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  1. nuttersuclan

    IELTS scores today!

    Thanks! Anyone else here take the test on that day?
  2. nuttersuclan

    IELTS scores today!

    Woot! Got my IELTS scores (feedback to come) and managed to bag a 9.0 for writing, listening and speaking, and an 8.5 for reading. Happy as larry; now on to sorting out the teacher QTS qualification debacle!
  3. Thanks for all the replies people. I'm taking a car from the UK to Aus with any luck. Glad it can be done. Which company did you use for this Jarvl? Did you load the car up first to make most of the container space?
  4. I answered my own question by just applying. No, you don't need to provide a reference in advance, 19/02/14.
  5. Mine were fairly detailed but as concise as possible. I tried to relate them as closely to the Australian job description for my profession too. Yeah, I work in Preston but live in Burnley. Hoping to be in Aus July 2015 though! How about you?
  6. GeoSurfer - do you mean the section where you can list up to 10 specific duties?
  7. Another related question - when uploading your documents, do you need the reference there and then, or is it something VETASSESS get by contacting the referee you have given? The website is quite confusing and contradictory, at times!
  8. Thanks everyone. I have colour scans of all of the relevant documents, but will get my friend (the copper) to certify the ones that need it, according to the VETASSESS website, and upload them with his scrawl just in case. I appreciate the input
  9. Dear all I'm desperately hoping that I can bring my beloved motor with me! Has anyone on here imported their car via a container, along with their other belongings? Cheers in advance
  10. nuttersuclan

    Sevenseas movecube

    How much are the large cubes, roughly?
  11. Yeah, I have a friend in the police force who can do it, but how would I submit that online? Typically, a certified document is signed on the reverse.
  12. Dear all Has anyone been through this process? When submitting documents online, such as passport scans/photographs/etc, how did you certify them? Cheers Danny
  13. nuttersuclan

    IELTS for 189 visa: academic or general?

    Thanks for the advice OzManiac. I thought that partners had to be skills assessed for all visa applications? Doesn't it stipulate that applicants must both be on the SOL or CSOL lists (and the same one as each other, too)? If not, I'm not sure the wife will like this, as all the pressure is on her! Thanks for that additional information, it's a bit clearer now!
  14. nuttersuclan

    IELTS for 189 visa: academic or general?

    Hi Kooky Thanks for the reply. We haven't employed the services of an agent, no. To be honest, the whole process is expensive enough as it is, so for the sake of some additional research/time we opted not to. I've had a look at some sample papers online and it looks fairly straightforward (I hope I don't regret that optimism in future!), but I just wanted to ensure that if we take the academic one it will be increase our points for the VISA application, should we be invited. Unless I can find out otherwise, I think I'm going to go and book the academic one tomorrow!
  15. Hey all I have done quite a bit of searching through existing posts on the forum, and elsewhere, but can't find a conclusive answer to my question. When applying for a 189 visa, do I need take an academic or general IELTS? I have read that the rules have changed and that only one type is being accepted...but does anyone which one?! My wife is a secondary school teacher and I am a university lecturer, if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance for your help