a very thorough medical for my 457 visa as I'm a healthcare worker (midwife) which when reading the DIAC medical requirements for PR involves more tests than the standard one (extra blood tests). If I have to pay to have it redone I will but but wonder if there any other nurses who know the answer to this, I spent ages on hold to DIAC the other day only to be told that they weren't sure and it was down to the individual CO and as I ahven;t been assigned one yet I can't ask. Help!! Kirstie
  12. tomabbie

    Cat crisis

    This Sunday 20th May!
  13. tomabbie

    Cat crisis

    Hoping someone can help. We made the very difficult decision to leave our 8 year old cat behind in the uk but the people who said they would have her have given backword at the 11th hour (we fly on 20th!) Don't know what to do, I don't want her to go to strangers and would rather take her instead but fear may I have left it too late for vaccines etc. Any advice would be appreciated, is it achievable at this late hour? Thanks Kirstie xx
  14. tomabbie


    Just feel like my head is going to explode. Flights are booked for 20.5.2012 and have pretty got everything else organised both here and in Oz, just a few final things that I can't do till just before we go so why do I feel so stressed? Really am majorly panicking and dont know why, is it too early to have a G&T at 8.20am? Need to go back to bed and hide under the covers and hope I feel better later on. Sorry for the rant Kirstie xxx
  15. $100k, I wish! Starting work next month in Perth as a midwife on $70k, thats top of the scale as Ive been qualified 10+ years, starting salary is $50k (in Perth). Wouldn't change my job for the world though and the pay is better than the UK.