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  1. Freesia

    2year visa days question help please x

    How do you know in advance though that you'll have work every day to meet your deadline?
  2. Freesia

    Evidence of being settled for sponsorship

    Youngfreewild you have to have PR & there is no rule that says you have to have been a PR for 2 years- as you said, you just have to satify DIBP that you are 'settled' PR's. So along with your documented evidence that you've put together, write them an essay about your life & how you deem yourselves to be settled here; what your jobs are & your lifestyle/ how you spend your leisure time / what community facilities you use/ how you support your neighbourhood & how you've fitted in locally etc / church/ sports & social groups/ children's activities. Make it personal .
  3. Annalong my AoS bond is 2 years in now - although it's in my daughter's name I paid it myself, so the interest is diverted into my own savings account , around $800 so far. I would advise you to contact the Commonwealth Bank who hold the Bond & in turn they might need you to liaise with Centrelink .
  4. In the guidelines for the Parent visa, it says something like if whereabouts are unknown, the place of residence will default to wherever he was generally known to live ie country of birth. So you just inform them you have no idea of his wherabouts & if they want to check further with you, they'll ask.
  5. Freesia

    HELP!! Contributory Parent visa (subclass 143)

    We'll be paying taxes of one kind or another until the day we die.
  6. Freesia

    HELP!! Contributory Parent visa (subclass 143)

    yes- I think we should maybe recognise the fact that far from being a 'burden on the taxpayer' we parents contribute a lot of $$$ to the Australian economy- and are still working and paying taxes long after the extortionate visa costs ( btw much closer to $50k than the $40k someone quoted earlier - plus $10-14k also held for that long ten-year stretch). I might not even consider it extortionate if there wasn't also a 2 year wait attached to it- they make us sweat for those visas! In my case I'll also be working for probably the next 15 years (from the age of some people I've seen working they don't expect you to exit the workforce too early here) The only burden I can imagine ever needing is healthcare- and I certainly be won't be feeling any guilt on that score- we more than pay our way.
  7. Freesia

    Contribuotory Parent Visas - OFfshore Timelines

    Well if you're waiting on yourown visa grant , they could actually be there before you . As long as your brother has PR , is your only sibling and has been settled for around 2 years, they are in a position to apply onshore in Australia for the 864 . So if they choose to visit soon, they might decide they would like to stay permanently; in which case they apply for the 864 which is apparently only taking around 6 months to grant.
  8. Yes, if you're ready to go & eligible I think it would make more sense to get a grant in 6 months rather than 2 years. If you decide to apply for the 864 while you're out there on your visitor visa, you'll be in the very lucky position of a grant of PR pretty quickly; 6 months or so will fly by- 2 years is a bit of a stretch !
  9. I don't know the answer to that one - someone will though ! ( just thinking if there's one main applicant & the other is classed as a dependent they might have to arrive together- but if their applications had to be separate then she could arrive independently)
  10. Freesia

    aged parent visa

    Sorry you never had a reply to this- if you apply onshore you can go to Centrelink & have a Medicare card issued once you have your Bridging Visa.
  11. She has a 173- within 2 years they have to apply for the 143- so if the father passes away the mother applies for her own 143
  12. I did exactly the same as you & wasn't asked for anything extra apart from an Aussie police check, as I'd been here cumulatively for over a year.
  13. He did an idiotic thing- a split second is all it takes- as he found out before. He might be an idiot but I don't presume to know that - I quite liked TA & everyone called him an idiot. The worst thing is being in a car with a driver who will pick up the phone - to answer a call , or try to plug it in to recharge even - how can anything be that urgent! my own adult children seem to go into panic mode if I don't answer first time - ' take it with you- it's why it's called a mobile duh' but the number if times I've needed to answer for something urgent are thankfully few- I'm not surgically attached to it unlike most people . Just look around- bus, train, ferry, restaurant, even walking- it's a worldwide obsession , and they miss the world around them while looking at or though a phone.
  14. Freesia

    Why cant we all just get along!!!

    'Why can't we all just get along!!!' I'm no onion skin apparently- some people behind a keyboard can get quite vicious & unless you ever worked hard to fit into the 'clique' you've had it on here with some - I learned that a long time ago . So you post, get your head bitten off & retire - I've spoken elsewhere to quite a few people who would stay if that hadn't happened to them & they felt more welcome- because like any other forum it has its regulars who feel like they're all mates - even when they don't seem to be getting on. Newcomers can feel threatened by that. And telling us we need to develop a thicker skin doesn't really help- we can't all do that- people just need to be nicer - at least till new ones feel they ' belong ' So you're left with the same old people withe the same old opinions , and maybe that's why there's so much bickering - it's like a family- too much familiarity to prevent the odd spat. ( I find myself more drawn to what some of you see as 'grumpy' - I don't see them trying to pretend or spout the PC answers that they don't necessarily agree with & unlike a lot of people on social media they don't need 'likes' to feel good about their own lives ) It's a shame because this forum is far more limited than it ought to be because of it , and some interesting discussions to be had if they weren't constantly dictated by a particular few.
  15. Freesia

    Aged parent visa

    As you said yourself Little Grandad, you apply for the 864 onshore. Every decent Migration Agent I've spoken to acknowledges that in order to do that, you need to arrive on a tourist visa. Technically speaking, a tourist visa is for a temporary visit, but of course once there you can decide to apply for the 864 and stay - you will get a Bridging Visa & the grant time is only a few months . You're paying well for the privilege and this is perfectly in order. The 804 by comparison is years & years . No contest. If you're in any doubt, before you make a final decision ring around some MARA agents re. the legalities.