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  1. thombatt

    Is this financial fraud?

    Have you thought of going to the Ato and telling them they made a change to your account without your authorisation and that they must pay to the original nominated account, then they can chase your "friend". He may not be so smug then.
  2. thombatt

    Possible to have triple citizenship?

    If you look at the definition of dual for UK, NZ and Australia, it means "more than one" , not two.
  3. thombatt

    Australia's Most Trusted Brands

    Ford and Holden are gone! A year ago they would have been there but with the factory closures and pooof! Still Merc and BMW are expensive motors.
  4. thombatt

    Any migration agent with info??Please

    This is a bad time of the year for making predictions as to how long a visa will take. The Australian government works on a 1 July to 30 June basis. It also has a quota for the number of visas it will issue. So if they are behind the quotathey process them like crazy to get to the quota. If they are ahead of the quota, or if the quota looks like no problem they may delay the issuing of visas at this time of the year and may delay to the 2015 year. My understanding is that the quota will be easily achieved, so there may well be delay in the issuing of visas at the moment.
  5. thombatt

    balance of family test...

    What you are proposing is fraud. The offense will be committed on the Australian Federal government which may result in a prison term with subsequent deportation. Your daughters in Australia may also be in trouble, as they may have assisted you in providing false information on your application.They may also be deported for such an offense.
  6. thombatt

    The Australian Flag

    It didn't when Ireland became independent but http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2593781/Scot-free-Union-Jack-gets-Yes-vote-makeover-Secret-Government-papers-reveal-flag-look-Scotland-votes-independence.html the same issue will apply to a whole lot of other nations, New Zealand been the first to come to mind. I guess there is an argument that the Union Jack represents the country which Australia originates from (whether that is right or wrong is another argument) and that country included Scotland (and Ireland) so it shouldn't change. If it were to be proposed for a change to the "new" Union Jack, then I suspect the whole flag will be up for a potential change.
  7. thombatt

    IELTS scores today!

    9=expert user
  8. Apply for citizenship, they'll soon tell you
  9. thombatt

    Form 80 has been updated - more information needed

    What it does do is make it easier for the Australian government to withdraw a visa after it has been issued. If you've been naughty all they have to do is grab your form 80, examine it a lot more closely, find a discrepancy and withdraw the visa.
  10. thombatt

    OK you are the judge...

    Interesting, fraud of GBP 2 mil carries a twice the sentence than drink driving where someone is killed. Does that value a life at GBP 1 million?
  11. thombatt

    OK you are the judge...

    don't agree. I think they should be the same,the consequences could have been the same, except you didn't hit anybody, that's luck of the draw. You shouldn't get a lower sentence because you are lucky. Just like attempted murder should carry the same sentence as murder.
  12. thombatt

    Too early to start the process???

    Everybody has to activate
  13. thombatt

    Scottish Independence

    Interestingly I've done the same and came up with the opposite. I guess at the end of the day it's a case of taking each aspect, weighting that particular aspect, scoring them, adjust for the weighting and seeing what the answer is and it will be highly individualistic as no two people will identify the issues, the weightings or the scores the same. Which means that neither side is right. Winning on the day doesn't make you right. I lived through the structuring that happened in NZ post the '84 elections. I've seen what happens when it goes wrong, it's not fun, it's not fun at all. I don't think the Scots will have the appetite to do what NZ had to do. One of my biggest weightings is what happens if it goes wrong. Rejoining the Union will not be an option as there would have to be a referendum in the UK (ecl Scotland) and I can't see them voting yes to the rejoining of a failed state. NZ was the envy of the world with it's welfare system in the 50's/60's and 70's but by 84 it had become so close to a failed state that the government of the day was considering State bankruptcy. they managed to get themselves out of it mainly by having massive currency devaluation, something iScotland is proposing to negotiate out of the ability to do. Am I saying are NZ and Scotland the same, no they are not, but the similarities are very close in terms of economy and social policy.
  14. thombatt

    Scottish Independence

    So agree with the status quo issue.The Nationalists have been working on a yes vote since devolution, it's the only thing that interests them and they put a lot of effort into it. They will make sure their canvassing returns are accurate and they will make sure their voters get to the polling booths. 30 % of the undecided's don't vote, 30 % of the no voters don't make it to the polls and the yes campaign wins by a country mile. The turnout in 2011 was just over 50%, much lower than the overall UK turnout, so the prospect is not far fetched.
  15. thombatt

    Scottish Independence

    There is a potential tsunami of political events in the near future here is a scenario with the worst possible outcomes in terms of triggering another event Sept 2014. Scottish referendum with a yes result 2015 general election in the UK, Labour wins because of the seats it wins in Scotland. Mmarch 2016. Scotland becomes independent. April 2016 high court action to change constitution so Scottish MP's can no longer vote as they don't represent anybody. Tories win high court action. 2016 no confidence vote. Tories win vote 2016 general election Tories win 2017 referendum in uk(Ecl Scotland) about continuing membership of EU